So many things in one day

8 04 2009

I got up early and my stomach was still bothering me today! Blah, I really had no appetite and I figured I would go to the gym to get my blood pumpin and maybe brew up my lost hunger.

Elliptical: 35 minutes
Treadmill: 1 mile

Alas, no hunger brewed. I had to get going on the studying so I came home and eventually made a really late breakfast:

Whole wheat wrap spread with hummus ( of course, Sabra!) and then filled with egg whites, spinach and pepper and onion mix…
1 BLOG 006 

all wrapped up with a bowl of fruit on the side

1 BLOG 007
Green Tea
1 BLOG 008
It was delicious but hard to finish. I have no idea why because I know calorie-wise it was much smaller than what I normally eat. I barely finished. 


Studied for the exam for a good 2 hours. I do small bits of really focused studying and then just completely switch gears pre-test. If I glance at material before the test, I always get flustered!

I studied and then headed to class. Can you believe this, we had a lecture BEFORE our test ?  It doesn’t bother me  ( read just above) however, it would be nicer to get the test over with first so we can switch gears and pay attention ? There were so many people NOT listening to the lecture and still studying through it!

Anyhow, our lecture was about cakes! We will make an Angel Food Cake and a Pound Cake ( and potentially a sponge cake as well). So look for that thursday!
Started Metabolism Project~ Yikes! Sarah and I have two weeks to get it done but I think we were incredibly efficient in breaking up the questions and planned our next few meetings . I feel very confident now. Hey Sarah- let me know what you think of the almonds!

After metabolism, I spent all evening working on a presentation for tomorrow’s class at a cafe with my vitamins group… phew, about 3 hours!

I had a balance bar ( no photo) and an apple…
1 BLOG 012
I really don’t know what’s up with my stomach but its not fun. I felt hungry for lunch but as soon as I ate, my esophagus hurt.

1 BLOG 013
I had to meet with a group for class after class so Jeff said he would be happy to cook me some dinner. He headed out with our friend who had got box seat tickets to the NHL game! Unfortunately I had to meet with my group AND they only had 1 ticket. Oh well, I am excited Jeff has the chance to go! I hope it was a good game!

I heated up some veggies and pasta salad when I got home.
1 BLOG 017
and added the lemon pepper tilapia he had cooked for me on top. Hmm Delicious, I really  like when jeff cooks!

 1 BLOG 014

I forgot to post dinner last night.  I shouldn’t say forgot but I was tired in addition to not feeling well. Today was just way more hectic than I had thought it would be!

It was Salad Squared: a little leftover salad (with hummus at 12 oclock) and some pasta salad I made earlier yesterday
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Okay now you are all up to date with me, my turn!




5 responses

8 04 2009

Hope you feel 100% better soon; and hang in there with the project!!

8 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

aww! so sorry you arent feeling your best =(

I cant believe Jeff went without you! at least he made you some tilapia (the least he could do!)

the pastry lover in me is really looking forward to your post on thursday recapping making cakes!


8 04 2009

Tilapia! And that wrap looks amazing!
Hope you feel better soon!

8 04 2009

Tummy ache– ugh!

Lecture BEFORE a test– double UGH! It also sucks when you go in for a test, expecting to leave as soon as you finish, and the prof. tells everyone to stick around for a lecture after the test. BOOOOOOO!

Have a great day!

8 04 2009

So far I’ve eaten the Cinnamon almonds and Wow, they’re great!

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