You’re Engaged, What do you do now?

6 05 2009

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Good question, plan a budget?

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Yikes, 15% of the budget goes to photography. I wish I could take the pictures myself, I am sure I will like them and get what I want. If only I could clone myself for tasks like this. Are you dying to know what that tiniest purple section is ( at noon-ish) ??  The grooms’ formal wear rental- 0.9% of the average budget. I get 6.3% for my dress- which is the same % for music.

Okay, budget will have to wait but I have started a spreadsheet and a knot page. We are still thinking about dates, places, etc. but “It’s never too early to shop for the … DRESS!”

This was cool the year before my mom was born (Summer 1955)
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20 years before that, the year before my Grandmother was born… 1933

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So you’re going to be married? I thought this old magazine cover photo was so interesting.
Okay so some serious ideas for this year …

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I tried looking up this designer ( Mori Lee) but their webpage did not have this style. Very similar styles but not this exact one. 
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(I like the lace! That bow is not “me” but I like the dress)

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I like this particular detail at the waist and with the rouching.

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This ( you can’t really tell) is lace over lay. The bottom has layers of lace. And the “java” colored satin ribbon can be changed for any color under the sun. I would probably choose the same color of the dress instead of a color from the wedding. 

Speaking of wedding colors, today my thoughts are  “Gold and Silver”  ( last week was Navy and Lime Green).




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6 05 2009

WOW my BFF is getting married on July 24th here in Prague and I am going to be her bridesmaid so naturally I have been seeing TOO many bridal magazines!
She is actually off to the US tomorrow (her fiancée is from PA) to get last things done (invitations, dresses for us bridesmaids, etc.). And yes, I know the photographer is costly. Luckily, somebody here will do it for them!

6 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Oh I love the idea of gold AND silver! Usually people just have one or the other but both would be so elegant.
Have you set a date yet? I forget!

6 05 2009


Both HH and Charleston are GREAT places for weddings. There is also Isle of Palms (close to Charleston). If you find some places online and want me to run out there to take pictures for you, let me know! I don’t mind at all!

7 05 2009
Sweet and Fit

love the idea of navy and lime green! wish i could make your cake =)

7 05 2009

Navy and lime green would be cool, and so would silver and gold! We had kind of a periwinkle color for our wedding. I love those dresses, especially the first one!! So beautiful!!

7 05 2009

ah sorry ive been so behind on your blog! shame on meee. i loev all those dresses girl! and also love the gold silver idea and also navy and lime green. both would be absolutely beautiful. i love that we’re getting to see the whole journey 🙂

7 05 2009
Sarah W.

yay for dress shopping!! I spent about $980 on my dress but then had about $280 in ALTS!!!!! GRRRRR and I didnt even need the bodice altered! and then we had to pay for the final pressing (the alt lady thru the bridal salon didn’t do the final pressing) make sure u find out from the store you get your dress, if they do alts there and if the final pressing is included or not. it was just an extra $60 that we weren’t planning for – yaknow?

7 05 2009

so fun to look at all those dresses! There are too many choices! That’s how I feel about all the paint choices. All that stuff can be pricey!! Have fun 🙂


7 05 2009

gold and silver is very classy.

12 05 2009

Now I REALLY want to get engaged — thanks a lot! 🙂

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