Back to School.. Back to School…

20 05 2009

Cross Training : 45 min Elliptical, 1 mile walk to stretch out my muscles for a run tomorrow!


Oh goodness yall. So I went to class and was overwhelmed with how much I need to catch up of course, but I know it is possible. I also found out that the Prof will not allow me to take the lab portion this summer because I’ve missed too much and there is “no time or materials left” for me to start bacteria cultures. So… I will have to take the lab portion (1 credit) next spring. Not too bad- I will get the really tough part out of the way so that is good.

I had to call my  mom and ask her to write down my “to do” list because I feel so scatter brained lately and keep forgetting things like toliet paper. I also didn’t really forget my prescriptions, I went to get them filled and my doctor hasn’t called them back yet AND the other one they filled they didn’t have enough pills! So they “owe me” 5 more… what a pain in the arse! I went back yet again and good thing, I got a 3 month supply thanks to the doctor telling them to fill it as written! They would never let me get just 1 month so this is good news!


Who do you think will win Dancing With The Stars????
I kind of hope that Melissa does, only because Shawn has already won an olympic gold medal for her athletic talent, and Gille kinda irks me but he has such great acting “suave” type personality that it would be easy for him to get that dancing attitude. Melissa had such unfortunate happenings that it would be nice to see her win!

Chocolate Protein Oats
1 BLOG 003 
I had let the following sit overnight:
1/2 cup non-quick oats
1/2 cup Soy Light Silk Plain Milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 scoop Pure Protein Chocolate
Pinch of Lite Salt
On top: Wild Organic Blueberries and All Natural Peanut Butter

I heated up the soaked oats super quickly before class this morning. It was fast and easy and held me until about 11. That means I will need more fuel to keep me going until lunch time! Nice Try though.

Provides Approx.
340 kcal
17 g Protein
1 serving of Fruit, 1 serving of Whole Grains


Salad with NOO Balsamic and Olive Oil
1 BLOG 006
A  Turkey Sandwich

1 BLOG 007

Pineapple and some banana slices, 
1 BLOG 005

1 serving of fruit, 2 servings whole grain, 3 servings of Veggies
330 kcal
19 g protein  ( The turkey meat was lean Dean & Watson brand, which is higher in protein than other lunch meats and better in taste I feel. I never get it because .. 1. Lunch meat usually has too much sodium and mostly…  2. Its a super expensive source of lean protein! It was on sale this week for BOGO Free)

An oikos plain. ( they were on sale 10/$10 !!!! I snagged as many as they had!)
1 BLOG 009
80 kcal and 15 g protein
1 serving of lowfat Dairy

1 BLOG 010
Mushroom Blue Cheese “Burger”…
1 BLOG 012
I had a Boca Original Vegan Burger with zuchinni shreds, mushrooms, Organic Ketchup and a little full fat blue cheese dressing. The good stuff goes a long way! This was seriously DELICIOUS! I had a salad of organic baby greens, zuchinni, locally grown sprouts, mushrooms and some frozen veggies steamed up ( broc., asparagus, peppers, onions, Brussel sprouts). I actually wanted another burger after I was done it was so delicious.
Instead I had more salad and split that Organic Fuji &$ PB with Jeff
1 BLOG 014

Provides Approx.
5 servings of Veggies, 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of Whole Grains
320-380 kcal ( I estimated the dressing amount, pb, etc.)
22 g protein

I will probably have some sort of snack or dessert as well in a few hours!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!




6 responses

20 05 2009
Melissa (Nibbles and Wiggles)

Great deal on the Oikos!

Well that kind of sucks about the lab! Good luck on getting caught up.

20 05 2009

hi girlie
sorry about the prof saying u cant do the labs over summer, but at least you can do it next semester!
i always make todo lists on post its and stick them everywhere lol
all the eats look great 🙂
have a nice night hun

20 05 2009
Sarah W.

I will have to look for sales on Oikos – its soo expensive! I’ve started including it in my diet, the ONLY dairy thing I eat currently and so far my tummy is doing OK with it – plus I need the protein and greek yogurt packs such a protein punch for so few cals! wooo.

I’m mad that Melissa didn’t win. I ❤ her. I agree, Shawn already has an OLYMPIC medal, lets give Melissa something. I hope that Melissa stays in the spotlot after DWTS…she's my fav!

20 05 2009

I didn’t get to watch dancing with the stars this season. maybe i’ll try to catch up! LOL

20 05 2009

can you believeeeeeeee that shawn won??? i really was hoping melissa was going to win too, but i thoguht gile was going to! SURPRISED ME!

20 05 2009

hey there! we have such similar blogs it’s kinda scary!! hahah i love doing product reviews and restaurant reviews as well…can’t wait to see what you have to write!!

P.s.Where in the US are you?? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking that is. 🙂

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