Manic Monday

21 04 2009

Went with my future SIL to the gym for aerobics class! I showed her the Shred moves I do for abs after.. we ended up burning 60% from fat while doing the Shred Moves!

I did my functional food assignment on Vitalicious VitaBrownies as a means of iron supplementing ( they provide 50% of your daily value for iron)

I returned our 2nd HD/DVR reciever to FedEx- We came back from Nana’s and got engaged, and then realized our reciever was broke! They sent a new one wednesday but that one was broken too! Then they sent another new one saturday- so we were without TV all last week- but I was so incredibly busy anyone it wasn’t much of an issue.

I worked on our presentation for tomorrows’ Metabolism Class….

Shopping! I bought Jeff 2 new pairs of athletic shorts ( He only had 2 to begin with and even those my mom and I bought him recently! Unfortunately, a branch tore through one pair while he was riding his mt. bike.) and I bought myself a new pair as well! I really need new running shorts that don’t bunch up!! These aren’t exactly running shorts but they have crazy pockets, are dry fit, they fit really great, and they were only $8!

Smoothie: Soy protein, milk, mango, papaya
banana with pb on the side
340 kcal
17g protein
1 BLOG 001
I had gone to the grocery store this morning … here is most of what I got..
1 BLOG 002
( I was excited about the soy milk AND the pineapple! )
I decided to cut up the pineapple immediately for snacking and for dinner and it turned into a battle. It was so juicy, the knife slipped. I walked away with a nasty cut on my thumb but …
1 BLOG 003
Pineapple Defeated!

Post-Pineapple Battle Lunch:

(nibbled on Pineapple while prepping..)
Half of a chobani blueberry with Trader Joes Blueberry Museli, and a whole grain wrap with egg whites and veggies and hummus and hot sauce!
1 BLOG 004
325 kcal
30g protein
1 serving of fruit , 2 servings of veggies

Peanut Butter Gnu Bar
Cinnamon Almonds

190 kcal
Vitamin E, 8 g fiber!
The peanut butter GNU bar was definitely not my favorite. It wasn’t as “peanut buttery” as I thought it would be, so that was probably why I wasn’t thrilled about it. It was still tasty, but didn’t remind me of peanut butter.

1 BLOG 005
I skewered some of the pineapple from earlier today and got some butterflied pork chops on sale. I marinated them in balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, some olive oil and some steak seasoning….
1 BLOG 010
Jeff grilled those with pineapple chunks. I love grilled pineapple!

We also roasted brussel sprouts with some Simply Potatoes Rosemary Quartered Potatoes…
1 BLOG 011
1 BLOG 012
340 kcal
3 servings of Veggies, 1 serving of fruit!
30 g protein

…and dessert
I know its a weird combo…
Yogurt ( chobani and light and fit vanilla) with a Newman’s Own Oreo, banana and pb, and a peep.

1 BLOG 015
approx. 210 kcal

I tried to eat something a little more substantial for dessert ( the yogurt and the peanut butter) but the peep made it cute. I never had any easter candy this year so I picked these up on clearance today- my easter present was wayyy better than candy!




15 responses

21 04 2009

Whoa, love your groceries! And mmm pineapples!!!
Pork chops look great too!

21 04 2009
Hangry Pants

I love grilled pineapple as well!

21 04 2009

Love the pineapple kebobs–so much fun to eat:)

21 04 2009

I am so jealous at the egg white cartons! Well, I ordered mine online yesterday, but it will take approximately a WEEK to arrive to the country. Grr EUROPE!
And I heart your lunch! Wraps are my favourite!

21 04 2009

You gave me a great idea of grilling pineapples. Yeah, I agree with you on the PB GNU bar, not peanut buttery enough, so I add my own pb on it. =)

21 04 2009

Haha, of course you prefer the proposal to Peeps… although they are a really nice Easter treat too 😉

21 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I love your eating today…yummy and a calorie range I should be aiming for. Sorry about your finger, but I hope that pineapple was worth it! Usually it is…I just love it fresh like that!

21 04 2009

Love the shred….the grilled pineapple and the rest of your meals look so good and healthy……I also thought the Peanut Butter Gnu Bar had little peanut butter taste, I checked the wrapper to make sure….what a steal with the $8 shorts!

21 04 2009

That is one strange dessert…but it looks tasty!

21 04 2009

PEEP!! Cute 🙂

Good luck with your presentation!!

21 04 2009

haha very cute little swimming peep!

21 04 2009

omg grilled pineapple is SO good! ha and i love the peep! i wasn’t expecting him in the mix 🙂

21 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

grilled pineapple – yum!

love the groceries! loooooove chobani!

21 04 2009

Tasty tasty- great shopping trip! I had no idea that vitamuffins were so full of iron.

21 04 2009

Your pineapple looks wonderful!! I’m going to have to get one soon.

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