Nutrition Courses

Information from my Nutrition Coursework:

Advanced Nutrient Metabolism I

Vitamins, Minerals, Nutraceuticals


Minority Health Seminar

Research Methods


5 responses

3 02 2009

Sorry to hijack your blog! But I just noticed this tab and wanted to say I think it’s a great addition to the blog so we can navigate through all the helpful and interesting nutritional info 🙂

19 03 2009

Hey there! I found your blog from “Love of Oats” and I just wanted to say this Nutrition coursework page is amazing! I’m going back to school in the fall for Dietetics so it’s interesting for me to see others’ experience with schooling…. I’m nervous!

27 03 2009

hey…still browsing about on your blog, and i found this to answer my question about what you’re up to with the school bit. this is an awesome blog- congrats!

17 04 2009

Very cool blog! Love the nutrition course info. I’m an RD and it brings back lots of memories! Good luck and I’ll definitely stay tuned!

9 07 2009

I’m glad I came across your blog! I’m starting courses for my RD in the fall and I can’t wait to read all the course info on what you’ve taken. I’m starting out with food prep principals and intro to nutrition as well as tons of science courses. Can’t wait to surf your blog more!

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