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28 02 2009

This morning Jeff and I woke up and headed to the gym, I had the missing half to this banana before and this guy (the rest) when we got back.
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Post -Gym Brunch:
Oatmeal made with oats, water, cinnamon and wheat germ and peanut butter

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and a Smoothie:

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This was my recipe today ( I really liked it so I can remember)
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup milk
1/2 scoop pure protein
2 frozen pineapple chunks
3 frozen cherries
Frozen blueberries until it reached the fill line

I put into the magic bullet/bella kitchen brand single blender and voila!
It was really tasty and exactly what I wanted after a great gym session.

Run !!!  Distance: 5.13 miles.
I sweat alot – no fan on the treadmil. I did the same thing as yesterday’s 6 miler with the pacing- but today I paced myself by covering up the changer with a magazine- I flipped through the magazine to keep me busy while I ran. I didn’t go fast or anything, I would stare at the celebrity clothing or the fashion ideas and just flip ever so often… Does anyone else do this? I think I got a few weird looks as I was flipping through a magazine while running but it kept me at a steady pace which can feel sooo slow for me the first few miles- The last few miles I did sprinting, I went up to 10.0 for a total of 1/2 mile!

My hand still hurts from snowboarding ( from catching myself and pushing myself up) and my arm- it is just a very sharp pain in my tricep and elbow. I doubt it is permanently injured but it is getting just a little better every day so that it great.

I am looking online at articles right now.


Jeff ran with me! It was so nice to have him next to me even though I love running by myself too, its nice to have company!

We are heading down with Andrea and Nate in a few hours to the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser- they are shaving people’s heads to raise charity for kids with cancer- it’s at an irish pub all afternoon so it should be a good time despite the neverending RAIN!

Happy Weekend Everyone!! 🙂


Bhealthier Burger on a Budget

28 02 2009

For dinner I had this idea, instead of making a regular meaty burger or a burger vegetarian style, out of black beans or another meat-less variety, Why not make a burger WITH black beans as a binder AND meat? 

A pound of ground beef is very inexpensive and is a good source of protein, iron, and some vitamins but is also higher in saturated fat and cholesterol ( okay okay among other things that aren’t fantastic, if you go for a burger, this might bhealthier). So, I extended my money even further on the inexpensive ground meat by mixing it with a can of black beans that added fiber to balance the cholesterol and fat !?!
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So I took a serving of black beans and mashed them very well ( I used my spaghetti strainer because I don’t have a potato masher). Then I added in 1/2 pound of ground meat ( I used the 96/4 ). I added a dash of Worchestire, salt and black pepper and mixed all of it really well by hand, forming each patty. I cooked them in a pan ( I added a teaspoon of smart balance oil) on med-low heat till brown inside. This made four patties consisting of 1/8 pound of meat but the volume ( and satiating power) of well over a 1/4 pounder.

Estimating the calories, 1/8 lb of the meat was 60 calories, plus about 25 calories from the black beans- so each patty was only 85 calories and about 16g of protein! They were extremely filling!

These were DELICIOUS !!! I know several bloggers do not eat meat at all but I know lots that do enjoy meat, just not all that often, or have to feed carnivore boyfriends/hubbies. This would be a perfect, easy, inexpensive and like I said, DELICIOUS way to still have some meat. 
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The bun was newmans own double fiber ( because those taste the best to me) and inside was a wedge of light spreadable cheese and mustard, on the side a great big salad ( Ken’s Lite Northern Italian Dressing).

Right now we are sipping and enjoying this…
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I had a snack mid-afternoon of organic kidz applesauce with some cranberries and almonds and cottage cheese. Jen, I have not been able to find Cabot Cottage Cheese in any of my regular stores?!?!?! I know its at trader joes but it was at other places too, like Harris Teeter?? sad face because I got this other brand and it was not anywhere near as good as Cabot’s!
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Ah well. I mixed in cinnamon and some kashi go lean cereal.

Post Run Lunch:

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My  lunch started out with organic herb greens on the bottom. On top of that I had heated up frozen veggies (another budget friendly item that will last much longer than fresh) with leftover chicken I had made for the carbonara. On top of that… I put … FARRO! We had extra spelt/farro in lab on thursday and our professor gave it up to anyone who liked it and thought they could cook it at home… So I have a big bag of it 🙂
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It was perfect on top of the “salad”. Oh, and I hid some hummus in there as my dressing.
Pre-Run Breakfast:
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Half a smoothie with blueberries and pure protein and ground flax, and half a serving of oatmeal and some banana and peaches. In case you did not notice, I had oatmeal as a part of breakfast everyday this week- it was a little experiment because I typically prefer a higher protein meal to get me through the morning. I haven’t decided what I like better, but I enjoyed both today!

Recap from earlier:


6.2 mile Run!!!! It felt fantastic, I ran the first 4 miles at a “pace” not allowing myself to start “speed racing” until after I reached the four mile mark. It felt wonderful!

I did yoga when I returned, just a short stretch and breathing session with my dvd.

did not find my article.. meh.. I did get some cleaning done and some shopping.


Jeff and I spent the evening enjoying the burgers and then dancing to a bunch of songs (some from Joe Cocker:  “You are so beautiful…” and  “Little Help from my friends”.. )

I love running, I love runs longer than 5 miles. Wee!

I got a $50 skirt for $3… you can’t beat that!

Good Morning Friday!

27 02 2009

I have been trying to post the day only because sometimes I have to write at night or recap the weekend if I go out of town for four days, etc. So I will try to get in some more creative titles over spring break!

Heather of Hangrypants, whom I consider a friend even if she doesn’t ( :-P) gave me a lovely award…

Thank you very much! If you haven’t checked out her site, you totally should She and her boy-toy Mark write a “he says she says” type of blog and they try out different fads such as a “raw” diet for a month etc. 

I don’t think I am ready to award anyone because so many blogs I would award have already been awarded. I am going to check out who hasn’t and share the love…just not immediately so stay tuned!

I also did get the “tag” to put up my Spring Palette from Sweet and Fit … so I am working on that over Spring Break.. how appropriate! Thanks darling!

I thought I would do more of a random post this morning, mostly for Dori at Dori’s Shiny Blog. She only reads during the day ( I believe, right?) so I thought I would give all of you lovely workers something to keep you entertained while at work on FRIDAY!  Plus, you get to know more about me via photos!

(captions above instead of below)

There is me and Jeff’s niece Haleigh- (Sept. 2007) she wanted to use my camera so I was showing her how. I think it was hilarious because she has this HUGE smile and I  am all “derrrhh”….
10-2007 059


There is me “teaching” in South Africa ( May 2004) These kids had NO idea what I was saying per the kid on the left- check out his face!? I tried the lesson that was in front of me than gave up and we started this game – I couldn’t describe it other than it was like a patty cake type of thing in another language ( Zulu or Africans maybe)


The entire school and the 28 travelers I was part of.. I was kneeling somewhere on the right
right side middle 

Table Mountain, Cape Town SA


Yes, I really did take this photo! We had gone to this side of Cape Town because we were going to take the ferry to the prisonthat Neslon Mandella had been captive. Unfortunately, they closed it the day we were there. So we went around to outlook places. Here is a few of us at the outlook, me in the middle…


We also went on top of Table Mountain ( the mountain in the previous shot)
on top

Democracy Building , Cape Town.  Table Mountain behind it.
  democracy museum
On a water Safari, St. Lucia Estuary.

At the “three rondavels” ( molly, me, and katie). I think my parents might have wanted to kill me for wanting to take this photo and standing there! It was breath taking but also terrifying.

three rondavels

The Three Rondavels

3 rond

On night safari inside Kruger National Forest… there was a mama elephant ( you can see the top outline of her head) with her baby and there were more in front of the truck . The guide thought they looked ready to charge.
2 elephant
I tried to lighten it up so you could see… can you see her?

2 elephant
On day safari…  Roar!


Okay- i have gazillions of pictures of Africa- if anyone wants a particular shot let me know! We landed in Johannesburg and travelled through the entire country pretty much, ending in cape town. On to other animals…

This our dog Jack on one of our longer road trips to Virginia to visit Jeff’s uncle. He was so cute, his little head weighed too much after a while so he rested it on our arms for a good 15 minutes!

10-2007 032 10-2007 034

This is before my sister’s bachelorette party- That is one of my fantastic friend’s from college Nikki and myself. 
me and nikki
Hi Nikki B!

I was the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding ( June 2006). me-1

These clouds were from the pier on my brithday in 2007, we went down to the beach for the weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous!

parents new house 076
parents new house 072

Our friends live in Boston and we went up for their wedding, we ate here ( this is south of Boston, past Quincy, I think Rockford or Rockland). It was OH MY GOSH delicious!



One of the many shots of Niagra, NY Sept. 2008 for Jeff’s Cousin’s wedding..

Kristens Wedding 9-12-08 052
Chi Town for my aunt and g-ma’s bday May 2008
Chicago 007

Oregon for Jeff’s 30th Birthday and his brother’s Wedding, May 2008

oregon2 086

Random road shot

oregon2 243
Fishing at the Wedding site, a dude ranch in Bend, OR.

oregon2 142

Jeff fishing in Oregon on his birthday… 

Hockey and Vacation 082 
Me on his birthday…

Hockey and Vacation 030

Fishing , Nate and Andrea’s Beach Wedding Oct. 2008

Andrea nates Wedding 10-18-08 059

Fly fishing in Asheville… 2007

fly fishing 

Can you tell we like to fish?

Jeff’s younger sister KC Mo, Me, and his older sister Melissa ( I mention them fairly often on here so I thought I’d put up a photo- we all got our nails done)

november nights out 044 november nights out 043

Charleston, SC :  Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

– michelle, brit and me with a four leaf cloverbeach, andreas bach 035

in front of a canon..beach, andreas bach 055

Part of Rainbow Row ( I think this house was designed by a couple mid-divorce- hence two different face styles)

 beach, andreas bach 050

in front of a market standbeach, andreas bach 061 

I hope everyone enjoyed all the random photos.
The plan for today…

Run and Yoga

Search for an article for class due after break
Search for jobs, etc. for summer

Friday! I caught up /commented on blogs and watched the shows I recorded last night.

Recaping the photos was fun for me! I love travelling and looking back at the pictures is almost as good because it pulls up the memories of being there.

What were your favorite places to visit?

Photo Full Thursday!

27 02 2009

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Leftover chicken carbonara with extra spinach and fresh salsa.

1 BLOG 037

On the left, fettucini alfredo and on the right was another group’s tomato polenta with our Spinach Pesto Farro.

Herb Organic Greens with a dollop of hummus and leftover noodles from carbonara with hard boiled egg whites and salsa.
1 BLOG 030
1 BLOG 031

Fruit on top of chobani plain with oats ( water, pumpkin, oats microwaved) a little banana and peanut butter and cinnamon
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Was anyone surprised I did my food first and started from dinner going back to breakfast? I like to switch up things often so hopefully it doesn’t bother readers?!

Went for a 3.2 mile run… I didn’t think about time or speed, I just wanted to get in a run!

Lab! Our principles were “Sauces” and “Starches” this week. We made spinach pesto farro and fettucini alfredo from a basic white sauce.
1 BLOG 036 
Farro is basically Spelt or Wheatberries, it is a very chewey tough grain but it kinda bursts the way steel cut oats do. We soaked these bad boys overnight in water and then boiled them with a dash of salt for 20 minutes. Drained… and tossed in the sauce. Pseudograins such as these (buckwheat, kasha…) are much higher in protein than most grains. If you have tried wheatberries, spelt and farro are almost identical. Farro is actually an “ancient” being one of the first grains discovered. Spelt and farro (emmer) prepared are typically referred to as wheatberries, however they are all species of the same grain. Farro is considered to be the “best in flavor”. They all taste identical to me!
You can get spelt and wheatberries in bulk, dried at Whole Foods probably elsewhere for sure.
1 BLOG 034 

We tossed ours in a pesto sauce that we made using a food processor. We took fresh organic spinach, organic pine nuts, organic lemon juice and zest, salt and pepper and blended it with olive oil until creamy. We mixed in grated parmesean cheese.

1 BLOG 032
Tossed the dressing with the farro- topped with parm.

 1 BLOG 035

For the Alfredo, we used a basic white sauce ( on the right for our sensory evaluation) and added nutmeg, lemon zest and juice, parm cheese, salt and pepper.

 1 BLOG 033
We tossed that in fettucinni noodles.

White Sauce (bechamel):

2 Tablespoons unsalted butter

ÂĽ cup all-purpose flour, sifted

2 cups warm whole milk

½ teaspoon salt

Melted the butter, whisked in the flour, slowly added milk , seasoned with salt.

Easy as cake, but not flavorful at ALL!

So, for the Alfredo:

¾ cups white sauce (béchamel)

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice (~from about ½ lemon)

2 Tablespoons unsalted butter

1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg


Spinach Pesto (makes 1 cup)

2 cups (tightly packed) baby spinach leaves (about 2 oz)

ÂĽ cup toasted pine nuts

1 to 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest (from about 1 lemon)

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (from about ½ lemon)

1/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cups and 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

½ teaspoon salt, plus more to taste

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, plus to taste

Toast pine nuts, mix first four ingredients in food processor. Add in oil, mix in the remainder ingredients.

Phew, we have our second exam for that class the tuesday we get back from…

SPRING BREAK! Yes folks, I am officially on spring break as of 3:20 pm today. I have no idea what I will be doing other than studying but we’ll see!

My first to do item on Spring Break was to take Jack for a walk, and take a nap for myself. Jeff and I fell asleep mid afternoon on the sofa and it was exactly what I needed. I have no idea why I was so tired but it felt great!

Thursday night TV! Since I have the next 10 days to do with as I please- I will be catching up on blogs later or tomorrow morning during breakfast!

B-Healthier Chicken Carbonara

26 02 2009

1 BLOG 021
My ingredients:

  • 1 box Whole Wheat Linguini, cooked to al dente (8 ounces)
  • 1/3 cup reserved pasta water
  • 1 cup frozen spinach
  • 1/2  cup  egg substitute
  • 2/3 cup 1% milk
  • 2  teaspoons  olive oil
  • 1/4- 1/2  cup  chopped onion
  • 2  cups cooked chicken, in pieces ( I just cut up mine through cooking) 
  • 1/2  cup  grated fresh Parmesan cheese
  • 2  tablespoons  finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 1/2  teaspoon  salt
  • 1/2  teaspoon  freshly ground black pepper
  • 4  bacon slices, cooked and chopped

I found a recipe on Cooking light for Asparagus Carbonara that was quite similar so I used that as a guide for the method of the egg sauce cooking etc.

Cook pasta in boiling water 10 minutes or until al dente; add spinach while drain pasta mixture in a colander over a bowl.
1 BLOG 013
Reserve 1/3 cup hot starch water. Combine reserved cooking liquid, egg substitute, and milk, stirring with a whisk.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil and onion to pan; sauté 2 minutes. 1 BLOG 014
Add pasta mixture; stir to combine.1 BLOG 016

Remove from heat; stir in egg mixture, chicken, and cheese. Place pan over medium heat, and cook 4 minutes or until slightly thick, stirring frequently.
1 BLOG 017
Remove from heat; stir in parsley, salt, pepper. Serve immediately.
1 BLOG 019
My notes:
I had prepped  after lunch before class so that it was easy to throw together after a late class! I had cooked the bacon in my skillet and drained the grease. Cooked the chicken in that pan with some pepper and salt. I threw all that in the fridge along with my egg and milk mix ( minus the hot starch from the pasta water).
When I got home from class, I diced the onion and threw it in the pan with olive oil while I cooked the pasta.

I used frozen spinach and let the hot pasta steam it.
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26 02 2009

I went to the gym for a little ellipticizer action just to loosen everything up. Nothing intense but it felt nice!

We didn’t get our tests back! We have spring break starting for this gal at 4 pm today! It crept up out of nowhere it seems! I don’t even feel like I need a break yet!

Jeff comes back today ( he has been away on business all week) and was supposed to not get back until friday afternoon!

Dinner with Andrea was fantastic as always! I decided that I would make a recipe similar to a picture I found in my new Southern Living issue. I say picture because there wasn’t a recipe with it, it was just an advertisement!

So here are my eats

Oatmeal made with protein powder and fresh blueberries
1 BLOG 004
I hard boiled egg whites, and my favorite thing to do is fill them with different “toppings” because you get to experience so many flavors. I put in some: hot sauce, brown mustard, and sabra hummus. I added veggies on the side and two whole wheat tortilla’s to make mini wraps.

I had half a banana and some applesauce too ( it was the only organic applesauce I could find in the store and I am not a huge fan of applesauce really but for some reason I felt like having it on hand)

1 BLOG 008 1 BLOG 010 1 BLOG 012

Now comes dinner…

Chicken Spinach Carbonara ( bhealthy style) with a glass of Red
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I will post my recipe/explanation right after this post!

I missed…

25 02 2009

all of my readers! I missed not having cell service and not having my computer ! However, I LOVED LOVED LOVED all the activity and being in the snow again and re-learning snowboarding and hanging out with all of our friends! Getting my gloves on… however… I spent lots of time in this position and trying to get up from it…
1 BLOG 0161 BLOG 018

Back porch of the condo/rental

1 BLOG 019 
That is where we stayed and the slope map…

 1 BLOG 026

Here is my recap:

According to the activity calculator, I burned 2,850 calories the first day of snowboarding and 2, 340 the second day. Phew…

I tried to eat to make up for it and think I did a pretty good job- with my butt, knees, hands, arms, shoulders, wrists, lats, abs and ankles either swollen, in pain, cut, bruised or just sore- I am resting until I feel better.

The best news: I took a high-dose anti inflammation med. ( originally for my knee as needed) last night and this morning and most everything now is downplayed to sore- not so much in pain. The exception- my arm from shoulder down to my hand. I think it is just tweaked/sprained badly.


I actually got studying done this weekend despite being on the mountain everyday . Thanks to all my friends that helped me!!!! I really focused on one little section for 1-2 hours each day and managed to get it all in and memorized.

The test today was EASY! I hate hate hate feeling that way because usually that  means I missed something- but I just don’t think I missed anything this exam. Fingers Crossed. The mountain might have kicked my butt but I totally kicked that exams butt, if it had one.

I get my vitamins exam back tomorrow… fingers crossed again for that!??!

Despite everything pain wise- this trip was absolutely AWESOME!! I can’t believe what a fantastic investment the socks and gloves I bought friday were!! My $10 pants were awesome the first day- the second day I added another layer because it went down to  8 * and very windy!

It took so much out of me everytime I fell to pull myself back up – and I fell almost every 20-30 feet the first day. But, it meant alot to me to just keep trying, I knew I could do it and I did- that one run I felt on top of the world, no falling, I made each turn a decision- toes head to the left, slow down lean to the uphill edge, heels… it was confident decisions and it felt amazing to fly down and meet Jeff at the same time he went down the other side.


For snacks we brought:
1 BLOG 0441 BLOG 041 1 BLOG 042 1 BLOG 043

and a tropical flavor Bumble Bar ( which was oh my goodness delicious!! absolutely favorite!)
  1 BLOG 0121 BLOG 013
We also brought bananas, blueberries, instant oatmeal packs, milk, and whole wheat arnold bread, lunch meat and cheese.

Oats with milk, a whole banana and lots of blueberries: fiber, protein and whole grains and lots of fruits for a full day of snowboarding!

1 BLOG 030 1 BLOG 009 

1 BLOG 005

Some of what others’ brought:1 BLOG 006
The Fridge:
1 BLOG 008

On our way home we stopped at a steakhouse…

1 BLOG 028
I had also had a roll and a salad but scarfed it down pre photo!

Tuesday: Pumpkin Oats with leftover blueberries and peanut butter and banana1 BLOG 035
Lunch: Smoothie which totally does not photograph well at all! protein, milk, banana, peanut butter, wheat germ.

Pre-Exam I snacked on a 100 calorie pack of almonds and half a balance bar ( see photos above!!!! )
1 BLOG 031


Veggies and Pasta with cheese and Salmon underneath. 
1 BLOG 036