Memorial Day

26 05 2009

Happy Memorial Day!  ( I know its belated at this point)

My Memorial Day Breakfast
I didnt feel up to cooking persay, so I microwaved my breakfast. I threw in a bunch of frozen veggies and thawed tehm in the microwave, added about 3 egg whites and cooked it all up.

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Then I did a mini-cobbler- I took frozen peaches, pineapples, blueberries and oats with some milk- heated it all up in the micro.

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1 BLOG 025
some leftover pasta (carbonara with tomatoes, broc, bacon and whole wheat penne )from before we left and some frozen steamed brussels with my new creation of Tofu Salad! 
I saw Lindsay on Daily Goods make a Tofu Salad with mayo and I loved her idea! All her meals are always fantastic! So I don’t have any mayo in my house and couldn’t do a version like hers. So I used some Goddess Dressing and some Oikos Greek plain and extra firm tofu- mixed it all up really well and heated it with the rest of my stuff. It was darn tasty!

and some more fruit:
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I went off to study so Jeff made us dinner! He is a really fantastic cook but I almost always end up having more time to cook than he does!  He made Chicken Caccitore with mixed frozen veggies, browned chicken breasts , a large can of crushed tomatoes, red pepper flakes…. more red pepper flakes.. and then he added brown mustard!! I could tell there was “something” else but had no idea it was mustard until he told me!
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It was delicious! Thanks babe! We cooked up some whole wheat cous cous to go with it and I grabbed a thing of salad mix on the way home.
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We started watching Cold Mountain together and I wanted dessert ! When I was at the store I saw the ice cream isle and had a craving for some ice cream-

I picked out this guy…
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Because it looked delicious and it was BOGO Free ( usually there is at least one brand on sale each week so that isn’t an excuse but it does make it an easier buy). I’m not a plain-vanilla kinda gal- I like chunky “overloaded” ice cream- so I didn’t go with the “all-natural” kind.
1 BLOG 031 Hmmmmm despite the laundry list of ingredients – it tasted AWESOME! You can totally see and taste the caramel swirls, the brownie pieces were soft and fudgy, the almonds were tiny and crunchy! Fantastic! I had some whip cream and strawberries too. yum yum yum


I managed to get to the gym for a quick 2 mile run and a 30 minute elliptical session.  I got a great sweat but not a super great workout. I didn’t mind because I knew it would help me focus on studying!


Finished studying viruses, cholera, and reviewed everything like procaryotes, eurokaryotes, and small pox! Phew, I feel like catching up an entire week of summer class ( which is like 1 +month of regular semester classes) is nearly impossible!

I am not good at biology either- give me math, chemistry, or latin and I will zip through it- but Biology is just so tough!


Watched Cold Mountain with Jeff!! I forgot exactly how everything happened in that movie but Jude Law is so hot! I think Jeff and him look alike a bit too!

I got laundry and unpacking done too!

It is so crazy to think of how war throughout history has cost so many lives unnecessarily. It worries me for the future the world has, ya know. Wars will continue, lives will continue to be lost, and it just makes me feel that everyone should appreciate every second they have and cherish their time with loved ones at all costs. Happy Memorial Day. 




7 responses

26 05 2009

MY KIND OF BREAKFAST EXACTLY! I am really in love with egg whites, you know!

26 05 2009

Ooohh I don’t know if I can read your blog, I will gain 100lbs from constantly getting hungry looking at these amazing posts!

Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of yours!

26 05 2009

awesome breakfast!!! sounds like you had a great workout too!

27 05 2009

can I borrow Jeff to cook for me some time? lol! but that chicken caccitore sure looks lovely! none of the men in my house knows how to even boil an egg!
if you don’t have mayo, you can use avocadoes, too!

27 05 2009

I hear you about biology. Give me math anyday!

That ice cream looks delicious!! I’m going to have to try it 😉

27 05 2009

I love making tofu salads–the combination possibilities are endless. I made one yesterday with dried currants & walnuts.

27 05 2009

HELLOOO ICE CREAM! that loooks otu of this world. i think ice cream is something you shouldn’t skimp on and buy diet. if you have a small amount of the real stuff its SO much better.

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