2 05 2009

Spin Class! I went to the 10:15 am Spin class with instructor Tom. I walked in a minute late and grabbed a bike in the back but he immediately knew I was a newbie to cycling. He picked me out when he walked around to motivate people I assume. I really liked that he came over to me and asked my name, checked out my Heart Rate Monitor, but I did not like the part when he turned up the resistance on my bike! Ugh! I could barely pedal! I guess he could tell I am a tough lady because when I only pushed back harder and harder and pedalled as fast I could during the climbs.

It was a great workout for me, I was dripping in sweat and my heart rate was a max 184 – I had an equivalent workout to when I run 5 miles. I love to have alternate workouts that push me and are equivalent work to running without the impact of running!  He also gave us all orange slices at the end, how nice!?! And, he did yoga/abs afterwards that were tough but good.

**For cyclists out there or spinners: he kept yelling something I thought he was saying “Count” but I realized he was shouting “climb” and then “stop” or “kadence”. I got the whole resistance thing down by turning the knob yesterday and I figured that was all I needed! How do you do “kadence” ? that is just how many times you cycle in the given time he measures right?
and my butt HURTS! What did I do wrong? I know my butt is really bony and I am a novice – so I am not sure if its that or something else. Help!?!??

*I searched for jobs and found a few possibilities to apply for. I worked on my resume etc. but I had to get my car inspected before I could finalized them. I went to get my car inspected and it was a 3 hour wait!! So …. I went to get my ring cleaned!

It seriously looked instantly sparkly again- and I really didn’t think it was that dirty anyway but WOW!


Bride Wars was funny!! I really enjoyed it – it was not completely predictable and had lots of comical moments. Jeff didn’t watch it with me- he had to do work – so I got the TV all to myself. He did catch the last 30 minutes or so and laughed once or twice.

If you follow me, you know we went to an NHL hockey game a week or so ago and they lost … HOWEVER .. they won their series! They made it to the next round of playoffs so we headed over to the future In-laws to watch it  AND celebrated Jeff’s stepdads’ last day of work! He retired today after  30 years!

It was an early Breakfast again!
Oatmeal.. again!
Barney Butter… for the first time!
1 BLOG 001 
Barney Butter:
It tastes exactly like peanut butter to me, only its made from almonds! I was kind of annoyed with this packet though because I tried to squeeze it out and it was stuck. It is more like natural peanut butters that have some oil separation- so the oily stuff came out onto those bananas first but then to get the rest of the dry stuff out I had to do this :
1 BLOG 002
It was really tasty and almonds have a few properties that are “healthier”

Post-Spinning Lunch:
1 BLOG 005
leftover chicken, veggies, and some whole wheat pasta ( the rice had mixed in a little too)

I just had a snack of yogurt ( vanilla light and fit) and munched on the last of our fresh cut veggies with hummus- It was late afternoon and I don’t know why I couldn’t find my camera. I knew I needed a snack especially from that spinning class earlier and if we were going to have a late dinner!

1 BLOG 007
Those flowers are for Jeff’s neice Haleigh, she played celery in her school play thursday night!

Jeff helping cook the veggies
1 BLOG 008
Champagne with dinner to celebrate!
1 BLOG 010 Such a delicious meal! Chicken 1/4 with delicious rosemary Jeff’s mom put under the skin and Preston had grilled. The potatoes I must get the recipe for, they were delicious as well. The veggies were zuchinni, mushrooms and some green onion again, Delicious!

Dessert: Chocolate Pie ( I think from Trader Joes) 1 BLOG 012




6 responses

2 05 2009

Everything looks delicious. Those flowers are too pretty!!

2 05 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I can definitely see the comparison with Barney to PB…especially the less-healthy PB’s like Skippy. It has all creaminess and sweetness without the added hydrogenated oils! I am so in love with it.
Your dinners always look so delicious…comforting but still healthy.
Hope you are having a great weekend Laural!

2 05 2009

celery?hahahhaha that is so cute. I love when an instructor really pushes you!

3 05 2009

Your spinning class sounds like it would have felt good!

All your food looks great, especially the dessert ; )

4 05 2009
Hangry Pants

celery? that is awesome!!!!

I have never dones spin. Not sure I could hang!

4 05 2009

Ugh, I hate it when instructors touch the knob on people’s bikes!!

Don’t worry that your butt hurts 🙂 Is this the first time you’ve been to spinning? I feel like it takes about 3 classes or so to totally get used to the bike, and then it should stop hurting so much 🙂 But you can always get padded shorts or a seat cover if it really bothers you or you plan to do it a lot.

Cadence is just basically your speed (the number of revolutions per minute), although I’m not sure why the instructor would have been calling that out. Hopefully he did a good job of taking you through the different spinning positions and talked about body alignment! Sounds like you had a great workout 🙂

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