an apple a day keeps the Vet away?

9 04 2009

Tilapia with Salad and a mess of veggies underneath. An organic fugi apple with blueberry greek yogurt, cinnamon Awesome Almonds.
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When I was trying to get that apple, I dropped one and guess who thought it was a toy ?!
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Maybe he realized it was food because he ran into his crate with it and I was worried he was going to chew threw the core… so I had him come back and drop it. I sliced it up for him and here is Jack eating his apple…
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And here is my apple, almonds, and yogurt… I wanted more of something so I thought peanut butter goes well with the apple, and then I saw the banana bread when I grabbed the peanut butter.. so this :

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became this:
  1 BLOG 011
and it was delicious! oh and there is a better view of the veggies underneath…

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After lunch, I prepped for dinner:
Pad Thai! I had gotten these udon noodles and we had a zuchinni to use up and some all natural beef….
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So I grabbed some mushrooms, green onion, beef broth and toasted sesame oil. I think the sesame oil was a good investment because it is cheaper than Tahini paste but basically the same ingredient ?

I will do a separate recipe post for my Pad Thai but unfortunately, I used absolutely no recipe at all! What I honestly did was look at about 10 recipes and noted ingredients, more so what the sauce used because the rest was just veggies and noodles and meat.

I sliced then seared the london broil on high heat to give it a great brown color, then popped it into my crockpot and let it simmaaaaaaaah all afternoon & evening . It came out awesome!

Here is my bowl:

1 BLOG 020


Tempo Run 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I varied speeds between 8.0 and 10.0 mph and I getting ready to do some yoga.

Our presentation went really well! Omega-3 PUFA’s are such a crucial nutrient for reducing cancer cell growth, protecting tissues and membranes from cancer formation, and helping brain cells communicate properly ( i.e omega-3 DHA is part of phospholipids, which make up the membranes of brain cells. When there is sufficient DHA, there will be sufficient messages, neurotransmitters, etc. sent between cells).
So we analyzed salmon, barilla pasta , and fish oil supplements as sources of Omega-3’s.

I love running… and yoga… and cooking.

I really had a great time inventing a pad thai recipe… I am excited to do my next post , the un-recipe!

I would love to know, What did you do to fill your “soul” today ?




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9 04 2009


9 04 2009

Haha, both of my dogs actually like apples!

9 04 2009

To fill my soul today: I had a long day of unproductivity so I decided to give a yoga dvd my all, may very well have been the most sweat I’ve ever produced from yoga. It felt good! Your pad thai looks fab, weird that I cooked nearly the same thing (minus the meat) last night for dinner.

9 04 2009

yeah sarah! thanks for answering my question. are you vegetarian ?

9 04 2009

Pad Thai!!! Delicious!

9 04 2009

I am impressed that Jack likes apples! My dog pretty much won’t touch it if it’s not meat or cheese. My sister’s pug likes baby carrots though;)

9 04 2009

so funny! my cat likes to eat apples, every time we bite into one she comes running and meowing and waits till we get to the core to have her turn. Can’t say I’ve done something specific for my soul today, but perusing through my favorite blogs is just the thing 🙂

9 04 2009

PAD THAI! Very nice!

For my soul? I got a Chik-Fil-A sandwich. Bad, I know…but soooooo good.

9 04 2009

LOL @ your dog. My two dogs absolutely love apples… well really any fruits or veggies. But that’s what you get with a veggie mom I suppose. hehe

10 04 2009
Hangry Pants

My brother’s dog loves apples. I got her to like me by slipping her apples on the side and making her dog treats.

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