Tuesday came and gone..

1 04 2009


I woke up early to start studying and had a bowl of Oats with some cherries, mango, banana, Naturally More pb and I added protein powder to it as well ( for some lasting power)1 BLOG 001

  • Snack was the last of the banana from the oats *

1 BLOG 007
I made a sammy to take with me before class
Ham, Turkey, Mustard, Kale on Whole Wheat

1 BLOG 011 

I brought this pack of Awesome Almonds with me as part of lunch/ snack to share.  1 BLOG 012
Rest from running ( I needed it! I’m tired!)


Shred, level 2

Detox Yoga … Our friend gave me passes to a Hot Yoga place here !!! I am so excited its only $10 for 10 sessions! I can’t wait to try it!


Exam is over! It went well but I never know- the are very long essay type questions and I always worry about missing and enzyme or something.

Exam next week for Food Principles! And we have a functional food assignment due the next day, then a terminology quiz…

Check out the review for Awesome Almonds!


The gals and I are heading to watch the guys hockey game tonight! It will be nice to chat and be able to cheer on Jeff and his team.

I feel like I have missed a gazillion blog posts – so I will be catching up shortly!


I decided to make a stew with organic beef ( I got a great deal on at Harris Teeter!)  potatoes and onions and garlic and tomatoes and black beans. I made a reduction from some beer in the pan 1 BLOG 019
… after I had cooked the browned and crispied up the onions in it then added it to the crockpot. I really had no idea if it would turn out awful but it actually came out really fantastic. Who knew…I didn’t even have any stock of any sort… so I got creative. I doubt I could recreate its deliciousness exactly but maybe…
1 BLOG 020

1 BLOG 024

  • I lost my post for the Pumpkin Overload Post- so I am going to try to re-post that in a little while here *



11 responses

1 04 2009

The day definitely flew by!!


1 04 2009

Any recipe that involves a beer reduction gets my seal of approval 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

1 04 2009

Beautiful oats today!

1 04 2009

I found it so fascinating that you added a whole raw kale to your sandwich! doesn’t it taste sort of bitter?

1 04 2009

WHOA dinner looks sooo good. And mmm mangoes!!

1 04 2009

RE: Hubs truck…it’s a Dodge Ram, 4X4…I would not be the least bit surprised if he’s named it. I tried to suggest it was a girl, and he got really offended by that 🙂 hahaha

Does Jeff let you drive his truck? I’ve yet to break through that barrier.

1 04 2009

hi girlie
great eats 🙂 the oats look fabulous!
im sure youll do great in that test next week!
have a great day!
much love

1 04 2009
Sweet and Fit

glad your exam is over – I hate essay exams, theres always room to leave something out or go totally in the wrong direction and then end up wasting so much time writing about non-sense…. I’m soooo happy for you that you are going to the hockey game! thats EXACTLY what you need right now! hope you have a blast!

1 04 2009
Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)

Mmmm, the stew looks good!

1 04 2009

Yummy combo on the oats today!

2 04 2009

Did you eat that kale leaf WHOLE and RAW?! It is official: you are a rockstar for your running and because you can eat kale like that!!

Mmm…nothing as comforting as homemade beef stew!

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