What a Weekend!?!?!

20 04 2009

This will be a photo-full post but rather brief to catch you up on my weekend! My first weekend engaged! We were of course nonstop busy so I might not have captured every single bite I had so I wanted to “disclaim that”. My intention is to provide you with an idea of what kind of meals I eat and general approximations on what it provides so that you can get an idea of how a soon-to-be dietician really eats!

Enjoy the Recap!

Went to the new gym and did the ellipticals, shred moves ( I felt so bad-ass doing regular guy style travelling pushups, and the walking plank, and the planks where you bring your knee it! ) I also walked around the indoor track and sat in the sauna again.

PJ brought over the heart rate monitor Jeff’s parents got me! I AM SO EXCITED!

I couldn’t wait to use it but had no time to get to the gym before the tailgate so…. I did the 30 Day SHRED! Level 3 and the first 2 circuits of Level 2.  I burned 321 kcal and 50% from fat!! Can you believe that! 50% !!! 1 BLOG 053
My heart rate kept jumping the whole time below and above my “zone”, it was too low, then too high, too low, too high.

1 BLOG 055

I figured that I was using mostly fat, but I was surprised to see that much. I am so lucky to the HRM now to keep track! Thank you Preston and Abba! 

Run, 4.5 miles (32 minutes). I ran sprint intervals at 10.2 mph ( my HR reached 194 , yikes! ) and pace at 8.0 (HR was about 155) and 20 minutes on the elliptical as a cool down…
1 BLOG 057
1 BLOG 056
Isn’t it interesting that different exercises use different metabolic pathways for energy? I just wrote about this in my question for the Shackelton Metabolism Project, running utilizes more glucose than fat to fuel the exercise. But intense strength/resistance activities metabolize fat over glucose. I think its totally fascinating.
Worked on the Shackelton Project each day this weekend- bits here and there. I met up with Sarah ( Hi Sarah!!!) this morning to go through some things and get together our presentation for tuesday.

I put together an email for girls weekend so that we can be a little organized etc. I cannot WAIT to see my sister AND see the beach for the first time this year AND have a girls weekend of fun and relaxation!

Everything Below… And meeting people and being introduced as Jeff’s “fiance”…

After I got back from the gym, Jeff had gotten a call from his stepdad- their family friend was offering us NHL Playoff tickets to tonights game!! They were BOX seats, free drinks and food!!

Pics Way Below! It was an INSANELY good time!

Alright here comes the eats…
Friday Lunch: Salad and Pie, the best of both worlds?

1 BLOG 002 

Chicken Picatta on top of salad, cucumbers and broccoli
1 BLOG 003
Sweet Potato Pie Slice

320 kcal

Late Night Snack:
PB & J !

1 BLOG 032

Sat. Breakfast:

1 BLOG 006 1 BLOG 008
Pumpkin French Toast Sandwich ( Mango, Blueberries and Yogurt as the filling)
Provides: ( This usually changes because I use more/less eggs, pumpkin, and fillings every time I make it .. )
290 kcal
18 g protein
2 fruit/veggie servings

Tailgate! We tailgate in style, mostly because Jeff went to the store and “the meat section spoke to him”
1 BLOG 010  1 BLOG 011
He got two bunches of asparagus and steak kabobs with peppers and onions. He also got a bag of veggies and hummus for dipping! I can’t believe that my “veggie-full” life has rubbed off on him because most tailgates just have bojangles and fried chicken!

Red and White Game! The football team where Jeff went to college plays a spring game at the end of their spring training session. This years’ game was a fundraiser for a breast cancer foundation… The game raised $28,000 dollars just by asking for at least $1 donation per person! The coaches all wore pink shirts and hats…
1 BLOG 020
They painted a pink ribbon on the 50 yd line as well..

 1 BLOG 021
This was Jeff’s dinner….
1 BLOG 026 1 BLOG 028
Can you believe how big that steak is?!?! Can you believe he ate all of it?

Ugh, it kind of made my heart hurt looking at it. I had an earlier dinner… an individual whole wheat pizza with reduced fat cheese and pepperoni. I thought the picture came out better than that but oh well- it was delicious!

1 BLOG 029
I also munched on the leftover veggies and hummus from the tailgate ( no photo).

Sunday Breakfast:
  1 BLOG 030
Fruit ( papaya, mango, blueberries, banana),TJ new Plain Greek 0% Yogurt and Muesili
3 servings of fruit!
approx. 300 kcal and 100% Vitamin C ( Papaya is really high in Vitamin C, Mango is as well)!
1 BLOG 035
Eggs with veggies ( 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites)
Oh my goodness, I thought this was so funny- I went to blow off the steam when I was taking the previous photo and accidentally came out with this…
1 BLOG 034
Hahahaha- i look so weird! Like a ghost with a blueberry on her lip and a pig nose…
okay back to the food… I also had more TJ plain greek 0% yogurt with a little Naturally More flaxseed butter on top of a Banana Walnut Vitatop. This is my favorite so far- its really tasty! I can’t wait to analyze them for class this week!
 1 BLOG 037
All together, provides:
340 kcal
2 servings of veggies

Leather Box Seats!
We had free food and beverages! All kinds of wine, beer, sodas, and food! We even had  our own bathroom!
1 BLOG 047
I used it three times. No waiting for this lady…

I had a glass of wine… cabernet
1 BLOG 040
We had NC BBQ which was fantastic (extra sauce), pasta salad, and a slice of pepperoni bread..
1 BLOG 046
Dessert: Banana pudding with sprinkles a nd strawberries on top.. 1 BLOG 048

Too bad our team lost in overtime – but it was an awesome experience!

1 BLOG 042 1 BLOG 043
It was packed, white towels were flying!
1 BLOG 044 1 BLOG 041

Hope your weekend was filled with joy, excitement and/or relaxation ( whichever you needed more of!!)




11 responses

20 04 2009

Oh wow, what an awesome time!!!!

20 04 2009

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

PS I had grilled asparagus for lunch today–total yum:)

20 04 2009

I love the asparagus! I never actually had it grilled…its so scarce here you can only get it canned.
I am glad you have the HR! I could not live without mine!

20 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

What a weekend, and what a workout! You are my running idol.

20 04 2009


20 04 2009

Heart monitor! Box seats! CAKE! Sounds like you had the best weekend ever!

20 04 2009

What a fun weekend!!! I LOVE going to hockey games! people just go nuts!

20 04 2009

So you’ve saying I need to do more strength training…. yeah, I knew that but now I have another incentive πŸ˜‰

YUM @ that pumpkin french toast sammie.

21 04 2009

Pumpkin french toast SANDWICH??!!!! Will you marry me?

21 04 2009
Hangry Pants

It looks like a lovely weekend. I think exercise and metabolism and that stuff is super interesting, but I don’t know that much about it, which is why you’re perfect for me. And holy moly with the 10 mph sprints. You are awesome. My legs would fly right off that treadmill.

22 04 2009

Looks like such a fun weekend!! I love using my heart rate monitor, I’m sure you will find it a useful tool πŸ™‚ I love reading about all of your research – thanks for sharing your knowlege!

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