I’m Done Golfin yall!

26 05 2009

My last day of golfing for this trip was sunday and we decided to head home afterwards to hopefully have a productive monday at home!

I started out my sunday with a fantastic bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunchy, but spilled over during cooking!  I filled my bowl with a little Marmalade French Toast and added fresh blueberries and kiwi to my breakfast!
1 BLOG 002

Last Day of Golfing:

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For Lunch/Snacking I had packed our stuff up when we got back so no photos- but it was some Almonds, an Orange and an Oikos Vanilla in the car on the way home.

On our way home we drove directly through where my sister lives so we had planned to stop in and say hello or visit or grab a bite to eat. We ended up grabbing dinner at UNO’s in Bethesda, MD but I would highly recommend NOT going there! My sister warned me that the service sucked there but I had never gone so I wanted to try it!

I had a side salad to start because I was really missing my vegetables this weekend so I was craving fresh!
1 BLOG 020

My sister, Jeff and I split a 2-3 person deep dish with chicken, pepperoni and mushrooms.1 BLOG 021
It was a great combo and well-put together pizza but it was COLD in some spots and warm in others.  blech- the waitress had clearly left it sitting forever because it took forever to come out! She also never re-filled our drinks or ever came back to check on our pizza, if she had, we would have told her it was cold!

But we just wanted to enjoy our visit and our food and we did that! Off it was to another 5 hour drive. Phew. That was rough after a long day of golfing- we were both exhausted by the time we pulled in our driveway. We unpacked the car super quickly and went straight to bed!

4 hours of golf! I wore my heart rate monitor for fun and found that my heart rate stayed at about 45 % of its max most of the time. I burned 610 kcal but knew the previous days were more strenous so it was a hefty bit of exercise!

I was slightly sad that I didn’t get in a good run at all but I also felt like all the travelling and golfing was enough of a tax on my bod.

Studied Archaea and now all I have left is Eukaryotes and Viruses to study for the exam tomorrow.

It was awesome to golf again and to see Jeff’s family and my sister!

Home sweet home indeed!




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