Shackelton Expedition Success

22 04 2009


Elliptical at the gym- I am trying to take 2 days off between running to make sure I recovery as best I can.  I just missed the two classes I was interested in so I will have to plan better next week!

Presentation was Fantastic! I worked on it all morning, then had our Food Principles Lecture on ….. CANDY! We are making candy and fudge next week (no Lab this week- which is awesome because I can prepare for Girls Weekend at the beach!)

I have to get ready for tomorrows’ presentation. Our group is analyzing iron products for helping anemia. I analyzed Vitalicious Brownies and am going to bring in samples for class!


Girl’s Weekend is almost here!!! My sister is flying down thursday ( I haven’t seen her in 4 months, before that it was 6 months, and before that it was like 2 years! We are so getting better at visits!)! I am making Spinach and Artichoke Dip, and Chicken Polenta Casserole for dinner one night, there are 9 of us going- it is going to be seriously awesome weather too! Perfect pre-final, post-project relaxation.

My friend Caroline is the SWEETEST! She met me on campus and gave me a little present with the cutest card! She got me two bride magazines- one is the knot for where I live so it will be super helpfull! Thanks Caro!

1 BLOG 001

Steel Cut Oats made with Soy Milk and water- On top banana, fresh pineapple and peanut butter.

315 kcal
1.5 servings of fruit

Am snack:
I headed to campus SUPER early so I wanted oats to hold me over and I snacked on some cinnamon Awesome Almonds

approx. 170 kcal

I started with warmed up Papaya, Wild Organic Blueberries and Mango …

1 BLOG 002

and then I added pumpkin (1/4 cup) to a chobani 0% greek yogurt, mixed really well and sprinkled cinnamon on top.
1 BLOG 004
then I added PB Puffins and Melted Naturally More Peanut Butter

1 BLOG 006 

delicious and super quick!
325 kcal
21 g protein
2 servings of Fruit, 1 serving of Veggies

Our professor brought in the cutest snacks for all of us! Today I had to do our presentation on The Shackelton Project. Sarah and I did awesome! Everyone loved Sarahs’ slides – they had great photos and she presented the info so well! We had trouble with the link to some animations but everyone really enjoyed it ( I think we did awesome !?)

Anyhow, I gave a small explanation of this project before but basically explorers in 1914 set out for the antartic and got stuck there for 2 years. They ran out of rations but survived basically on eating only seal, penguin, and dog meats. We are explaining the metabolic processes that took place. For snack, our prof. brought in “seal bannacks” ( fig newtons), candied dog toenails (dried pineapple), seal liver (strawberry yogurt pretzels), fried flippers (tortilla chips) etc. etc.
I forgot what the macadamia nuts were…
180 kcal

1 BLOG 007
I found steaks on sale as well ( sirloin, at Lowe’s) . It feels like I have had lots of red meat on here this past week or so- because I don’t think its necessarily a “bad” food. I think if you eat a balanced diet, lean steak can be a great source of iron and protein. I also don’t know why, but I always feel really great after having steak. And spinach for that matter, maybe I don’t get enough iron ? Iron is on my brain I guess- that presentation is due tomorrow!

Anyway… Jeff grilled the steaks and I made some “cheesy” rice with all natural rice and seasoning and a little splash of milk. I heated up spinach ( oh that iron) with some other frozen veggies to round it all out.

What I ate from this provides:
280 kcal
25 g protein
2.5 servings of veggies!
( it was 1/2 serving of rice and about 4 oz of meat, all the veggies!)

(7 servings total of veggies + fruit )
This is really helpful counting because I realize I am just over 1270 kcal and that is not enough in my opinion for me ( I burn anywhere from 400-1000 kcal in exercise). I think I am going to have to increase my meal size and increase my snack size a bit as well. I am not one to “eat for the sake of eating” though. If my hunger brews I will have some sort of healthy dessert in awhile otherwise , there is always tomorrow to balance everything out!


In 2005 and 2006, researchers asked 600 adults and teens why they eat so much fast food. Three of the top four responses? It’s quick, easy, and affordable.

I find myself busier than ever, between classes, projects, volunteering, being engaged, training, and attempting at keeping my house organized- I can manage to never eat fast food. It is much more expensive than any of the meals that I make for myself and it seems rather inconvienent!  To have to find the place, pull in, wait, etc. and then eat it the car while driving? It just doesn’t make sense. Plan ahead, and you can save so much time and money!

All it takes is a little planning and knowledge!
-Bring portable fresh fruit- apples, oranges, bananas- they have peels that keep them in good condition for easy eating.
– Invest in a good thermal-resistant bag and a cheapo ice pack- that way you can keep items cool for transporting.
– Buy items at the grocery store that you know you can take with you or easily prep at home ( boca burgers, pre made salads, sandwich items, single yogurts, etc) .

If you were to choose fast food.. this article gives some good ideas…
Here are some ideas for better choices:

Burger King Spicy Chick’n Crisp Sandwich
450 calories
30 g fat (5 g saturated fat)
810 mg sodium

Value Menu is a typical advertising scam for this “Bad-Economy”. Just because it costs $1 does not mean it is WORTH IT !

Eat This Instead!
Whopper Jr. without mayo
290 calories
12 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat)
500 mg sodium

Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito
680 calories
30 g fat (10 g saturated fat)
2120 mg sodium

“Ditch this and order two grilled steak soft tacos (or any menu item) “fresco” style, and the Bell boys will replace cheese and sauces with a chunky tomato salsa, helping to cut calories in half and fat by at least 25 percent”

Eat This Instead!
Two Grilled Steak Soft Tacos, Fresco Style
320 calories
9 g fat (3 g saturated fat)
1100 mg sodium
* It still has over 1/2 your daily value for sodium!!!!! *

Think a Chicken Sandwich is Healthy? Think Again!
Sonic Chicken Club TOASTER Sandwich
742 calories
46 g fat (11 g saturated, 0.5 g trans)
1,742 mg sodium

“How can a chicken sandwich pack so much fat? Start with a fried chicken breast, add bacon, cheese, and mayo, and you’re there. Add to that the sodium equivalent of 53 saltine crackers, and you’re looking at a serious dietary disaster. Ditch the chicken for beef and save 10 grams of fat”

Check out the article for more tips but in general, just plan ahead! Eating healthier TASTES better, is LESS EXPENSIVE and gives you and your body MORE!




7 responses

22 04 2009

Good luck with tomorrow’s presentation!
And oh wow, everything looks so good! Great article link!

22 04 2009

You did great L! Good luck on your presentation tomorrow 🙂

22 04 2009

Ooh bridal mags are so much fun! I’ve never even had a boyfriend, but I loved looking at them when my sisters were getting married.

22 04 2009

They are actually opening BK at the mall near my house! It only came to the Czech Rep. 6 months ago! Can you believe that? In my home country it is SO much better than McD (which is present in every 5 km^2 area)

22 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I love the candy bar! What a fun class. And yeah, I think labelling the candy as “dog’s toenails” would definitely help me NOT eat too much of it!!

22 04 2009

So exciting that your girls weekend is coming up! The food you’re making sounds AWESOME- I’m sure you will have an absolute blast! Wish the beach you were going to was closer to me! I’d def crash your party ;). Love eat this vs. that. Isn’t is amazing how bad some of those chains can make their food??

22 04 2009

GREAT tips! I’m a big whooper jr. fan 😉 Isn’t there a “salad” on McD’s menu that has more calories than the Big Mac?

And now I’m having a serious craving for seal liver…mmmmmm seal liver….

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