Shorter and Sweeter

29 04 2009

I have wanted to post more often but I have been so busy! It is so time consuming to write about all these things that I enjoy, and when I am running, finishing class projects/papers/presentations, going to class, job searching, studying for FINALS and now planning a wedding- it seems to get harder and harder to sit down and write! I think once I actually find a job, I can have a better schedule down of getting posts in. Until then, my posts are going to be shorter but sweeter!

1 BLOG 003 
Sample Product Lunch:
A Banana Walnut Gnu Bar, A bag of Cocoa Java Almonds, a CranBran Vitatop and a Chobani

1 BLOG 005

Chicken Parm, Whole Wheat Linguini, Spinach and Artichokes with Feta

1 BLOG 018 1 BLOG 020

Aerobics last night, Elliptical this morning, Running tomorrow!

Project is turned in! Sarah was the best partner ever and did an awesome job!

Presentation tomorrow for Iron- We added in product scores for taste, nutrition, overall benefit etc. for Chickpeas , Vitatops, and Iron Pills as products for Iron Sources ( we were going to do spinach but ended up with chickpeas) so it was cool that our presentation got delayed a week!

I sent out resumes to a few places in hopes of finding a job and I have list of several more places to contact as well. I am trying to keep the positive attitude I have towards everything else, but finding a job has been so hard esp. in this economy!

Today we did our lab on CANDY! We made fudge and nut brittle. Posting tomorrow am!

Jeff and I talked about some wedding details- We are gathering ideas right now so as soon as there are details to fill you all in- I will certainly post !

Hurricanes Game 7 of the Playoffs— If they win, they move on to the next round and one round closer to The Stanley Cup!
Go Canes!




5 responses

29 04 2009

Mmm, everything looks great! Vitatops/vitamuffins are something I need to try!

29 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

hopefully you are surviving the craziness! the candy lab sounds like what I should be doing – fudge and nut brittle?!?! hello!

29 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Aww, you sound so busy! I just sent you and email but don’t worry about it if you’re stressed out. And don’t worry about blogging, either…we’ll still be here! 🙂

29 04 2009
Hangry Pants

Congrats on finishing the project. Short and sweet is okay with me!

29 04 2009

You’re the best! I’m so glad we’re done with that! Keep positive, you’re too valuable not to find a job 🙂

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