Jack o Lantern

4 04 2009


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We tried this new Brewpub that opened up fairly close to our house ( not really biking/walking distance but still close). It has a great city view and outside seating. The food was “meh” but the beer was really good! I had a burger , mushroom and swiss style, no mayo. There was a random piece of fried chicken that ended up with my fries ( I don’t know how the QT doesn’t see that on the plate, but whatever). I have had plenty of other burgers that were better. For the beer, I had ” Bridge Bitter” and Jeff had the “Golden”. I described to our waitress that I usually like paler, wheat types but I really like higher alcohol content beers ( afterall, I usually can just manage one and I want it to taste good!). Unfortunately or Fortunately, the new place is doing so well that they were out of the beer that matched my described tastes. The waitstaff were cleary overwhelmed! I hope they catch up to the demand because its a great location and pretty view AND very interesting that it brews its own beers.


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Jack O Lantern Oats!

Pumpkin mixed with Steel Cut Oats, and pineapple face.


It rained all morning but the forecast said it would be gorgeous all afternoon, windy and 70* so I waited it out.

It was such a fantastic run, Jack and I ran around the lake twice and it felt like I was floating. Trust me, it doesn’t always feel like floating, but today it did.

Distance: approx. 6.1 miles


* one step closer to studying abroad practicum! I emailed a grad student that went on my undergrad trip to South Africa in hopes of finding out what she did so I can know what to do myself! *

This afternoon I studied for Food Principles Exam- I filled out the answers to all the questions on the study guide, now I just need to review it all!

Vitamins Assignment ( our group will present on Omega-3 sources: functional foods vs. whole foods vs. supplements ) I filled out the form which I have to send to my group on sunday, except the last ovverall analysis. I am doing the “fish oil supplement” and Sarah is doing “salmon” the whole food source, and natalie is doing the functional food like smart taste pasta.

Project for Metabolism sometime this weekend?

Agenda for IFFS Meeting on monday!


Out to dinner with Jeff!

Tomorrow is busy for us so I will probably post early and then again on sunday to recap! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




8 responses

4 04 2009


Good luck with your studies/project!!

4 04 2009

Hooray for going out to dinner on a Friday night : )

4 04 2009

Hope your dinner out was fun!! Great job on the run. Have a wonderful weekend!

4 04 2009

Hahaha, it’s halloween!!! totally love your eats!!

4 04 2009

Adorable breakfast!

4 04 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Cutest oats ever.

5 04 2009

The pumpkin oats is too cute!!

6 04 2009

ROFL at your jack-o-lantern! Too cute!

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