Monday Morning Updates

6 04 2009

Good morning all!

First, I think it may be allergies but I feel awful! I woke up when Jeff left at 7:30 ( already sleeping in) tried to have breakfast and just didn’t have an appetite, fell back asleep until 10:15 am!!!

Ugh, I am typically the type that says ” I probably needed it” but right now I feel even worse and just feel woozy like I should go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I need to get up and study, meet with my partner for metabolism, prep for the IFFS meeting and go to that meeting. I can’t stomach coffee right now, so I think I will grab some tea on campus.

Oh and I am also gathering a weekly post that I will start doing, A Week in Desserts! I have saved the photos of my desserts this week to put into one weekly post. I am a dessert fanatic but usually end up having it after I have already downloaded photos. My running has been creating a hunger monster so I will be getting that together this evening or tomorrow! I want to show everyone that I do eat dessert and sometimes its healthy sometimes its less healthier but either way delicious and a part of my diet!

There have been tornado watches and warnings all morning! I think we are in the clear but its moving through where Jeff’s Nana’s house is. so scary! Hope everyone is safe and sound!




5 responses

6 04 2009

AHH GET WELL SOON, GIRL!! And stay safe!!

6 04 2009

hi hun
*hugs* i hope you feel better soon! take care of yourself and rest as much as you can!!
i look forward to the desert post 🙂
much love

6 04 2009
Hangry Pants

Oh no! Feel better soon. 😀

6 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

I really hope you start feeling better soon! I’m glad you ended up sleeping in! you probably really “needed it”

6 04 2009

I hope you feel better! I love the week in deserts idea… can’t wait.

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