First day as an engaged lady…

14 04 2009



I joined a new gym!! I went and scoped out everything but didn’t make it in time for classes. I did the elliptical, 40 minutes and I can’t wait to go back!

I had so much on my mind today! Wow, I had this list of all this stuff and boy am I glad I wrote out that list, otherwise I would have just been calling people all day! I paid my credit card bill that switched ownership and has been a big hassle.
Canceled old gym membership
My FIANCE helped me study for my Terminology Quiz Tomorrow!
Worked a little on the project 
oh and …..

I’m engaged, ahh!! I have a fiance! Working on “the proposal” post! Thank you thank you thank for all the wonderful comments and congrats!

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Steel Cut Pumpkin Oats with wild organic blueberries

(made the oats with water, organic milk, jay robb protein)

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Practicing my knife skills , paring an orange ( I ate half of this huge orange)

370 kcal
30 g protein
2 servings of fruit, 1 whole grain

Afternoon Snack:
New! Trader Joes Organic Greek Yogurt 0%
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Has anyone seen this yet? I just saw it today and picked up a few. They are $1.69 each which is $0.30 less each compared to Oikos and Fage around here. They aren’t as high in protein as those, but they offer 15g which is close.

Very thick, more thick than Fage and Oikos and Chobani. Tasty. Wish it had more protein.
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I had it with another brand new try, thanks to Veggie Girl, Peanut Butter Puffins!!!! These things are addictive and AWESOME! I can’t believe I have gone so long without trying them!
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Grilled Chicken with buffalo sauce, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, organic baby romaine salad with english cucumber, tomato,  and lite northern italian. I had a spoonful of rice and a dab of blue cheese dressing too.
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270 kcal
24 g protein
3+ servings of Vegetables

Sorry I didn’t keep track of everything today because I was just so overwhelmed and excited and had so much to do! My estimate overall was about 1340 calories. It is a little lower than usual but the last few days have been a little over normal. Balance is what its all about.

Be-Healthier Today :

Have trouble eating at night, nonstop, “mindlessly” ?

Using food to avoid focusing on a “real” issue is a mindful not mindless decision that soothes your stress momentarily.However, this momentary decision can be creating a much bigger problem in the long run. These momentary decisions aren’t healthy decisions, they are distractions that pack on pounds! 

If you find yourself reaching for a snack when you aren’t hungry, stop , and ask yourself, What do I really need to make myself happy?  Chances are, that cupcake is not going to pay the bills, or give you respect at work, or lighten your schedule.

Try healthier decision-making and stress relief:

  • Write out what the issue is and brainstorm on ways that can help solve it (them). Even if they seem silly, the solution is not in the bottom of the chex mix bag!
  • Whatever is causing you to reach for that snack CAN be changed, but to change yourself, you have to change your habits!
  • Take a quick walk outside, run a set of stairs, do pushups, do yoga. Something physical can get your blood flowing, which can help you focus on the troublesome task with a fresh view.
  • Find long-term activities that you can participate in at night- writing, getting together with friends, going to dance/music lessons….Keep and add to this list!

Be-Healthier today!




9 responses

14 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

I am going to buy PB puffins this week too! I have heard sooo much about them, so I just have to give in.

and once again, because its never enough – CONGRATS! **so excited for you** !

14 04 2009


14 04 2009

AHHH I want to hear all about it!!

14 04 2009

Congrats on the engagement! So exciting…the ring is beautiful!

14 04 2009

PB PUFFINS!!! Thank you for the shout-out πŸ™‚

And again, I’m sooooo psyched that he proposed!!!

14 04 2009

AH! youre getting married! I just can’t stop smiling for you!!!! you have such an exciting journey ahead of you πŸ™‚

14 04 2009

I can just tell you are so giddy. Good for you!! πŸ™‚

14 04 2009

congratulations!!! How exciting! And wow, your ring is gorgeous πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear the plans. I love PB puffins, they’re so fun to just much on and I top my yogurt with them too sometimes.


14 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Wow, love those Be-healthier tips. They are so applicable to me right now. Thank you, thank you.
Love the ring shots πŸ™‚ I remember when I first got engaged, I tried to get the ring in every photo possible!
When did you start counting calories for the blog? I love reading it but I was just wondering what started it. Are you trying to lose weight for the wedding?! I didn’t think there was anything to lose!
So happy for you!

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