Good Morning Friday!

27 02 2009

I have been trying to post the day only because sometimes I have to write at night or recap the weekend if I go out of town for four days, etc. So I will try to get in some more creative titles over spring break!

Heather of Hangrypants, whom I consider a friend even if she doesn’t ( :-P) gave me a lovely award…

Thank you very much! If you haven’t checked out her site, you totally should She and her boy-toy Mark write a “he says she says” type of blog and they try out different fads such as a “raw” diet for a month etc. 

I don’t think I am ready to award anyone because so many blogs I would award have already been awarded. I am going to check out who hasn’t and share the love…just not immediately so stay tuned!

I also did get the “tag” to put up my Spring Palette from Sweet and Fit … so I am working on that over Spring Break.. how appropriate! Thanks darling!

I thought I would do more of a random post this morning, mostly for Dori at Dori’s Shiny Blog. She only reads during the day ( I believe, right?) so I thought I would give all of you lovely workers something to keep you entertained while at work on FRIDAY!  Plus, you get to know more about me via photos!

(captions above instead of below)

There is me and Jeff’s niece Haleigh- (Sept. 2007) she wanted to use my camera so I was showing her how. I think it was hilarious because she has this HUGE smile and I  am all “derrrhh”….
10-2007 059


There is me “teaching” in South Africa ( May 2004) These kids had NO idea what I was saying per the kid on the left- check out his face!? I tried the lesson that was in front of me than gave up and we started this game – I couldn’t describe it other than it was like a patty cake type of thing in another language ( Zulu or Africans maybe)


The entire school and the 28 travelers I was part of.. I was kneeling somewhere on the right
right side middle 

Table Mountain, Cape Town SA


Yes, I really did take this photo! We had gone to this side of Cape Town because we were going to take the ferry to the prisonthat Neslon Mandella had been captive. Unfortunately, they closed it the day we were there. So we went around to outlook places. Here is a few of us at the outlook, me in the middle…


We also went on top of Table Mountain ( the mountain in the previous shot)
on top

Democracy Building , Cape Town.  Table Mountain behind it.
  democracy museum
On a water Safari, St. Lucia Estuary.

At the “three rondavels” ( molly, me, and katie). I think my parents might have wanted to kill me for wanting to take this photo and standing there! It was breath taking but also terrifying.

three rondavels

The Three Rondavels

3 rond

On night safari inside Kruger National Forest… there was a mama elephant ( you can see the top outline of her head) with her baby and there were more in front of the truck . The guide thought they looked ready to charge.
2 elephant
I tried to lighten it up so you could see… can you see her?

2 elephant
On day safari…  Roar!


Okay- i have gazillions of pictures of Africa- if anyone wants a particular shot let me know! We landed in Johannesburg and travelled through the entire country pretty much, ending in cape town. On to other animals…

This our dog Jack on one of our longer road trips to Virginia to visit Jeff’s uncle. He was so cute, his little head weighed too much after a while so he rested it on our arms for a good 15 minutes!

10-2007 032 10-2007 034

This is before my sister’s bachelorette party- That is one of my fantastic friend’s from college Nikki and myself. 
me and nikki
Hi Nikki B!

I was the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding ( June 2006). me-1

These clouds were from the pier on my brithday in 2007, we went down to the beach for the weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous!

parents new house 076
parents new house 072

Our friends live in Boston and we went up for their wedding, we ate here ( this is south of Boston, past Quincy, I think Rockford or Rockland). It was OH MY GOSH delicious!



One of the many shots of Niagra, NY Sept. 2008 for Jeff’s Cousin’s wedding..

Kristens Wedding 9-12-08 052
Chi Town for my aunt and g-ma’s bday May 2008
Chicago 007

Oregon for Jeff’s 30th Birthday and his brother’s Wedding, May 2008

oregon2 086

Random road shot

oregon2 243
Fishing at the Wedding site, a dude ranch in Bend, OR.

oregon2 142

Jeff fishing in Oregon on his birthday… 

Hockey and Vacation 082 
Me on his birthday…

Hockey and Vacation 030

Fishing , Nate and Andrea’s Beach Wedding Oct. 2008

Andrea nates Wedding 10-18-08 059

Fly fishing in Asheville… 2007

fly fishing 

Can you tell we like to fish?

Jeff’s younger sister KC Mo, Me, and his older sister Melissa ( I mention them fairly often on here so I thought I’d put up a photo- we all got our nails done)

november nights out 044 november nights out 043

Charleston, SC :  Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

– michelle, brit and me with a four leaf cloverbeach, andreas bach 035

in front of a canon..beach, andreas bach 055

Part of Rainbow Row ( I think this house was designed by a couple mid-divorce- hence two different face styles)

 beach, andreas bach 050

in front of a market standbeach, andreas bach 061 

I hope everyone enjoyed all the random photos.
The plan for today…

Run and Yoga

Search for an article for class due after break
Search for jobs, etc. for summer

Friday! I caught up /commented on blogs and watched the shows I recorded last night.

Recaping the photos was fun for me! I love travelling and looking back at the pictures is almost as good because it pulls up the memories of being there.

What were your favorite places to visit?




14 responses

27 02 2009

Congratulations on the award!!

Such incredible photos!!

I loved visiting all different locations around Europe – so much history, culture, and beauty!!

27 02 2009

This was such a fun post!!!! I love all the pics! You are adorable! Hmmm favorite places to visit- Hilton Head, SC, Hawaii, San Fran, Aruba, Disney. I am obviously big on warm weather and relaxing 😉

27 02 2009

I loved hearing all of your fav places!!

Lauren- my brother moved to ireland for a bit he said he loved it there! I would love to see it and australia!
Moran- Canaray Islands AND Israel! Wow! haha, and europe too – geez that would be fantastic
Lesley- aw thank you! glad I could entertain– Happy Weekend to you!
Emily- Hi! oooo I have never been to CA that is next! and that is awesome your friends live in Kenya!
Erica- oh my goodness, I didn’t include our hilton head pics but Jeff’s dad has a timeshare there… that and disney are two fo my favorites overall too! Never been to hawaii but my parents lived there for awhile.
Veggiegirl: Thanks!! I am considering europe for after what only you and michelle know about happens… 😉 you are on spring break woohoo!!
Happy Weekend All!!! 🙂

27 02 2009

So cool that you went to Africa! I have friends who live in Kijabe, Kenya.

My favorite places to visit…hmm, I’m not realy well-traveled but I love San Diego, CA.

27 02 2009
Lesley Borger

LOVED all your pictures … what a beautiful maid of honor you are : )

Thanks for entertaining me while at work … now I need to actually WORK! lol.

Have a GREAT weekend, friend : )

27 02 2009

Oh that is such a great post ! I loved the pictures!
Favourite places to visit – Canary Islands and Israel (warm and sunny), and then London, Rome and Berlin for some culture 😉

27 02 2009

wow…LOVED all the pics 🙂 uve been some great places and experienced alot!
my fav place is australia..mostly cause i miss it now that im living in ireland.
have a greaat weekend girlie

27 02 2009

wow i loved all those pictures!! thank you for sharing them!

you are absolutely stunning. did i mention??

hahah not to be creepy! BUT YOU ARE!!
and africa? woww what did you go for again?

i cant fish for my life so power to ya..

and charleston is one of my favorite cities (along with Boston & New York).. its actually where my brother went to school & we are there so often! so i got super excited when i saw those pictures!! hahah

❤ rainbow row!

have a restful night 😉

27 02 2009

oh! but i love London! and prague was really niceee as well as budapest!!

27 02 2009


heheh (we have 4 time shares.. AND A HOUSE )
we cant help it. we’re hilton head obsessed.

27 02 2009

Congratulations on the award! And I love the pictures!!!!!!!

27 02 2009

wow those pictures from africa are amazing. as for a fun place to visit… vegas!

28 02 2009

Thank you for sharing these pictures. You have done and seen some beautiful things! I can’t believe you taught in South Africa. That is awesome!

1 03 2009

Who else but a friend would tell you about a little piece in the March issue of Health Magazine about good exercise underwear. I know you’re on the hunt …

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