Happy Friday!

17 04 2009

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Heading to the gym in a little…

Typing The Shackleton Project’s answers up


I’m not the typical girl who dreamed of their wedding since they were 5 or what have you. I actually NEVER really thought about it at all, and now, I have no idea where to really start. I am enjoying the excitement and we are talking plans etc. but I’m excited to share our (my) journey of being a bride with all of you!

Went to Jeff’s hockey game last night to hang out with our other friends’ girlfriend Kerri! My fiance scored a goal! However, we spent most of the time looking through a bride magazine!! haha, I also got to show our/ his hockey friends like Tuddy, Hanz, Nick, and Kevin the ring! They totally read the blog so Hi Guys! 

( In case you may be confused- these are my meals from yesterday, and yesterdays’ meals were from the day before yesterday… )

1 BLOG 002
Yogurt, Warm Blueberries and Mango, Banana, Blueberry Museli…
1 BLOG 004
so perfect!
380 kcal
15 g protein
2.5 servings of fruit

1 BLOG 024
Vanilla Trader Joes Organic Yogurt
1 BLOG 023
This new Trader Joes Organic Greek is so thick and creamy like Oikos and Chobani but this vanilla has Organic Vanilla Beans in it! How delicious! Oh My Goodness! It was really yummy and so filling, I could only manage about half!

1 BLOG 022
A little piece of pizza I made ( a few days ago):
1 BLOG 009 1 BLOG 021
(whole wheat dough, peppers, onions, tomato cheese- the other dark half is sausage because Jeff took most of this for lunch one day)

340 kcal
2 servings of veggies
1 fruit-
I took a banana with me to class..
1 BLOG 025

Sensory Eval Lab Snacks:

A mini applet tart ( puff)
1 BLOG 035
A 1/3 of this slice from my Old groups Apple Raisin Pie
1 BLOG 037
I shared with my new group… yah for sharing!
1 BLOG 039
A slice of our sweet potato pie…
1 BLOG 041

Approx. 300-400 kcal, 1/2 serving of veggies and 1/2 serving of fruit.. ( I am just assuming, we used shortening in the crust, walnuts all over, etc. lab post up shortly after this!)

Roasted Veggies, Rice and Chicken Picatta ( picccccaaattta! )


 1 BLOG 043
Washed two heads of Broccoli, and a bag of Parsnips ( shaved off their outer layer too. I microwaved all of this for a just about 2 minutes then finished them by sprinkling them with coriander, pepper, organic balsamic vinegar, and a little olive oil and into the toaster oven

Instant Kashi Pilaf: Moroccan Curry
1 BLOG 044
1 BLOG 042
Basically, I just flattened out three breasts after trimming all the little fat parts. I took off my ring to do this because engagement ring + chicken fat= Gross.

Then I sprinkled the pan with a little oil, whole grain flour, pepper, capers- I laid each piece of chicken on top and sprinkled the top side with the same things. Let them cook on medium for about 7 minutes on each side ( internal temp. 165* F )
1 BLOG 001
360 kcal
38 g protein
3 servings of veggies ( yes I had a ton of the veggies! probably intuitively for yesterday!)

Approx. 1480 kcal
Fruit and Veggie Servings:  10.5!

Stay tuned for my lab yesterday, Pies and Pastries!! We made sweet potato pie and apple tarts.




10 responses

17 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Dinner looks good and I love how low-cal it is. I’m trying to make my dinners lighter and get more during the day.
Have you guys set a date yet?!

17 04 2009

Lovin’ the pizza and SWEET POTATO (!!!) pie!!

Happy Friday!!

17 04 2009

Mmmm apple raisin pie.

I wasn’t one of those little girls either, but once we actually started planning (we had a LONG – 6ish year – engagement) I was hooked on theknot.com and researching and etc. It was so fun.

17 04 2009

Happy Friday, friend!!! I was SO SO SO happy to hear of your engagement! And I PASSED THE TEST!!! I will “see” you later! And e-mail me with some music requests!!

17 04 2009

Wow apple raisin pie looks really really reallly good1

17 04 2009

great eats hun, everything looks so good 🙂
ooo cant wait for the sweet potatoe pie, the anticipation is immense 🙂
have a great friday!
much love

17 04 2009

everything looks absolutely amazing ms engaged 🙂 ah i want to dig into everything in this post. esp the pizzaaaaa

17 04 2009
Hangry Pants

I am so excited about this new Trader Joe’s yogurt it’s ridiculous. I hope they have it at mine! The other one was not very good for a greek yogurt.

18 04 2009

Ooh! That yogurt looks so yum! I love that you can see the vanilla bean:)

18 04 2009

Thanks for the tip on the Greek Yogurt! That looks yummy! So do all the treats 🙂

My husband and I were engaged for 3 years before we got married! I hadn’t really always dreamed of the “perfect wedding” either, but I really got into planning ours. It was a blast! Can’t wait to hear about all the things you decide to do!

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