Cool Class and Dinner Out!

16 04 2009


Hey Everyone!! Just so you know, Jasmine at Sweet and Fit has an awesome giveaway in regards to her Fundraiser for the Lupus Walk this weekend! I already donated through her site and she still needs more $$$ to raise her goal!! Go on over and support research in Lupus and support a fellow blogger who is WONDERFUL!

Run! 4.6 miles at the gym, sauna too.. ahh… classes tomorrow!

See class info below
Volunteer work, did a review and next step email thing for the fundraiser- took me almost 2 hours straight! Phew!


I’m getting married!!!!!

Erica wanted details …. hmm …Location: I always wanted a destination wedding. My parents lived in Hawaii for several years just after they got married so it might be really cool to have our wedding there. However, having a destination wedding means there will be people who we want to go that can’t. So that is still up in the air. Date: that is also undecided, we talked about next spring or fall however, that depends on location too. We wouldn’t want to get married in unbearably, sweaty hot weather.

1 BLOG 0011 BLOG 002
Puffins in “Milk” ( but really a smoothie of protein and organic milk) Tropical Fruit

310 kcal
27 g protein
1.5 serving of fruit

I can’t seem to find my lunch pictures anywhere? So I will post my snack/what was really fun about this day! Class!!

We have to analyze a whole food, functional food and a supplement/herb for a particular vitamin/nutrient of our choice. My group did omega-3’s last week, and the other groups went this week regarding Fiber, Flaxseed, and Beta-Carotene.

Flaxseed Group:
So cool! They analyzed whole flaxseeds (whole food), milled flax seed with dark chocolate (supplement) and Smart Balance Heart Healthy Spread (functional) .
1 BLOG 003
This flax seed was actually quite tasty in my opinion. It smelled like chocolate but it had the texture of ground flax. It would be great to add to smoothies, on top of yogurt, on top of cereal, in oatmeal, in cookies and cakes…. hmmm with pumpkin french toast  oh but for their presentation, they used this milled flaxseed in a chocolate chip cookie recipe…

 1 BLOG 004
1 BLOG 005 

I thought this was so interesting because just the other day, Andrea Off Her Cork was talking about substituting flax for eggs in cookie recipes, what a coincidence!

This group also passed around whole grain bread with the smart balance spread..
1 BLOG 006
I had one of those 1/3rds with a a little dab. I was really impressed with this particular spread, which the group said has won awards for its taste. It actually tasted nothing like the usual Smart Balance product line ( I have their peanut butter, oil, and light spread), which usually has a distinct plant aftertaste. This actually tasted just like butter.

I also tasted another groups V8 Diet Splash which uses splenda as a sweetener compared to another groups’ Odwalla Mo Beta drink, which has 56g of sugar per bottle!
1 BLOG 007
I didn’t like the taste of the V8 and I also didn’t like the insane sweetness of the Mo Beta… I never like anything that has carrots! Good thing green leafy veggies disguise their Beta Carotene with chlorophyll, otherwise I would totally be deficient!

Mellow Mushroom!

I  went out with my friend Andrea and my fiance (!!!!!!) Jeff to my future-sister-in -laws’ boyfriends’ Birthday dinner!  

I had a few slices of garlic cheesy bread ( Andrea’s right hand, not my ring)1 BLOG 010
with a glass of Merlot ( the ring shot is still not getting old!)
1 BLOG 008 
Cheers KC-Mo and L-Mo !
1 BLOG 009 

We ordered 5 pizzas total ( there were 10 of us and half guys!) but Jeff and I ordered our special build your own (bacon, tomato and feta).
1 BLOG 013
Others: House Special
1 BLOG 011
Pepperoni and on top was a White Pizza of sorts that birthday boy likes alot!
1 BLOG 012
I could only manage 1 slice and I was stuffed!! I attempted a piece of the house but could only fit a few bites of toppings.
1 BLOG 014
Future Sister In Laws:
1 BLOG 017 
and the best of friends…
1 BLOG 018

Total: 1460 ( more like “normal”)

Unfortunately, I totally didn’t have enough veggies today. Ah well, I usually get more at lunch ( I didn’t post about that today but had a protein bar b/c I was out and about w/o camera, and a banana on the drive to class)  and more at dinner. I’m not concerned in the least because the pizza was great and I usually get lots of veggies.

Thursday lab was pies and pastries today!! I have a catch up post to do as well but I have more time tomorrow for that!

Thanks for the excitement about our engagement!! πŸ™‚




8 responses

17 04 2009


No worries, you’ll get those vegetables in tomorrow πŸ™‚

I’m BEYOND excited for you, girl – your wedding will be beautiful!!

17 04 2009

Oh my gosh, that garlic cheesy bread is making me drool.
And that is sooo exciting about getting married!!

17 04 2009

I think a destination wedding would be awesome!

All that pizza looks fabulous : )

17 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

thanks so for your generous donation and the shout out! =)

garlic cheesy bread…yuuuuuum, and that pizza/”pie” looks amazing!

I have always wanted to have a destination wedding, but I know where you are coming from considering the fact that a lot of people won’t be able to make it – esp. considering the economy is kinda stinky right now.

17 04 2009

Mmm, breakfast. cookies. cheesy bread. Tasty. Great work on the run!

17 04 2009

Love the Mellow Mushroom–any place that offers tofu as a pizza topping is awesome in my book!

17 04 2009

hi sweetheart,

im still so excited for you about the engagement πŸ™‚ its every girls dream haha….
omg hawaii, that would be amazing! whatever you decide though, the most important thing is that your getting married to your special guy πŸ™‚

great eats, dinner looks SO good!

have a great night hun

17 04 2009

Very interested in that chocolate flax. Question – even though whole flax seed is a “whole food” isn’t it true that your body can’t actually digest them whole and that they must be ground? Also wondering in what way you analyze them? Also, is the flax meal w/ chocolate considered a suppliment because it has chocolate or because it is milled?

Also, ❀ that cheesy bread.

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