Weekend Update

5 04 2009

With all of the birthdays this weekend, it was strange there was no cake in sight at all this weekend! Oh well!


quick and easy: chobani greek nonfat yogurt, all kinds of heated up fruit (peaches, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana) with some oats and naturally more flaxseed pb.
1 BLOG 002
Green Smoothie!  ( everyone that knows me is going to say “eeeeewww gross” but it was quite tasty and sweet from the cherries and carrots and protein!
1 BLOG 004
For this guy I used frozen spinach, frozen carrots and a few frozen cherries with jay robb vanilla protein and a organic %0 milk.
1 BLOG 003

Much needed rest! I realized I haven’t had a day of formal rest all week so I knew I needed it when the thought of running on breezy sunny day like Saturday just irked me! Yep, I know, I went from floating to irking. The urge will return so no worries.


Maybe it was from all the things that were on my mind that I had to do!

I looked into fundraising ideas for the meeting tomorrow and did some more volunteer tasks for IFFS. I studied and printed out the guide for my exam tuesday morning. And, I worked on my functional food assignment.

And, we had to plan food for a tailgate last minute for the hockey game saturday evening!


I grabbed a new pair of sunglasses at the store AND a camera case! Two things I never think I need until I actually do and am not in a store to get them!  I know with summer approaching and all the traveling we will be doing – I will get plenty of use out them ( I only spent about $15 from Marshalls! )

1 BLOG 0151 BLOG 016
We had a tailgate and had tickets for the NHL hockey game that Jeff’s dads’ team was fundraising for – His dad played in a game on the same ice after the NHL guys. So we had two games to watch.

Afterward we headed out for dancing and nonsense for our friend Tim’s birthday. No photos- too busy shaking my booty. I had a blueberry vodka with water and lime wedge but its too hard to dance with a drink in your hand so that’s all.

Back to our dinner/ tailgate:

We ended up with a fabulous spread: We had a syrah and a reisling ( which stayed unopened in the cooler!), 2 cheeses Cabot Extra Sharp and Cracker Barrel Aged Reserved and a veggie tray with hummus for appetizers: 1 BLOG 007

This was the first time we got to use Jeff’s present from his mom and stepdad: his travel grill!

We grilled some chicken breasts that we had marinated in hot sauce  ( Frank’s Red Hot) and salt and pepper.

1 BLOG 011 We got some white wheat buns , a tomato and organic baby romaine for ( salads or) buffalo chicken sandwiches.
1 BLOG 012
It was delicious! I also had an appetizer plate with a glass of wine
1 BLOG 009
Check out this wine carrier that Jeff’s Nana gave to us!
1 BLOG 014

How cool is that!? It came with glasses, an opener, and a stopper and a place of a bottle of wine. It secures everything too and has a strap to carry it. We will be using this often for tailgates and camping!

Jeff and I split a coffee  during the game1 BLOG 017 and the Canes clenched a win in overtime, sealing their place into playoffs for the stanley cup!

Sunday Morning:
1 BLOG 026

Jeff made this for breakfast and I stole about half! It was scrambled eggs, tomato, ham, cheddar on whole wheat. On the side were two flying biscuits with strawberry preserves. Seriously so delicious!

I also had a big ol banana but no photo. Lazy . Sunday.


Not sure yet- probably a run as long as I feel up to it! Mileage this week so far is at 16 … I wasn’t intending to be up in the 25-30 range as I have been every week for the past month so I am actually trying to go easy before a training period for my next race!


Currently studying for principles exam

Finished and Emailed my functional food assignment on omega-3 to my group. I reviewed GNC Premium Omega 3 Supplements. I will post about it when we finish our power point.


Gorgeous Sunday!
Dinner at Jeff’s parents house!

Eats later!




12 responses

5 04 2009

Love your Saturday breakfast, green smoothie, and sunglasses!!

Hooray for birthdays!! Mine is tomorrow šŸ˜€

Good luck studying!!

5 04 2009

I loved the veggies platter – why don’t we have these things here??

5 04 2009

Great weekend šŸ™‚ I took a day off today after 7 on. Its so strange but I feel totally antsy when I don’t go to the gym or run or SOMETHING! I think the smoothie sounds awesome. Hows Jay Robb treating you these days? I’m still totally in love with him ;). I can’t believe how good that tailgate food looks!

5 04 2009

hi girlie
sounds like youve been having a great weekend šŸ™‚
good luck with the study!
enjoy jeffs parents laters!
much love

5 04 2009

Oh wow, that chicken looks delicious!

And totally diggin’ your new shades! Enjoy your awesome day!

5 04 2009

Sounds like a fun weekend! Way cute sun glasses! I can’t wait for summer!! I’m off to the beach to catch some rays!

5 04 2009

Some days you just need a rest day šŸ™‚ Glad to hear you took one! Love the sunglasses and camera case, and all of that food looks so good! Great tailgate spread!

5 04 2009

Your dinner tailgate looks delicious!!

6 04 2009
Hangry Pants

Cute new glasses!

6 04 2009

Fabulous spread indeed! Can I come to your next tailgate?

6 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

That spread sounds/looks divine…cheese + veggie tray + wine make the best combo. Glad you enjoyed yourself and took a day of rest!

6 04 2009

loce your sunglasses! looks like you had a wonderful weekend! so glad šŸ™‚ i wanna come to your tailgateee!

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