Weekend Recap!

12 05 2009

Friday Body:

Run 8 miles! I tried out Cliff (organic) Shot Bloks on mile 4 and mile 6..
Cran RazzCran Razz Nutrition Information
The Cran-Razz flavor was sweet and delicious but SUPER GOOEY! I almost choked a bit because they stuck so bad to the roof of my mouth! I really like them though and think it is just a matter of getting used to eating while running (which is DIFFICULT!) I didn’t feel an immediate second wind but what I did notice is that after my run, I felt a billion times better than when I don’t use any type of energy fuel while running. I think because those two little shot blocks kept my glycogen stores from being so completely depleted that I felt much better!

Friday Mind:
Last final of the semester! It felt fantastic to finish with that class because the exams were always so confusing! I am not sure if it was the wording of questions or the fact that the questions did not match the material we went over during lectures- either way – its over!!

Friday Soul:
Tailgate! My future mother-in-law offered us tickets she got through work so we all headed to (yet another ) playoff game for the Hurricanes! The best part: THEY WON 4-1 !!!
It was a fantastic game AND fantastic seats AND fantastic company!

Friday Eats:
Steel Cut Oats with fresh fruit!
1 BLOG 002
pre run snack: organic fuji and the other half of banana with pb
1 BLOG 009

Lunch: Leftover Pasta Salad
1 BLOG 011

Post-Run Snack: Smoothie ( made with organic soy milk, banana, and vanilla protein)

1 BLOG 010 

The Happy Couple :
1 BLOG 018
I had 2 pieces of this delicious veggie pizza!1 BLOG 015
A XXX Beer to go with my pizza!
1 BLOG 014
I had a bite of our friends’ pretzel mid game1 BLOG 021 
1 BLOG 023
Saturday Body:
Well, Jeff and I woke up early to drive 5 hours up to D.C to spend the day with my sister so I figured I would just take a rest day. THINK AGAIN! Per usual, moving took alot longer than I think any of us had expected! We were more than happy to help but here is all of what my BODY helped do….
Unpack the Uhaul into storage ( with tons of boxes, dresser, and lots of other heavy things), then we headed back to her old place to re-pack the Uhaul with 2 couches, another dresser, 20 some boxes, a futon, a few tables, coffee tables, etc etc. From there, we headed to her new place and unpacked the Uhaul into her new apartment. WOW! My arms were shaking by the end of the night! On top of that, I had an awful asthma attack/allergic reaction to the dogs ( hers and ours) and dust!

Saturday Mind:
Driving was fun!!! Jeff and I had a really great “road trip” and I got to read through all of my Wedding magazines again! A big thanks to Erica of Itzy’s Kitchen who is actually going to one of our top picks for reception sites to take pictures for me!!! Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!

Saturday Soul:
I can’t tell you how great it was to see my sister again! I was absolutely SO happy that we were there to help her move because it can be such an overwhelming task! She was so well prepared for us though! A great tip for anyone moving- If you can pack everything into boxes and label them- it makes it WORLDS easier for others to help you out. Essentially, your helpers know just to grab the boxes and where they are going.

I also got to see her best friend from childhood (so I’ve known her forever as well) who was in the area as well. She just recently found out she and her hubby are expecting! Congratulations!
We all went out to dinner later that evening.

Road Trip Eats: Caramel Popcorn and Chocolate covered Pretzels
1 BLOG 026

An Acai Berry Vitamin Water
1 BLOG 027

I was curious after our Vitamins Class presentation on Acai, it has the highest ORAC scores out of all berries ( Pomegranate and Blueberries are a close second). ORAC is basically the amount of antioxidants it offers. However, this vitamin water indicates it gets its antioxidants from all of these berries and it probably does NOT contain much Acai at all. It was a sweeter tasting gatorade kind of drink, but with healthier antioxidants compared to gatorade and less calories.
1 BLOG 028
I saved it to eat with my sister when we got to their place..

1 BLOG 029
Salmon with Pineapple Mango Salsa on the side ( I didn’t know they were going to separate each component! how funny?) , Broccoli and Fries

1 BLOG 032

1 BLOG 0401 BLOG 0451 BLOG 046

1 BLOG 047

( I promised my sister I wouldn’t post any “moving” photos because we were really “sweaty and tired and gross” )

Sunday Body:
We had to load up our truck with furniture we were taking back home with us, then once we got home we had to unload it into our house! The moving continued! But overall, it was a much needed REST day!

Sunday Mind:
More reading and discussing with Jeff on our way home!
Sunday Soul:
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHER’S OUT THERE! I talked to my mom on our way home, we stopped and had lunch at Jeffs’ Nanas’ (didn’t bring my camera in) and we headed over to my future mother-in-laws as soon as we got settled.

And, we had this for dinner:
1 BLOG 049
Hahaha. Yes, I ate key lime pie ( homemade and HUGE) for dinner. I couldn’t have imagined anything more that I would have wanted. It was spectacular.  A little key lime pie every now and then doesn’t hurt one bit!




6 responses

12 05 2009

Aw, you two are the happiest of couples 🙂 and I’m so happy for you!

12 05 2009

What a tasty tasty weekend! And you two are so adorable!!

12 05 2009

Aw 🙂 Anytime- I’m more than happy to help 🙂 Sounds like a great weekend. Good job with the 8 mile run! I love the shot blox. They are very sticky but very satisfying. Glad you final is over and done with!!

12 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I want to run 8 miles one day! Not today, but one day! 😉
I would also love to be your road trip buddy…your snacks look so delicious. And it makes me feel good that the future dietcian has pie for dinner once in a blue moon 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

12 05 2009

Thank you so much for your kind words! That made me feel a lot better 🙂 Sometimes I feel like there is so much to do and we’re not doing enough and just want to get it done haha. But, I am trying to take it easy and realize that it will come together eventually, especially with us both working, and I need to take a chill pill! I think this weekend we are going to start on the flooring and finish some more of the painting and once that is done we can settle and get organized. What a busy weekend you had! I’ve never tried those shot blocks, they keep your blood sugar from dropping too low and serve to match and protect your liver glycogen that would normally maintain your BG. Love the key lime pie for dinner! We’ve been scrambling to find anything to eat these days. the other night we had peanut butter and jelly, I need to get to the store!


14 05 2009

Sounds like you had a very busy but fun weekend. I love how you are able to eat healthy but still have room for treats while on the road and busy. Great example of how to truly enjoy eating and be healthy at the same time!

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