Monday Madness!

30 06 2009

I moved my blog to :

For your viewing pleasure, please update your blog rolls, links, and readers etc.




2 responses

30 06 2009

hi hun
thanks for the comment leaving all that info about jaundice..i really think it was just due to me eating waaay to many carrots as i stopped eating so many and my skins back to normal 🙂
sounds like you had a fun weekend! that cake looks delicous 🙂
i definetly need to work more on strength training…in 2007 when i got a dexa scan i had osteopenia and since then ive been doing weight bearing excersise like walking/running and taking calcium and vitamin d supplements but i think the strength training could help too…thanks for reminding me about that!!
have a great week girlie

30 06 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

That is a great deal! Wow! Your dinner is exactly what I would have ordered–but with the sauce 😉 I am a shellfish lover. So sorry about your stomach 😦
Just saw one of your Twitter comments in the sidebar about MJ and the news converage…I couldn’t agree more! I agree, it was tragic, but the coverage is ridiculous!

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