and it’s weekend time for me!!

30 01 2009

no class tomorrow so I am officially in weekend mode!
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* Body
Jeff and I did some strength training at the gym, all upper body to give my leg a break.

I did take Jack for a mile walk- he was angrily pulling the whole time. I don’t know what’s with him lately.

My mom and I are planning on some light cardio tomorrow morning..but unfortunately all of your lovely well-wishes seem to haven’t healed my foot/knee issues magically as I wish they would have. We’ll see…

Today’s class was lab orientation and equipment- which was pans, pots, dishes, bakeware and utensils and we went over measuring ingredients…. we had to clean all of our dishes and organize our own group’s kitchens- It was actually kinda fun! No quiz today, it will be on tuesday but will include more terms now.

Dinner with my lovely friend Andrea. It was SOO nice to chat the night away with her because we haven’t seen much of each other , we were going through withdrawal I think! We saw each other a few weeks ago but that is equivalent to a lifetime!

My mom arrived in Raleigh and is at my brother’s place for the evening. She oftens stays with Jeff and I or I get to spend the day shopping with her etc. so I am happy she gets some qt with my bro.  We are planning on leaving town before 2 but maybe earlier. I forgot to pack- eeek! oh well, tomorrow morning while I have coffee will be nice.

I used the last of the chicken salad ( jeff took some for lunch too) and made this guy- times two!
1 BLOG 007

I had the rest of the chobani from breakfast with banana and Kashi Go Lean after getting home from class.

 1 BLOG 008
and I had some of these soy flaxseed tortilla chips with salsa
1 BLOG 010
1 BLOG 018
Pizza, Salad, and Wine!!
1 BLOG 019
It was a Kashi frozen pizza and absolutely delicious! It had feta, spinach, tomatoes and red onions. I really enjoyed this !

I had a second glass of wine just so yall know! We discussed a research study this week in Vitamins class that studied a group of participants instructed to have 400 ml of red wine ( two big glasses) DAILY for one week- They measured their plasma (blood) antioxidant levels afterwards and found incredible amounts of antioxidants that decreased their risks of cardiovascular disease!  While drinking this much daily for prolonged periods could have more unhealthier side effects (liver effects, weight gain, less nutrient dense food inake…) than just high antioxidant levels, I’ll say yes to Vino!


Breakfast Lasagna

29 01 2009

1 BLOG 006

So in addition to this guy, I have one more idea brewing in my head for french toast, but I don’t have my usual ingredients for it. * it is dessert inspired but I won’t reveal the country yet*

Okay, back to today: I made pumpkin french toast lasagna …. 

Yes , I opened a can of pumpkin and want to use it up. I could freeze it and will do so  if I need to , however, it would be nice not to. Plus, I really enjoy exploring a food- if I hadn’t thought about it I wouldn’t have come up with all these creative delicious uses!

here is how:
I sliced my two pieces of bread into four, dipped in the usual batter of 2 (cage free) egg whites, splash of milk, and pumpkin glob ( about 1/3 cup), cinnamon and sweetener if you prefer.

Let those guys cook in the skillet.
1 BLOG 001
I heated up frozen peaches, frozen pineapple and took out other layers: peanut butter, chobani yogurt, cottage cheese. 

I cooked the remainder of the batter in the pan with slices of an organic banana to caramelize ( hooray!) .
 1 BLOG 002
I began by layering, starting with french toast slice, pineapple layer, french toast slice, chobani strawberry, french toast slice, peach layer with some cottage cheese, and the top toast slice had peanut butter under each banana.
1 BLOG 003

I loved this dish because I got a little bit of everything, a peach with cottage cheese with a piece of the pumpkin toast. Or some creamy strawberry yogurt with a banana and pinapple. It was a fantastic blend of flavors that couldn’t help but leave me satisfied! healthy as usual!
1 BLOG 004
This would make a fantastic breakfast casserole to take to a brunch! Quite honestly, it is rather budget friendly- eggs and bread and frozen fruit are all pretty inexpensive. The chobani yogurt could easily ( unfortunately) be replaced for a cheaper option of yogurt too.  However, if I were to do that I would bake the final layers ( probably about 350* for 25 minutes or so) so that it sticks together for the masses.
1 BLOG 006
Here is my plan for the day

Rest ( from running)- I remembered the orthopaedic telling me the last time I saw him  ( in october/nov.?) that I had tendinitis in my right knee ( originally I injured my left knee in august).  He had given me an anti-inflammatory but wanted to take MRI’s which I cannot afford considering when I do not run, my symptoms tend to improve.
The tendinitis treatment, according to runner’s world: rest from running, cross train, take anti-inflammatoy med, ice/heat.

I could not seem to find toe knee related injuries but I can’t bend my second largest toe. I read about hammertoes, it seems like that would be it but my toes are jam-free while in my shoe. Honestly, I check and wiggle and know they aren’t jammed.

The other symptoms I read about led to “osteoarthritis” as possible, however, you can continue running with moderate mileage and hills.

*maybe do a run-less gym session*

Lab Orientation today and the professor told us “Quiz probably not be on thursday”.

So I am going to study this morning anyway- and prepare as if it still were today- even though deep down I think its going to be on tuesday.

My resume and cover letter were sent- I have to thank Jeff publicly because he is an amazing ( person) but also an amazing resume reader. He has to read through resumes at work often and he gave me wonderful advice on mine. THANK YOU!

t b a…

Maybe workout with Jeff or with his sis at her gym and have dinner with my lovely Andrea

Pumpkin Monte Cristo ( a French Toast Hammy)

29 01 2009


1 BLOG 007 

before we get into that… Does anyone else have a dog that snores? I assume it is normal for dogs to snore, much like when we have allergies or a cold or just plain old crappy genes that give us holey nasal passages producing snoring. However, I swear every night Jack Brown Dog gets louder with his snoring. I think I am going to record it on my camera only I don’t know how to post the video on here.

The good: Run 7 miles. Woohoo!!
The bad: my knee has been sore all day though
the ugly: I also have had pain deep inside my quad, and toe today too

I am actually going to look into this tonight because it has been really annoying and I know they are intertwined somehow because when I put ice on my toe- my knee throbs. And, vice versa when I put heat or ice on my knee- that toe throbs. Weird?! It may be a pronation issue but my shoes seem to fit just fine really ( wiggle room, tread etc).

I edited resume and sent it at 3:50 pm this afternoon! keep your fingers crossed for me!

Class: my synopsis went well, class was fascinating as usual. Today we discussed bone formation, calcium and osteoporosis- but only a little bit.

stupid bank causes stupid problems- a separate credit card bill set up on the account that was charged incorrectly charged me an returned fee – well I called and was highly upset at this, and luckily , the gentleman removed my fees. I just have to remember that I have to send a check this month because my account is blocked online- phew such a hassle!!!!!

I am so relieved that those fees were removed- ugh!

I have this big feeling of relief in general- I got through my run, while I was talking to my mom about weekend plans I cooked lunch and dinner at the same time.

Jack ran away- again- for the millionth time. Not from me though- I decided to only take him out on the leash even just in the yard. Jeff opened the door and Jack just rushed out and off.

* Good news though, a lady up the street found him this afternoon OR what we think is that he has found a second home- he was dry and did not smell which is usually NOT the case when he runs off. He typically comes back covered in guck that smells like fish and poo. Not today though, thankfully.

I have been trying to keep up on everyone’s blogs- there are just so many amazing blogs to read!

So on to the food…
I knew I was heading to the gym for a long run and wanted to get a good start for that. So I mad a smoothie with half scoop of protein powder, milk, pineapple, cherries, blueberries. On top in this bowl is wheat germ and cinnamon and a little peanut butter.  I bought bananas on sunday however they are still not ready to eat! harummph!

I poured my smoothie over Kashi Go Lean cereal-

1 BLOG 001

Onto Lunch, the title of this post was for a reason…

I came up with this idea for french toast because we have ham, bread and pumpkin that we should eat before we leave for the weekend again…. So….
Pumpkin Monte Cristo French Toast Hammy  was born.
( get it sammy with h for the ham ? oh I crack myself up sometimes)

You bloggers keep my motivations and expectations high- I appreciate it and I have another surprise french toast for tomorrow morning!

I flattened slices of bread ( just covered the slice with the bag and rolled out with my hand).

 1 BLOG 0031 BLOG 004

I smushed a cheese wedge and put two slices of ham on top. 1 BLOG 005

I spread that with pumpkin because I forgot to put the pumpkin in the egg mix ( which would have been better). So then I sliced the sandwich in half rolled and dipped them into the batter and cooked them in my skillet with the rest of the egg whites.
1 BLOG 006
It was delicious but I know it would have been better if I had made pumpkin batter as I intended but as usual, I was trying to have a conversation, cook chicken and make myself lunch at the same time. Next time.  Here it is in all its glory

1 BLOG 007

On the side I had the leftover eggs, organic veggies and sprouts with some salad and hummus and salsa. 

1 BLOG 010

So I threw together dinner at this time too.

I chopped celery, diced a red onion, sliced green grapes in half and added two globs of a new mayo- Smart Balance Mayo ( I will photo it tomorrow). It essentially uses “better” fats but does include egg yolk- In general, it has too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce but I figured I would try it.  I added the same amount plus one more “glob” of Chobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt for a healthier dressing substitute. A little blue cheese crumbles as well. 
1 BLOG 002
I boiled chicken breasts and chopped them up and threw it all together.  I let it in set in the fridge while I was off to class.

Here is my dinner sammy with extra veggies on the side

1 BLOG 011

My dessert is two slices of my Chocolate chip pound cake… too tired to photo.

See yall in the morning !

lovely lovely day

28 01 2009

I have the best readers ever- I probably could never say that enough but I was deeply touched by everyone’s comments and please know how much each and every one of you mean to me. You offer me inspiration, encouragement, support and a place to share my journey of healthy eating, healthy living, and my passion for nutrition! I truly appreciate you.

okay, so I had to head to campus early and packed my lunch:
1 BLOG 014
Very Veggie salad mix with romaine, radishes, snap peas, carrots, and salsa (black beans, corn, tomatoes) and Organic broccoli, carrots and cauliflower dipped in Sabra Hummus. Grilled chicken strips, grapes,  and half an arnold sandwich thin filled with peanut butter.

It was delicious and took me forever to eat but I enjoyed every single bite! A fellow student said oh miss healthy no dressing? and I replied, well, when I have salsa and hummus I don’t need any dressing!

unphotographed: coffee from the campus center-black with a splash of half and half…

Dinner:1 BLOG 017
Chili (leftover) and I toasted cheese onto a whole wheat tortilla and ate that with it.. fantastic

1 BLOG 018

But I was still hungry- so I had half of a chobani with half a slice of my delicious chocolate chip cake. The best thing is that I feel absolutely no guilt associated with this nearly high protein, healthy-fat cake. It even has veggies in the frosting!

🙂 I may have to make this again and send them to my special readers…. any takers?

oh and recap-
I rested today for my Body…

Class was absolutely fantastic- Nutrient Metabolism is so cool- I don’t have the mental energy to recap but I am brewing up a post on Cholesterol since my dad has really high blood cholesterol and I LOVE learning about lipids and sterols.

My mind is pretty tired because I also…. drumroll please….Started and Finished my cover letter and it is PERFECT!!! But, now I want to fix my resume even more … sigh

I have the best readers I swear! And I know there are a bunch who do not comment, and I mean you too- like my brothers and sister and all my family- Love you!

I am chatting with a dear friend I haven’t heard from in awhile

Happy Tuesday Night All!

"…and it keeps getting better "

27 01 2009

Dessert from last night…
I really wanted to have dessert last night ( I think it is my running, which usually catches up with me at the end of the evening and I can feel like a bottomless pit sometimes) so I decided to make a cake and Jeff couldn’t have been happier!! I made half the recipe of (click to get recipe) Chocolate Chip Irish Cream Pound Cake…. and put it into a loaf pan.
1 BLOG 002
I didn’t really measure much this time (sorry sis). I just cut everything in half and these exceptions:

– I used regular smart balance not smart balance light ( still cutting the “bad” type of saturated fat/trans fat often in spreads & butters & margarines and replaced with a “healthy fat” of smart balance).

– I used only white sugar instead of white and brown ( out of the brown)

– I used nonfat greek yogurt instead of cream cheese ( higher protein content, healthy bacteria for digestion, no fat)

– I used 1 egg whole with 1 egg white ( original recipe calls for 3 eggs).

It was FANTASTIC!!! Oh my goodness, but the best part:
Pumpkin Chocolate Frosting!
I remember someone commenting on such a creative way to use pumpkin yesterday in my triangles (Thank You!)  and I thought , Why not try pumpkin in the frosting because it will add some fiber, vitamin A and a healthy veggie?  It was AWESOME! It tasted just like buttercream frosting but even BETTER!
1 BLOG 001
Here is my estimated recipe:
1 tablespoon of smart balance light
2/3 cup chocolate chip minis
Microwave this on medium power for about 30 seconds,
Mix Well
Then, Add small glob” of pumpkin puree (approx. 3 tablespoons)
Mix Well
Then,  add about 1 cup powdered sugar
Mix Well
I let it set in the fridge while the cake cooled. ( but i sliced up to pieces for Jeff and I because I am incredibly impatient when it comes to dessert)

Oh goodness, it was not being photogenic- however- it was absolutely delicious ( and pretty healthy for cake!!!!!!!)
1 BLOG 005

Okay on to Breakfast:
Steel Cut Oats ( quick cook) mixed with water and a “glob” of pumpkin puree and some peanut butter ( Smucker’s was not on the recall list for salmonella outbreak and I got it a long time ago…)
1 BLOG 006
Warm blueberries, pineapple and cherries.

1 BLOG 010
1 BLOG 012
On the side, Chobani Strawberry
1 BLOG 009
The plan for today:

Body: Rest . I might do something after class but I have a busy day until 6.

Group meeting at 10:45- studying for quiz
Food Principles Class 12-3:30 and
Advanced Nutrient Metabolism II from 4-6.

Cover Letter!

I will post my synopsis later/tomorrow for my article on Moderate Vitamin E supplementation in spreads. It helped reduced free radical damage in healthy non-smoking adults!

Tuesday night TV!

So Easy My Sister Could Do It …maybe?

27 01 2009

The rest of my eats are probably not as exciting as Pumpkin French Toast Triangles…. but I try…

New * Run Fuel:
1 BLOG 017
These guys are organic ( and I swore on the back they said vegan) and are supposed to be the same energy boost idea as all those other gummy endurance sport things. Isn’t it a cute little shark!?
1 BLOG 018
They taste very much like gatorade- and they stick to your teeth but eventually dissolve. I tried two in the middle of my run and I didn’t get an immediate energy burst but I definitely would have kept going to 7 or 8 miles had two super SMELLY guys jumped on the empty treadmills right near me– Blech! I couldn’t stand their stench so I parted after mile 6.

For $0.88 cents a pack at Target- I think I will be up for trying these guys again but I have yet to try Cliff Shot Blocks among others either.

Post Run Lunch:

I took leftover lentils, chicken strips, and organic veggies and heated them up a little for some warmth
1 BLOG 019
then added cool crisp salad greens, organic sprouts and some salsa on top.
1 BLOG 020
I used to eat salsa by the jar but then I had some digestions problems in my esophagus ( not caused by the salsa but it was not good for it). 
I love my healed esophagus now and I really enjoy this black bean and corn salsa- all the ingredients make sense, no preservatives really just spices and veggies.

“The Future Dietician In Me”: added a big handful of these bad boys to round out my meal.
1 BLOG 021

On to Dinner:
Inspired by my spectacular dinner on our getaway trip, I took fire roasted tomatoes, capers, olives, and mild pepperocini rings and let them marinate together today. Then, I added a good 3 tablespoons of smart balance and about 1/2 cup of pinot grigio.

1 BLOG 022
I cooked boneless pork chops seasoned with lemon pepper on my foreman grill then tossed in the marinated veggies.

1 BLOG 023

On the side I grilled asparagus spears on the foreman (with non stick spray) and made whole grain rice pilaf ( Rice a Roni Nautrals with no preservatives) and I added bits of laughing cow spreadable garlic cheese.

1 BLOG 030

It was delicious and so Easy My Sister Could Do It… Right Christal! ? I mean its just opening up stuff and cooking according to directions – you could do that.  I thought it was funny because she emailed me about wanting to comment on my french toast this morning-she was having trouble commenting so  she emailed me that I better be making it for her this weekend! Haha- only if our grandpa has all the ingredients!

Update *

Body: 6 mile run, I paced the first 4 miles and then just did speedwork the last 2. I am happy I started speedwork because it took my attention off of the sweaty man stench ( for a little while anyway)


Sent article out and finished pretty much all of my synopsis for it due Wednesday

Studied for terminolgy quiz

Worked on resume ( yah!) for potential job… now I need a cover letter

Picked up my chef coat!!! It is SO cute and we also had another package- Jeff’s title to his truck!

Checking on bank now- checked on one earlier.

I am so happy I got everything in that I intended and expected ( and more!) to do today! Jeff and I had a lovely long chat after work it was so nice. I went to the one store that has chobani around these parts and bought 15 of them because they were on sale- I love that stuff! It is even cheaper than Trader Joes by $0.20 normally ( one single serving of chobani is $1.39, a tub of trader joes is 2 servings for $3… but I got it on sale for $1! Woohoo! I made a yummy dinner and now Pretty Woman is on!

Pumpkin French Toast Triangles

26 01 2009

Oh how I love my french toast! I grabbed a huge can of pumpkin puree at the store and was excited to use it!
1 BLOG 015
I used 1/2 cup egg whites ( from the carton they say it is equivalent of 2 eggs. However, 1 egg white provides 20 calories and 5 grams of protein. The carton egg whites ( “100% all egg whites”) says 1/4 cup provides 1 serving, at 30 calories and 6 grams of protein, which means it really isn’t equivalent to 1 egg white or it is a labelling issue ? ). Anyway.

Today’s Recipe:
1/2 cup egg whites
2 globs of pumpkin
1/2 tsp vanilla

Dip 2 slices of bread/toast into the batter- drop into a skillet on medium heat. I flipped after I could smell it was ready, then sliced with my spatula into triangles.

While it cooked I heated peaches and cherries (frozen) in the microwave. For a little “stuffing” I added cottage cheese in between the triangles.

Close Up:
1 BLOG 016

Okay, the plan for today

I hope to get in a Run. I think I am going to “pace” myself this time but we will see- I feel so tough and wonderful when I am speeding along at 9.5 mph every couple minutes. hmm

Study second set of terminology for quiz thursday- and group study session tomorrow.

Send out article to vitamins group, write synopsis for it

Go pick up package at post office ( I think its my chef coat and Jeff’s title to Lurlota)

work on resume, send to new job lead

Check on bank: overdraft’s were supposed to be refunded by friday- and I heard that my other bank was hacked into and 56,000 people are at risk. sigh.


If I get a run in and all this other stuff done, my soul will feel great!

I am excited to see my mom, brother, sister, aunt and cousin friday! AND…. excited to see our friends in Asheville and see one of our favorite bands play! AND.. excited to watch my Steelers win the superbowl!!