I went golfin yall

25 05 2009

my sub-shop, roadside salad: lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, cucumber, olives, pepperocinni, pickles and a dash of cheese. I didn’t use any of that dressing (Ranch- the packet was 230kcal of mostly saturated fat!!) more because the vinegar from the pickles and olives and pepperocinni gave it enough flavor for me!
1 BLOG 001
I also had a ThinkThin bar  (white chocolate crunch) for some protein. 1 BLOG 002 I really liked the first bite and the second but then after that it had a funny protein taste. Overall not bad.
1 BLOG 004

Check out my Biscuit Sausage Pies recipe
For the first day of breakfast, I had made these on thursday hoping they would fair well the next morning. They totally did!! These were AWESOME!!
1 BLOG 005
Whole wheat pizza dough in muffin pans , filled with lowfat sausage, lowfat cheese, mine were egg whites ( the others were whole eggs), and bell peppers. On the side, Mango ( times two)

Golf Course:
1 BLOG 018 1 BLOG 006

Lunch-ish: A Brownie Crunch Think Thin1 BLOG 013

Same as the white chocolate but I think a little better tasting.

Trail mix snackies

1 BLOG 014
Day  1 Score:

1 BLOG 020

Not too shabby!
In the afternoon we had some DELICIOUS cheese- Some canadian friends brought this gouda with caraway seeds. Oh my goodness , delicious! My cabernet went perfect with it!
1 BLOG 021
Chili! Jeff’s aunt made this and it was fantastic!

1 BLOG 023 1 BLOG 024 


1 BLOG 029


Another canadian treat ( this one is available in the US!) Maple Cookies.
1 BLOG 033
They are shaped like maple leafs, maple flavored shortbread with maple cream in the middle! This guy is 100 kcal, but definitely a yummy treat!

4.5 Hours of Golf! Phew! We also threw horseshoes when we came home so my shoulders/arm is feeling it!

I actually studied quite a bit . I am doing little sections by section so I retain the information more than if I would just try studying all or most of the material in one sitting…

I LOVE golfing! Oh it was so fun to be back on the course even if it took me several holes to warm up! We played ladies vs. men and a captain’s choice/ best ball. In case you don’t know what that means, we all take a drive and then whereever the best ball lands, we all take our second shot from there, etc. till we get it in the hole. It was such a relaxing, breezy, sunny, fresh-air and exercise filled day!

We played horseshoes and cards and just had a fantastic day!




6 responses

25 05 2009

Looks like such a fun day! I just started to learn how to play golf last year. I love it! i def taste the protein”ness” of those bars too


25 05 2009

Mmmmm, that chili looks yumo!

25 05 2009

You are back! YAY!
I have actually never golfed in my life, though it is very popular here.
I am glad you are getting the studying done…I am in the same boat for the next week, friend!

25 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Um, your breakfast pies look awesome!! What a fun weekend!
You are such a natural athlete..I can’t believe you took to golk so quickly with just a few lessons. That is so great 🙂 I’ve hard it’s a workout not to be underestimated, too!

25 05 2009

Looks like you guys are having so much fun! That chili looks amazing- kudos to Jeff’s Aunt

26 05 2009

Looks like a perfect day for golfing!

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