Fireworks Friday!

16 05 2009


  Rest! Leg not feeling awesome but really I notice because your hip flexor is involved in any movement you make so blech .


Oh goodness.
Fiasco, literally. I found out that the summer course started this past monday NOT the coming monday as I thought it did. ALSO , financial aid never put a package together for me because for some reason I was not registered for the course- DESPITE getting a bill and showing up as registered for it prior to ending spring classes. I have no idea what is next.

I did get an application for GNC, which sells supplements and all kinds of nutrition products. I think it would be alright except that my degree is all about how WHOLE foods really give you what you need. I feel like the dark child of the American Dietetic Assoc. sometimes because I like functional foods and supplements in certain cases. Take for example, Omega 3 supplements. DHA and EPA are crucial at helping reduce inflammation, build up cell membranes and can act as antioxidant barriers. If you can’t afford that nice wild salmon or say fresh mahi mahi, what is a gal to do? What if you are allergic to certain fish like me? I think supplements are great additions to diets in general but not necessarily the best or only way we should consume nutrients.
Anyhow, I am hoping to still hear back from one great position working with Local Foods on a state level but not sure. Keep your fingers crossed!


I MADE CAKE! A Pig Pickin Cake. For tomorrow’s annual Pig Pickin at my future-in-laws! Recipe to follow this post!

and…I had coffee this morning with my brother at Starbucks but a funny story goes with why I didn’t pay for it!

You see, I walk in to the Starbucks and see three barista’s (1,2,3) behind the counter chatting.I stood at the register, no one came, I moved to the side, they looked at me but said nothing. Then two other customers walk in behind me and I hear “what can I get for you today?”. Assuming the man is talking to me because I had waited for several minutes at that point, I say “A grande of the drip coffee please” at the SAME time as the customer that had just walked in ordered something. I realize as I turned to the barista #1 that he wasn’t talking to me but #1 acknowledges me and says ” Oh you can get that from him, gesturing to #2″. I repeat my order to Barista #2. He does not say anything. The customers that had walked in behind me pay for there order as Barista #3 steps out and assists them. Barista #3 asks my brother what he ordered so he can pay her. She looks at me and says Would you like anything?

You might have had to be there to understand that not only did none of them pay attention to me while I was waiting to order initially, but then they didn’t even bother to ask me my order instead asked the customers that walked in after I did! On top of that, I placed my order to #1 and then again to #2 – both of whom started making drinks for the customers who walked in after me.  In most situations, I just let things go because I tend to not really care in the overall scheme of things.  I just said back to her, “I told both him(#1) and him (#2) what I ordered and neither of them got it so I really don’t even want it anymore”.

Honestly I didn’t care because I didn’t feel like giving them business at that point. My brother and I found a table outside and shortly after, #2 comes up with a grande drip and apologized saying “Even if you really don’t want it any longer, I need to do this for my sake”.

So at least I could help him feel better about himself. And I got my coffee for free. But, the best part was having a really great conversation with my brother that helped me de-stressify and catch up with him.

1 BLOG 006

Steel Cut Oats, Blueberries, PB

150 kcal Oatmeal with Water
70 kcal 1 cup blueberries
80 kcal 1 Tb Peanut Butter
300 kcal total
12 g protein
1 servings of fruit, 1 whole grain

A really great Lunch: 

Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast

Oh yea. I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sammy again but I also wanted french toast b/c I haven’t made it in awhile. Hence, pb&j french toast is born.

I made the pb&j on whole wheat (stuck it together) and made a batter of soy milk and egg whites with cinnamon.
1 BLOG 007
Dipped in the sammy and put into a hot skillet. DELICIOUS!
1 BLOG 010
I amaze myself sometimes.

I had it with a chobani plain

1 BLOG 008

that I mixed in some of the jelly since it was out to add sweetness, 1/2 organic fuji apple, and also a serving of steamed veggies. 1 BLOG 009

285 kcal
22 g protein ( 5 g from egg whites, 6 g from bread, 3 g peanut butter, 8g 1/2 chobani )
1 serving of veggies, 2 Whole grains, 1/2 serving of fruit

Dinner Was Out at The Durham Bulls’ Game!

We had Terrace Box seating with a waiter and little table area ! A vendor at Jeff’s work was in town wheeling and dealing,so they took out a few employees to the game. I was excited because it was a few of the people I actually know quite well after attending many of his work parties and functions. 1 BLOG 001

I ordered the grilled chicken sammy…. It wasn’t anything spectacular but it was the best out of the choices we had and it was free!
I ordered Merlot but they were out. lnstead I had a glass of Pinot Grigio

1 BLOG 002 
I would not recommend Barefoot for pinot grigio but it fit the bill.

1 BLOG 004

Fireworks, a  perfect ending!
1 BLOG 005 1 BLOG 008




7 responses

16 05 2009

What a blast!!! So much fun, and oh wow, love all your eats!

16 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Dark child of the ADA…you are too funny. Hey, whatever pays the bills, right?!

17 05 2009

Love the idea of PBJ French toast–I must try a vegan version!

Are you in Durham? I go to school there during the year, so I was just curious!

17 05 2009

hi hun,
sorry ive been slacking on the commenting lately, ive had exams and ive still been reading, just not commenting as much. im on summer now though ๐Ÿ™‚
looks like you had a blast last night!
and wow, that pbnj french toast looks AMAZING! your a culinary genius ๐Ÿ™‚
hope the hip flexor feels better soon hun, ive been having a sore hip on and off for a while now..i wonder if its my hip flexor too?
anyways girlie, enjoy the rest of your weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

17 05 2009

you are amazing. i really like the PB & J french toast idea. also, had to comment, as a previous starbucks worker. that is outrageous! hideous service (or really just a straight up lack of any service!) you did the right thing, and i’m glad they gave you free coffee because they were in the wrong several times over!!!

have a great week!!

17 05 2009

Your food looks great!! I hope your hip flexor feels better, and I’m sorry about the mix up with the classes! Hopefully everything will work out.
What an annoying situation at Starbucks – you did do the right thing.
Take care and have a great week!

17 05 2009

I am glad that you stood up for yourself at the Starbucks! I would have started to wonder if I was invisible if I were in your shoes! They best have given you a free coffee after that!
Great PB&J French Toast!

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