and then there was a pig

18 05 2009

Before we got the party started, I managed to… 

Run 12 miles!  I got ready to run outside but then rain started down-pouring! I quickly decided to head to the gym and knew I really wanted to run far today.

It took me 1 hour 34 minutes! I felt fantastic the whole time and the rest of the day too! I was worried about my glycogen stores depleting completely but they were great!

I have been so excited using my heart rate monitor to help me train! I realized that I can last for a much longer distance when I keep my heart rate closer to 180- which is still very difficult but I now have a good feeling when my heart is pushing too hard for longer mileage. I also like it because it helps push me when I’m doing cross training, i.e on the elliptical! I had no idea my HR was so low when doing the elliptical! I was only burning about 50% of the kcal I thought I was and my HR only gets to around 120! So it has helped me step it up a notch in cross training AND it also helps me with kcal! I was not eating enough on longer runs but then sometimes I would eat too much on cross training days etc. I wasn’t much concerned with weight loss or with gain but I was concerned with how I was feeling. For awhile (esp. in October/November) I would run in the morning then by class in the afternoon , I could literally feel my blood glucose drop and I would get nauseated, dizzy, sleepy etc. ! It has definitely been a great tool all around for my training!

Pig Pickin’ Celebration- no thinking, just enjoying and catching up with many great people!

Great Friends, Great Family, Great Food and Great Drinks!

I started out my day with a gorgeous bowl of Steel Cut Oats with Ground Flax, Blueberries and All Natural Peanut Butter AND leftover whip-cream frosting from the pig pickin cake !!!!
1 BLOG 016 

1.5 servings of Whole Grains, 1 serving of fruit
385-400 kcal

Run Fuel:

1 BLOG 002

I forgot the shot blocks but I did have newly purchased bags of Kids’ Sharkies Sport Chews that did the trick- 1/2 the pack at mile 6 and 7 then the other 1/2 immediately after finishing 12!

1 BLOG 003
Big bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal, it was high in fiber, protein and whole grains so it was replacing AND helping fuel me for the rest of the day!  I also had  a banana and extra soy milk aside from what was in the bowl.

Pig Pick 2009

Pickers on a mission…. Watch out, Pregnant Lady with Beer!

1 BLOG 006

Our friends The Tefts brought over extra beer because we ran out- There was approximately 40 of our closest friends and family! There was a brief game of flip cup, lots of talking and beer drinking, a washer game, and many rounds of horseshoes. ( That is our friend Nate and my future-brother-in-laws new girlfriend Chanda! She is awesome and a creative writer- Here is her blog. Hi Chanda!)

1 BLOG 005

Here’s the line up of the FABULOUS SIDES:

1 BLOG 0071 BLOG 0091 BLOG 008
Start of the “Buffet” if you will:
1 BLOG 007 
From the top left (Left to Right):
Brownie Bites, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Timmy Smith’s Cornbread, Momma Mo’s Potato Salad
Next Row: My cake! , Under Cake: Andrea’s Deviled Eggs, Next to Cake: Dave’s Hummus, To the right: Caroline’s Mac and Cheese ( divine!), Pasta Salad

Middle of Buffet:
1 BLOG 009
Top Left to Top Right: Momma Mo’s potato salad, Timmy Smith’s Potato Salad, Nick O’s Creamsicle Salad
Bottom Row Left: Momma Mo’s Coleslaw, Momma Mo’s Cornbread Pudding, Green Bean Casserole

End of Buffet:
1 BLOG 008
Top Left: Donna & Stewarts Hush Puppies, Cheesecake Variety, Watermelon
Momma Mo’s Baked Beans ( homemade!) and more Green Bean Casserole
and our nephew’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to wish all happy eating apparently. 

My dinner included a tasting of almost everything~

1 BLOG 010

I didn’t quite finish this plate but I did manage most of it! I really had a bite size portion of everything except a larger amount of beans and meat! I like to look at everything having something to offer that is “worthwhile”- the mac n cheese, the cornbread and hushpuppies were all delicious treats as in -I don’t usually eat all of those with one meal because they all offer the same thing- refined carbs and saturated fat. Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious but I prefer balancing the unhealthy with healthy and getting the most out of what I consume. There were healthy aspects to everything such as the veggies …. tomatoes in the pasta salad, cabbage in the coleslaw, corn in the cornbread pudding, and bell peppers in the beans. Fiber in the beans, lean protein…You get the idea!  I think it is funny when people see me eating things like this and ask me or joke about how “bad” it all is. Sometimes no one can believe that I eat it or eat that much! I usually just say that this is a once in awhile kinda meal. I taste and enjoy a bit of everything I really want and I stop when I’m full! For example, I didn’t get any green bean casserole because I don’t really like it other than at thanksgiving! I eat healthy all the time which makes a meal like this a really enjoyable experience!

1 BLOG 012
A tasting of my cake ( it was actually a small sliver), I only had a piece of that cookie (unfortunately because I couldn’t fit anymore in me!) Everyone LOVED the cake so I was extremely happy with how it came out!

I also tasted some of “Creamsicle Pudding” our friend Nick O made.
1 BLOG 013

As far as my drinking, I had one glass of miller lite ( Jeff bought a keg) but since I’m not a huge fan, I used it for my round in flip cup! After that, I sipped on a vodka water.  Much later into the evening, I had some wine.  This was an all day event, so three drinks across the span of the day left me hangover-free and feeling awesome the entire time!
1 BLOG 017
( those flowers were for Momma Mo from our friend Tuddy, such a sweetheart!)
For those that are interested, my estimate for intake today was 2,440 kcal – my output from the run was 1,186 kcal!

*Vegans and/or those sensitive to seeing meat being cooked- I would not read any further so I inserted this post break!

Carnivores full speed ahead!

And then there was pig

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9 responses

18 05 2009

WOW so much yummy goodness! I love it!!

18 05 2009

Yikes! What an intense buffet! I hope you had fun:)

18 05 2009

awesomeness. i loved reading about this. hmm…maybe i should have something like this (at least some sort of cookout extravaganza) when june comes and i’ll be done my 1st year of teaching! i had to double check on google about vodka water and if it’s what i think it is, i’m surprised i haven’t tried that before! i guess i will occasionally make a watered-down OJ screwdriver. i’m going to have to try this, i know if i don’t chug water and i have just a few drinks i almost always end up with a headache!

18 05 2009

hi hun
awesome run πŸ™‚ thats such an accomplishment! i hope one day i can run that far!
lovin all the eats…the food from the buffet looks so yummy!

18 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I have to admit that I am a little jealous of your wonderful runs lately!
What a fun day–so much good food, and good company πŸ˜€

18 05 2009

Wow, lots of food!! Looks delish! And 12 miles!? You go girl! That’s awesome, I hate running and know that would kill me, but I could bike all day haha.


19 05 2009
Hangry Pants

Way to knock out that run girl! I had the same experience when I first got my HRM as far as the elliptical!

I love the sharkies and they are half the price of the clif shot things!

19 05 2009

Holy Buffet Batman! WOW and YUM! πŸ™‚

19 05 2009

Oh, and I totally agree with you about the HRM – they are totally indispensible. I am the same way with crosstraining because nothing gets my HR up like running.

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