19 05 2009


I had my first official Golf Lesson!
Jeff got me 3 golf lessons with a PGA Pro as a present quite a bit ago, but I had been running, or rehabing my knee , working, in classes, etc.  So I finally got to attend my first lesson and man, are my arms and back tired! I started playing for real with Jeff the first year, shortly after we met. It turns out, I am pretty good but not consistent nor have I played the game enough to really understand why!

Today I learned some great tips and things to work on at home but overall the Pro was impressed with the power and speed of my swing and that I had such good form right away. I am so pumped up for going golfing this friday, saturday and sunday with Jeff’s Aunt and Uncle !!  I have my second lesson this thursday and am saving a lesson for the future!

Yoga: I also did a lovely 30 minute yoga session with my DVD and some moves from the Detox Flow on  Stretching was exactly what my muscles needed!
Fixed my situation for summer class! I met with the financial aid people and got the $$ package set for taking Microbiology this summer for the first six week session! I missed classes so I will have to work my butt off to catch up but it will be better now than while doing my thesis!

I emailed the professor about catching up but he hasn’t yet got back to me.

I also emailed a classmate about any work her boss-lady Dietician may have or know of. Keep your fingers crossed!

I have been slowly catching up with commenting and all the blogs I love to read- so thanks for keepin up with me! I really wanted to say Thank You to my new friend Sarah and Moran of The Running Addict, Lara of Thinspired, and Erica of Itzy’s Kitchen–  You have all been incredibly helpful to me and I can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful people!

I am so happy about the summer class and getting financial aid for it! Phew!  Big weight off my chest there!

I finally got to take golf lessons I had been meaning to and I am proud of myself for staying positive with this whole job thing.

Oh and its the finale of Dancing with The Stars AND The series premier of The Bachelorette. I am addicted to nonsense TV shows but I think after all the studying and all the exercise I do, it helps me zone out which I need sometimes!!!


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Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal
I made it with ground flax, steel cut quick oats, water, organic raisins and a little protein powder for staying power. Also of course, a Tb of peanut butter. PB is just such a delicious contrast to the oats. 
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Pineapple on the side- did you know that it is supposed to help with joints? I have been trying to eat more of it lately for that purpose ( and its easy because its delicious!).


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Chobani Strawberry, Half a banana with pb, the last of my ricotta mixed with grape jelly.

 1 BLOG 008
Orange and a mini turkey sandwich on whole wheat.

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Jeff grilled steaks that were on special this week at Harris Teeter. I baked two locally grown sweet potatoes and threw together a quick white sauce with a little horseradish, melted brie, and baby bella mushrooms for on top of the steak. We threw together salads of organic baby greens, shreds of zuchinni, locally grown sprouts, and some more shrooms.




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19 05 2009

congrats on getting financial aid for summer school! that’s great!
and golf lessons! golf is getting really popular among koreans…it seems like just yesterday that golf was associated with rich, fat, retired old men!

19 05 2009

You are such a sweetheart!
I am so happy to hear all went well with the financial aid! I hear from my American friends how difficult it is to pay for college in the US (here it is much cheaper, but still expensive on a European scale!) so I am really happy!!

19 05 2009

BIG congrats on financial aid! that is so great!! and that is too fun about your golf lessons! i’ve been golfing a few times with my bf and have had so much fun, youre going to have a great weekend! xoxo

19 05 2009

Have fun with golf! I’ll stick with the put-put course! Golf seems so challenging, I think I would get too frustrated 🙂 And yay for summer courses that you don’t have to pay for, those are so expensive! I actually took micro one summer too. It’s nice to get those out of the way.


19 05 2009

Your oats look awesome today.

Congratz on getting things worked out with your class/financial aid.

20 05 2009
Sweet and Fit

yay for getting your financial aid situation straightened out!

omgosh, i’m so jealous of your golf lessons! I know its soooo hard when you first start out – but TRUST me, it does get easier! adn its soooo much fun!

20 05 2009

That is awesome! Congratulations!!! =D

20 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Hey girlie, you’ve been a wonderful bloggie friend to me, too! Thank you for your help with everything. I’m glad you’re having a great week 🙂

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