The Beach Weekend

28 04 2009

We are back and got too much sun, had so much fun and wish we were still laying on the beach. Ah… Here are some photos!

1 BLOG 0361 BLOG 034 1 BLOG 0351 BLOG 038

“Our” house for the weekend…

1 BLOG 047
The gazebo..

1 BLOG 040

The ocean
1 BLOG 041

The house had a pool…I had a cocktail

1 BLOG 008

My ladies at the beach

  1 BLOG 029

Chocolate Chip Pancakes at the beach1 BLOG 043

Wedding Rings on the beach

 1 BLOG 046

Sisters on the beach ( my sister Christal and Me)

 1 BLOG 048
Ashes on the beach ( from the fires at myrtle beach)

1 BLOG 050  

My FSIL picked up these tiny seashells that had some kind of live, jiggling creatures inside

1 BLOG 058

We all thought this was fascinating, Brittany especially. 1 BLOG 060

i made fruit salad 
1 BLOG 024 
andrea made a breakfast casserole
1 BLOG 025

1 BLOG 026

Stacy ran over a post
1 BLOG 010 
She was backing out of the driveway. Her car was stuck on it and they were going to call a toe truck. So I said “let’s all just lift up her car”. so we did. problem solved. damage below.

1 BLOG 012

We attempted to go to a bar the first night but 9 girls ( that were all smokin hot by the way) got turned away!?! It was really weird because the guy said he couldn’t let anymore people in but the place did not look full by any means ?

I got sun posioning I am pretty sure- It still hurts to put clothing or anything on because the entire back side of me is scorched. I did spray on SPF 50 but obviously not well enough and laying on the sand on my stomach most of the day was not helpful either.

So anyways- this hurts- the fiance rubbed aloe on me though ( as well as Andrea while we were there! Thanks!)

It feels much better today than yesterday…

I think I am finally finished with the write up of this Shackelton project-

I brought my laptop down with me but I couldn’t connect to the Internet for whatever reason? eh.

I am happy to see Jeff again but I really LOVE the beach. I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else after this weekend.




7 responses

28 04 2009

That looks like so much fun!! : ) (And love the rings!) ; )

28 04 2009

Glad you had a blast! So fun!

28 04 2009

Wow so much fun!
I missed you and your blog!

28 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

What a lovely beach weekend! I love the rings on the beach 😉
Thank you for your help with my knee! “RICE” seems to be working!! I can’t wait to run again!

28 04 2009
Hangry Pants

You are so funny with your ring!!!!

Where is the beach? It looks so pretty and I love palm type trees!

28 04 2009

ah glad you had such a great time at the beach! sorry you got so burnt though! Aloe it up girllll!!

28 04 2009

I am glad you had a great time at the beach! It sounds like a fabulous weekend and I am actually envious that it was nice enough for you to get a sunburn ;P

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