Tailgate Foods!

8 05 2009

Yesterday we went to the NHL game and tailgated for dinner before hand.  I made Pasta Salad, Buffalo Chicken Dip and we grilled Steak Kabobs pre-marinated. It was really easy to prepare ahead of time and DELICIOUS!

Pasta Salad:
1 BLOG 005

I made the pasta and tossed it with 3 Tbs Pesto and pitted ripe olives ( 1 can). Jeff picked up veggies that he thought would go nicely:
Organic Grape Tomatoes, English Cucumber and Snow Peas! He did so good!

1 BLOG 004
I added  those and also this Fat Free Feta I found at Trader Joes- 1 BLOG 006

It was only $2.99 and at other stores this size can be close to twice that expensive $6 !


Mixed together:1 BLOG 010


Buffalo Chicken Dip:1 BLOG 008
Layer 1: Softenend Cream Cheese ( 1 block, lowfat) and 1 Tb milk mixed to spreadable consistency

Layer 2: 1 cup shredded chicken ( you can use precooked, boiled chicken breasts or even canned chicken works well) mixed with 1/2 cup Franks’ Red Hot

Layer 3: Ranch Dressing ( about 1/3 of the bottle or enough to lightly cover chicken) ( and yes, Jeff got this because it was Newman’s Own and they sent us all kinds of organic products to review)
1 BLOG 009

Layer 4: Shredded Cheese ( I used about 3/4 cup 2% milkfat)

1 BLOG 007
Bake this at 350 for about 35 minutes or cheese is nice and crispy brown  1 BLOG 012

Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed our food!

1 BLOG 013
1 BLOG 014 1 BLOG 019

They WON! Two minutes or so into overtime!

1 BLOG 024

We are going to the game again on Friday!!!!! My future mom-in-law got tickets at work so we couldn’t turn them down! So we will be heading to D.C early saturday morning vs. friday now!




3 responses

8 05 2009

Looks like so much fun!
I recently discovered how tasty pesto can be in pasta salads–fantastic!

8 05 2009

Fat-free Feta? No way!!!

8 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I didn’t even know they made fat-free feta! I miss Trader Joe’s SO much!
Cute picture of you both 🙂

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