Gravity’s Gone and I’m just floatin…

6 04 2009

That is from a Driver By Trucker’s song, Gravity’s gone.
That is also what I kept thinking today during my 8.50 mile run! I 8.50 miles ! I couldn’t have wished for a better run and to think I was moaning and groaning before it! I felt fantastic even during each set of hills! I think it was my updated playlist and gorgeous weather and the warm up I did for my knees!

Total running time fo the 8.5 miles was 1 hour and 4 minutes!  ( 4:36pm and got back to my car at 5:40 pm ). It feels too good to be true !? I am pumped up!

Tomorrow should be my 30th day of the shred but I never figured out if it was 30 days straight or if you took rest days- Do you count them as part of it or only the days you do the shred? Anyone know?

Right after my run and Jeff’s bike ride, we rushed over to his parents for dinner. Hi Momma Mo! She had me try these granola bites- I had about 6 because they were so delicious!
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Before dinner, Jeff played Simon Says with his niece and nephew ( and Katie the dog)

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Salad: delicious mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, green onion, pepper and some Northern Italian dressing.

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Fish Fry!
Jeff had caught a bunch of Walleye on a trip to Ohio for business- and his parent’s caught “blue” fish on their recent fishing adventure so they did a fish fry. Tartar Sauce, Fish, lemon wedge, baked fries, fruit salad!

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I had a glass of this Sterling Vintners Collection, it was DELICIOUS!

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Thanks for having us over !

songs I loved that were on playlist:

When I Grow Up     PCD
God Love Her   Toby Keith   
Gives You Hell     The All-American Rejects 
White Horse     Taylor Swift              
Gravity’s Gone  DBT
Whiskey Girl   Toby Keith   
So What    P!nk   
Here in my heart Martina Mcbride  
Hot N Cold   Katy Perry 
I’m Yours     Jason Mraz   
Lights, Camera, Action [Ft, NKOTB]    PCD
7 Things      Miley Cyrus 
Womanizer     Britney Spears
Invisible Touch   Genesis   
instrumental      Dixie Chicks               
Jai Ho     Pussycat Dolls         
Little Things     Bush   
Unblessed      Dixie Chicks
It’s Not My Time      3 Doors Down
U + Ur Hand     P!nk 

Busy busy day tomorrow! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I’d give everyone Goodnight Hugs, but this was my favorite tonight… Thanks for stealing my camera to take it Preston!
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9 responses

6 04 2009

Tasty tasty!
And totally love Jason Mraz!

6 04 2009
Hangry Pants

What an excellent run! Your enthusiasm is wonderful.

I am not sure about the shred, but that Jillian is crazy so I bet it’s 30 days in a row.

6 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

30 days straight is pretty hard-core. I think on Caitlin’s wrap-up post, she said she did it 21 of the 30 days or something!
Great playlist–I love that Jason Miraz song.

6 04 2009

Sounds like a great run! : )

6 04 2009

FAAAABULOUS run and playlist!!

6 04 2009

AWESOME RUN! You rocked it!

6 04 2009


6 04 2009

WOW, what an excellent time on that run. WTG!

6 04 2009

Nice run! I love those Mrs. Mays nut crunch things!! I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I used to buy them at Costco, but their stocking of anything is not reliable. Yum!


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