9 04 2009

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Our neighbors puppy, Jimmy looking at (our puppy) Jack…
Their 4 year old girl named their female puppy, Jimmy.
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Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries and peanut butter
I took pictures of it.
I hated the pictures of it.
At least I’m not stuck behind a fence.

I then tried to work on my project.
I didn’t find anything I was hoping that I would for it.
Still better than being stuck in a fence.

I was going to run.
I didn’t have time to run before class.
I decided to run after class.
Maybe that fence idea would be nice?

So I had lunch, a smoothie with an apple and peanut butter
I took pictures of it.
I didn’t like the pictures of it.
I’m with ya Jimmy. At least I have a girl’s name.

Snack: Sensory Eval for Cakes
I thought I liked cake, I thought I really loved caked.
I didn’t like any of this cake
After class, I felt too full from the cake to run.
Jimmy isn’t that bad, it’s like Jimmy-Jean.

I called Jeff. I told him how I feel like a moop. I said to him, I normally love taking pictures of my food, running, yoga-ing, nice sunny days, believe it or not School and Cake…but today, when CAKE is not making me happy- there is something seriously arye.  Normally, everyday of the week even, these things give me the ultimate satisfaction of “productivity”. Nothing but moop-ness.

He gave me fantastic advice- blog outside at a new place, workout in a different way, everything will be fine, you just need to change things up.

I went in our backyard and took pictures of the flowers I have been meaning to photograph.
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I went to the store and got a magazine. I looked at the Picture Puzzle
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There were 10 differences and I found 3 in 10 minutes. I gave up.

I moved onto the Suduko puzzle.
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Ah, success.

I guess it is easy to get frustrated and to “be bored”. If you ask a friend their problems, ask a stranger or turn on the news- you will see that life is filled with things that aren’t what we think “should” be. It can always be seen as frustrating or disappointing. Everyone has problems but everyone also has chances for joy. Life is filled with magic and poetry. It is filled with beauty and inspiration. If you focus on that instead of the problems, maybe you can see a solution. 

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4 responses

9 04 2009

“Life is filled with magic and poetry. It is filled with beauty and inspiration. If you focus on that instead of the problems, maybe you can see a solution. ”

Beautifully written.

10 04 2009

Yeah, I think we all need to change things up from time to time to stay sane!!

Ha, that’s such a cute puppy through the fence picture : ) and such BEAUTIFUL flowers!

10 04 2009

Sorry about your “funk”. But your free form poem is quite nice!

11 04 2009

You crack me up šŸ™‚ Love the poem, and Jimmy is a funny name for that dog šŸ™‚ I like it! Hope today is better for you; you are definitely right, everyone has a chance for joy in their lives. It’s all what we make it!

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