10.5 miles, Calla Lily and Lilly’s !

24 04 2009


So I went to the gym. In my old shoes. I didn’t realize it until about mile 2. I promised myself I would run at least 5 miles. My knees felt fine, my breathing was fine, but I wasn’t exactly flying through the first 4 miles. Once 5.00 turned over, I got this fantastic wind and made it to 7.00 miles. I got off the treadmill. Got some water. And thought about how I felt like I could run even longer and I thought about how I never really act on that feeling, thinking that I should save my energy for something. I instantly told myself “Screw It… do 10 miles, because you know you can , and you feel up to it, why not try it for once and see how far you get?”

I thought about BB at slow runnings doing a 15 mile run and thought, I know I can do this and if it hurts after so be it but it will still hurt if I had left at 7 miles.

I stepped onto the treadmill and glanced at the other people in the gym. I bet they think I am nuts. Who cares though? I started at a slow jog and quickly sped up to this incredible feeling that made me literally smile ear to ear. I started lip-syncing to Little Things by Bush, then When I Grow Up by the PCD, and Womanizer. I bet the guys that saw me thought I was nuts, but again, who really cares?

I ran 10.4 miles.


If you would like to know my time, just ask me in the comment section and I will be happy to share.


I felt like a crazy lady today! I went grocery shopping for this weekend , did laundry and prepping for cooking, went for a looonnnnng run, heard there were fires at the beach where we are going- looked at the news to make sure we could still go, cleaned the baseboards, mopped all the floors, cleaned blinds and walls, put sheets on the beds, it was never ending! I also cooked 2 big batches of Chicken Polenta Casserole, a big batch of Spinach Artichoke Dip, and a Key Lime Bar dessert!

I was so out of glycogen stores for energy and busy busy busy that I called Jeff to see if he would pick up dinner for us- he was happy to do so but get this.. dinner and favorite flowers!
1 BLOG 020
Isn’t that the sweetest! About 2 years ago (Pre-blog) Jeff got me these same kind of Calla Lillies and we planted them in the yard. They lasted for a good 2 years but recently didn’t come back up.
I cried at the note he wrote. It was so sweet and just what I needed.

My sister will be here in 2 hours!!!! YAAAHAHHHH! Girls’ Weekend! Ahhh! I can’t wait I am so excited!

1 BLOG 002

Egg White Black Bean Salsa Burrito, Grapefruit Half, Warmed up Blueberries, Strawberries, Mango, Pineapple, Cherries.

290 kcal
27 g protein
2 servings of fruit, 1 dairy, 1 whole grain

Post Run:
1 BLOG 005

I came back and needed serious fuel!
I had a full glass of Vanilla Organic Soy Milk and this very ripe banana with naturally more ( about 1 tablespoon of pb).

300 kcal
1 serving of fruit

Lunch: Ranch Tofu!

This is so easy and SO DELICIOUS! best tofu i ever had.

I took Extra Firm Tofu- I sliced it into 5 servings then drained/squeezed out the excess liquid. Sprinkled 1/2 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning  1 BLOG 007

I put it into my skillet and let it brown.
1 BLOG 008
with salsa and some cheese
1 BLOG 009
and an Apple ( Fuji)

320 kcal
1 serving of fruit, 1/2 serving of veggies


I will do recipe posts separate..

Chicken Polenta Casserole times 2 (for 9 adults)
1 BLOG 0161 BLOG 017

Spinach and Artichoke Dip 1 BLOG 018

and Key Lime Pie Bars ( sorry no photo- I will do one though)

So after all that cooking, cleaning all the dishes as I went, cutting my other finger AGAIN! ( this time I was totally doing knife skills- it just got caught in the food and slipped , argh) … and running 10.5 miles AND cleaning and laundry and grocery planning and shopping ALL DAY – I knew I was in no mood to even look in the fridge for anything to even pull out to eat.

Jeff picked up dinner form “Lilly’s Pizza” on the way home! And another kind of lily…
1 BLOG 021
1 BLOG 022 
oh this was just so perfect. Jeff is a super-fiance now…

My favorite, and the only thing I have had from Lilly’s is this BBQ chicken salad made with all organic veggies and these amazing dough knobs.

1 BLOG 023 

I would estimate:
900 kcal +
~ 40 g protein  
4 servings of veggies
and freakin delicious.



Dessert from last night:

Vanilla TJ Organic Greek Yogurt1 BLOG 001  with 2 Organic Newman-O’s

Total so far… 1820 kcal … and I am going to try to get in another 300-400 for dessert !

I gotta run to the airport to get my sister! Hooray!




15 responses

24 04 2009

Have fun with your sister!!!! : )

24 04 2009

Delicious dinner and pretty flowers? Awesome!

24 04 2009

Have fun!! Wonderful eats for the day.

24 04 2009

Amazing run! I love it when I am super motivated like that.

That ranch tofu sounds DELISH. I must try that ASAP.

24 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

10.4 miles on a treadmill?! You rock. Normally I do have those moments when I think “I could run more,” and I rarely do. Next time I will remember this post and push myself more!

24 04 2009

wow, way to go hun!

24 04 2009

Atta girl! Ten miles on a TM?! You are a BEAST!

I think I need to download some PCD!

24 04 2009

Wow – you were a rock star today! Hope you have fun with your sister.

24 04 2009

You won my giveaway! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send it off to you! (sagan.morrow@gmail.com)

PS Your casserole looks awesome and the flowers are gorgeous

24 04 2009
Hangry Pants

So … how fast? I am impressed that you got off and then back on. Once I am off, I am off. And you’re right – who cares if the people at the gym think you are crazy.

24 04 2009

Great job on the run!! I am so proud of you! Have you ever run that far before? Don’t worry if people think you are crazy…I learned a long time ago to just soak that all in! 😉

Beautiful flowers! Looks like you definitely have a keeper there 😉

24 04 2009

wow what a run! Can I have some of your energy?! haha Have a fabulous weekend 🙂


25 04 2009

incredible! mark and i went for a similar length walk today (about 11 miles with an advanced but still somewhat inaccurate pedometer) to a beautiful reservoir. but on the way back a stick hit me in the leg and continued to attack me until i fell. people would probably also think mark and i are crazy (i know i’m crazy, i shouldn’t have kept walking that far, but hey- it was worth it!)

i’m glad you had a good outcome with your run (yes i would like to know the time- you could FB me it), and your food is lookin real good.

lots of love!

25 04 2009

furthermore i reread your post a little and noticed how much you did after that amazing run. you are hilarious- and crazy just the way like i like!

25 04 2009
Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

Yum! Such yummy eats! And you kicked that treadmill’s ass!

I like that you include calorie counts. It gives me meal ideas.

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