Happy Cinco De Mayo!

6 05 2009

Tuesday Body Mind Soul & Monday Eats

Well, I did lots of cooking and lots of laundry.

Final #1 Done!

I studied this morning a little bit and just really wanted to get it over with so I headed into the professors office and it was no problem for me to take it early!  I finished in about 30 minutes! I am worried it was “too easy” as in I missed something silly that I just didn’t see.

Now its time to prep for final #2 ! I have been “studying” by practicing knife skills, I picked up some oranges and apples for paring and sectioning which are two skills we never had the chance to practice in lab.
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I also heard back from the event that I am helping plan for IFFS- It will be a week long fundraiser focusing on Local Foods for All to help raise money for the IFFS farms and gardens program.

Waiting to hear back from 2 job applications!

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That is how I feel most of the day. Isn’t that wonderful !? Seriously, it is a wonderful photo of how it really feels.

Got my Nails at the Spa with 2 of my future sister-in-laws!
May 2009:
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Nov. 2007:
november nights out 043
( we didn’t realize it but we stood in the same spots! kc, me, melissa!)

Wednesday: NHL game tickets tomorrow!

Thursday is Jeff’s Birthday !!!

Friday: (last final of the semester) and Seeing my sister again this weekend- Jeff and I will be travelling up to DC to get some furniture from her b/c she is moving out of her townhouse!

As you can see- its been pretty hectic for Ms. Bhealthier (soon to be Mrs.) !

Yesterdays Eats

Oatmeal ( chocolate PB2 on the side, on top: blueberries, mango, strawberries)
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Scrambled Egg Whites, Veggies
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Apple ( worked on paring skills) and Yogurt ( mixed with protein powder) and Chocolate PB2 !

Organic Balsamic Lemon-Pepper Chicken( that sounds fancy, but I just pounded chicken breasts flat, sprinkled lemon pepper seasoning on them, then dashes of Newmans’ Own Organic Balsamic Vinegar. It was delicious I must say.  Served with whole grain (Near East brand) Roasted Garlic Pilaf  and Veggies
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3 responses

6 05 2009

SO glad that your first final is over! Your knife skills look awesome! I love that your practice work involves food- so fun! Nails lookawesome. I haven’t had mine done in forever ever. Happy Cinco de Mayo

6 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

It’s wonderful that you feel so joyous! AND that you have such a nice relationship with your future sister in laws. I wish I did!

7 05 2009

Hope it stops raining for your trip here this weekend! 🙂

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