Chicken Polenta Casserole

2 04 2009

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I decided to make polenta from scratch. I found a recipe from the  Southern Living Cookbook Jeff’s mom and stepdad got me for my bday a few years back ( thank you again!) and used just the polenta making part from it.

It was SO EASY!! I first saw Polenta on Caitlin’s Healthy Tipping Point, and found out that you can buy it pre-made ( usually about 4 servings for $3) at the store. So I had NO idea you could make it so easily at home until my lab a few months ago  (I didn’t make that recipe but I tasted others).  Today’s recipe was super fast, easy and cheap! You can get a whole bag of cornmeal for what, $1 -2, which would make what, a 70 servings ?!

All I did was bring 1. 5 cups of water and salt to a boil- Whisked in 1/2 cup of yellow cornmeal, drop heat to low while continually whisking for about 2 minutes. At that point it was done! But I threw in some steak seasoning and a little reduced fat cheese.
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I pressed that into the bottom of my casserole dish ( 7 x 11).
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That was the base layer. For the middle, I sauteed onion and zuchinni until brown ( with a little NOO olive oil).
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I took the veg out and cooked the chicken in the pan, about 5 minutes on each side because I had flattened out the breasts already for faster cooking. I chopped up the chicken and added the crushed tomatoes, a can of black beans and the onion/zuchinni mix. I let this all simmer for a few minutes.
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I filled the casserole dish with this mix, topped with 1/2 cup of 2% fat cheese. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes.

Out of the Oven:

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My plate with hot sauce…

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I am so happy this randomly came together so well! I am pretty sure this is what I will make for girls’ weekend when we all go to Emily’s house on the beach! Andrea and Brit, what do you think?

Okay so the rest of my eats:
Pre-Class Snack:
Gnu Orange Cranberry Bar ( which was from a sample package I just got for review! This one was SOOOOO good!)
Orange Vanilla Awesome Almonds – I have to post up the review but these were my favorite so far!

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reviews up tomorrow probably!

Steamed frozen veggies ( spinach, zuchinni, squash, green beans, red pepper, onion, cauliflower)

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A chobani vanilla with a tiny organic Fiji Apple ( and cinnamon)

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Lunch from the top:
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In case you were wondering, this was 1 serving of fruit, 3 servings of vegetables, and 1 dairy.

Morning snack: banana ( in the car on the way home from the store, so no photo! )

Jay Robb Protein Smoothie ( mango, cherry, blueberries) with some Quaker Oatmeal Squares for some crunch!

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Gym: Elliptical 40 minutes and Biked 4 miles.
I haven’t done ellipticizing for awhile now… its been all running! I had myself a good ol time , I read a woman’s day mag and a Lucky and rocked out on my ipod.

Met with my advisor and went over alot of things! I am going to be a crazy lady next semester if I want to finish all the master’s courses AND all the DPD requirements ( which you have to meet to apply for the internship, which you have to have to take the RD exam). BUT- the good news is… its totally do-able in my opinion! For sure, the master’s will be no prob so that is good. I can make up the DPD courses whenever really…

Vitamins class: We watched this movie about supplements (vitamins, protein, st. johns wort, etc) and alternative medicine ( homeopathy, naturopathy, accupuncture, maori…etc). It was really interesting!


I am really excited about some opportunities for a practicum and studying abroad for it!

I went to the store because Jeff and I never like Wednesday night TV and this guy at the redbox was so nice! He leaned over and showed me this code for a free movie! Hooooray for random acts of kindness!

Good Karma must have been the reason two of the movies I was hoping were out were in the machine- Quantum Solace and Marley and Me.

Wee okay I am getting a huff and puff for going to watch the movie – in a fun way.

Happy Hump Day!




14 responses

2 04 2009
Sarah W.

I love me some polenta!!

2 04 2009

I have never tried polenta, but you make it look so good!

Did you read the book Marley & Me? How did you like the movie?

2 04 2009

Oh wow, scrumptious eats!!! Love how your arranged that apple!!

2 04 2009

Your post makes me think that I should make more casseroles. I think I’ve made all of two in my lifetime. They’re such a good way to get a lot of food groups into one dish though–and use up leftovers!

2 04 2009

I was looking for Quinoa everywhere yesterday and none of the stores had it. They did have plenty of polenta though! Maybe I should have gotten that instead!

2 04 2009

Yum yum! I have made something very similar before and really enjoyed it! Polenta is good, but like grits def needs some flavor added in! Hot sauce and a little cheese do the trick nicely!

2 04 2009

Ah, the good old elliptical machine…my knees’ best friend.

Good luck with your crazy next semester–I loved/hated semesters like that!

2 04 2009

I do love that about the elliptical–actually reading a magaizne is so much easier than when running!

Had no clue that polenta was so easy! Is it considered a wholegrain? Your dish looks so colorful and tasty.

Enjoy your movie!

2 04 2009

hey! thank you so much for that powerful, insightful comment you left in response to my discussion topic! I really liked it, and I think other ppl may benefit from it as well, so do you mind if I publicize it in my next post? Let me know:-)

2 04 2009

Great eats! I LOVE that dinner.Thanks for sharing:) So easy, I just love easy dinners. I’m already thinking of how to make it and have it this coming week!!

2 04 2009

I LOVE polenta! Like cous cous it’s so easy and cheap to boot! That casserole looks amazing, my type of dish. I’ve made something like that before with the polenta on top to get nice and crispy and a cornbread chicken casserole. I think that is so great you are getting your masters along with the RD reqs, you’ll be set! What practicum opportunities? And abroad? How exciting 🙂

2 04 2009

hiya woman!

idk if i’m ever going to get my blog going again
i seriously am just toooo damn lazy
but ive been reading and keeping up with yours dailllyyy!!

howve you been beautiful?!

3 04 2009

What a beautiful apple/yogurt presentation ;).

Good luck on your upcoming course load. I am so jealous! I would love to be in your position.

6 04 2009

The Chicken Polenta Casserole looks yummy! I’m pretty sure that if you make that for girl’s weekend you won’t have any left!

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