Over the Hump

14 05 2009


Rest!  I hate to admit that I have been having some (right) leg pain. Oddly enough it is not much my knee ( per usual) but deep inside the top of my leg joint ( hip flexor). Unfortunately it has been really annoying until yesterday it was just hard to walk around! I think its because the hip flexor is always in use! Driving, sitting and rising, stairs, doing anything!


Cleaning and organizing is always so helpful at clearing my mind! I had piles of mail built up from the semester ( all those stupid things that get sent to you that aren’t urgent). Now that we have more furniture in the house (thanks to my sis) we need to get rid of some stuff that we don’t need in order to fit it all! So I washed the walls and dusted etc.

I also looked into two reception/ceremony sites and emailed a few more places as far as the WEDDING goes! I can’t wait to see the photos from Erica but I really like this one place


Jeff and I went on DATE NIGHT! We went shopping together because he had to get a new phone ( he got a Blackberry with MP3 and Internet capabilities!).  I am so happy because his ipod got stollen (his old truck was broken into) and Jeff is such a music guy I can’t believe he has gone this long without it.

He was in a spending mood so we continued the fun with dinner at a new restaurant! We laughed a lot which is just what I needed, Check out the eats below!

1 BLOG 011

Blueberries with  Steel Cut Oats covered in Ground Flaxseed and Smucker’s All Natural PB
290 kcal
12 g protein
1 servings of fruit, 1 whole grain


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Leftover  boneless skinless chicken with Veggies (steamed with black pepper) and Kashi Whole Grain Pilaf

270 kcal
22 g protein
2 servings of veggies

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Ricotta (Fat Free) mixed with Grape Jelly, Pineapple and Cherries

140 kcal
10 g protein
2 servings of fruit


Cameron Bar and Grill
We have tried their sister restaurant further north from us and liked their menu. I was excited when I remembered I had wanted to try out this branch in Cameron Village ( close to downtown Raleigh). They had dark mahogany furniture and accents on the wall. Also on the wall, they had enlarged black & white photographs from Raleigh many years ago! Their menu offers “good” bar food, they offer lots of sandwiches, soups, entrees and entree salads that many people would enjoy!

I really liked that they offered a “fish of the day” in varieties: you could order it with normal sides, or on top of their house, spinach, caesar salad, as a sandwich, etc. I ordered the Fish of the day ( Salmon) blackened and on top of a spinach salad.
1 BLOG 016

The salad offered fresh spinach, tomato, onion, mushrooms, bacon and hard boiled egg with a warmed mushroom vinegarette on the side.

360 kcal +
28 g protein  
2 servings of veggies
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Drink: Martinis were on special on Wednesday so I “made my own” with Stoli Blueberry and Grape Schnapps.

It was so strong! I haven’t had a martini in years I think so I struggled with finishing it!

210 Kcal ( Calorie King estimates a Vodka Martini at 210 kcal so I am using that)

Jeff ordered his go-to option: The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and a local Beer. He actually did a review for me but I was going to post it interview-style with him later!

 1 BLOG 017
Oh my goodness!
We ordered the chocolate reese’s pie ( which was more like cheesecake) and shared it.

It had delicious peanut butter cheesecake layer, a chocolate cheesecake (pie) layer and chocolate graham cracker crust. It was topped with caramel, a few bits of peanut butter cups and had some kind of white frosting drizzle! Our slice was set on a plate of drizzled chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. It was fantastic!

I estimate this was about 700 kcal based on what The Cheesecake Factory slices report, this was definitely smaller but just as jam packed with delicious. Since we split it in half- my intake would have been 350 kcal




8 responses

14 05 2009

So sorry to hear about your pains! The hip flexor is used in pretty much every activity, so its so easy to irritate it!

Yes! I heard back from the lady and I will be headed there next weekend (like I said we’re traveling this weekend so I can’t go this weekend 😦 ).

That ricotta snack looks awesome. I love ricotta cheese…mmmm.

14 05 2009

Oh gosh that cake looks too good! I am lucky peanut butter (and its variations!) is so scarce here otherwise I would be eating it all day long I think!
I have missed you, by the way!
Anyways, check out this site I recently found, and maybe try one of her videos to help your leg? I did the one for runners yesterday and definitely felt better in the AM

14 05 2009

YUM @ that cake – my husband would LOVE it!

Hope your leg is feeling better soon!

14 05 2009

BOO hip flexor! That sucks big time…I hope it’s nothing serious. Doesn’t that cheesecake have some magical healing powers?

15 05 2009
Hangry Pants

Yay for date night!!!

15 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

What a fun night out–I love it when the Husband gets in a spending mood 😉 Dinner looks great, and I appreciate the calorie estimates! Hope your leg starts feeling better soon…

15 05 2009
Sarah W.

kashi pilaf looks yum!!! i still have yet to pick up a box! i’ve only seen the boxes at reg stores and TJ’s only has the packets of “ready made” pilaf which have waaaay too much sodium for my liking!! way to go on the healthy eats!

15 05 2009

Sorry to hear that your leg is bothering you… hope it feels better soon! All of your eats look fabulous. I especially love the snack of Ricotta – I will have to try that.

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