Restaurant Review: William’s Gourmet Kitchen

18 02 2009

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This is my second review on the blog for William’s Gourmet Kitchen. Jeff asked what I had wanted to do for valentines day and I thought going there and then doing some shopping in Durham would be perfect! Here are some photos of wall art William has up on the walls:

Forever Friends
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One to Many…

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He used one “local” artist throughout his restaurant and I love her artistic view!

Onto the food, which of course was absolutely awesome.

We started with a red velvet cupcake that Will purchases privately from a pastry chef. Now, I knew my eye was telling me this cupcake was small so I wasn’t expecting too much out of it except the “amazing” reviews it has gotten by others.
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Up close shot… 

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Hands down, this guy was by far the best tasting red velvet cupcake I have ever had and I have had many.  Perfect moisture, perfect texture, perfectly sweet almost fruity flavor. The buttercream frosting, my favorite part of any cake, did not disappoint. It was such a perfect combination of cream, sugar and butter that it left me in love with that little cupcake.

For lunch, I had the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap
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Hmm… look at that chicken! What I enjoyed best about this pita wrap was that Will uses 9 inch thin pita breads to wrap the sandwhich. I was nervous about getting this wrap only because pita bread is often very thick. I love the taste of pita so this could not have been a better choice for a wrap!
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You can see inside that delicious thin pita was olives, onion, tomato, spring mix greens, feta  in perfect harmony with grilled chicken that had been lightly dressed in balsamic vinegar.


Jeff ordered the Black and Bleu Cheeseburger, here are our sammies hanging out together

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Since I made Jeff promise me a bite of this guy, here he is up close:

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Oh my goodness, I almost wished I had gotten this instead after tasting it. The meat is absolutely incredible. One bite and it just melted in my mouth. The Kasier bun was chewy and soft inside, underneath was blue cheese crumbles, lettuce tomato, onion, a big pickle slice ( if you want extra pickles- just ask for extra pickle!) and a blackened-seasoned (divine) burger.

I wish I could have fit the sweet tater fries inside my stomach again but there was no way- I left completely satisfied!

The last thing I have to mention is this crazy breakfast deal William’s has…
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If you are working out at RTP or in the Raleigh/Durham Area- check out William’s for lunch or breakfast- you can’t get a better deal on such incredible food. Especially if you are the type ( like me ) that want the dressing on the side or no lettuce or no cheese- you won’t get a funny look- you’ll get exactly what you want!




9 responses

18 02 2009

goodness all that food looks amazing 😀

18 02 2009

Looks good to me!

18 02 2009
Missy (Missy Maintains)

Okay it does look amazing! YUMMM!

18 02 2009

You started with a cupcake? Fantastic. I’ve only ever had bad red velvet, so I am not a fan. I need to explore more. I love the art too.

18 02 2009

I love when you can tell that the ingredients are fresh and the food was just prepared (no sitting around!) This place sounds great!

18 02 2009

What a fun place, and such interesting art. Red velvet cake is my FAVORITE–that cupcake must have been amazing 🙂

18 02 2009

wow that is a great deal! and i want to gobble up your cupcake so badddd. the wrap looks amazing, pita wraps are always my favorites!

5 09 2009

Williams could be much better. Long wait lines during lunch. They always seem to be out of many items and have confused my order a few times and have been given 5 dollar off coupons and free drinks. Meh

22 09 2009

O-M-G! I eat at this place all the time. The food is the absolute best in the area. My personal fav is the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, but I usually have them substitute Tzatziki sauce for the balsamic. YUM!!!

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