Pumpkin Overload

31 03 2009

Pumpkin Overload was Pumpkin French Toast AND Pumpkin Pancakes.
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I made Pumpkin French Toast like my usual recipe… ( 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup pumpkin, whisked well, no sweetener because I don’t like it sweet)

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When I had leftover batter the other day, I threw it in the skillet and made sort of a pancake with it. So I decided to really attempt a pancake adding: 3 tsps whole grain flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, pinch of salt pinch of sugar, and some Quaker Oats (simple harvest with pecans)
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I mixed it till moist and dropped into the pan..
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It came out really tasty! I will try it again soon! Around it I had mango and blueberries..

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Smoothie and Banana ( I had to run to meet up for a campus study session and the battery died from the banana!)

I brought this pack of Awesome Almonds with me as part of lunch/ snack to share.  

Run! Jeff and I headed out to the lake and I did two loops + … 6.1 miles in a slower time than usual! Blah! There were people taking up the entire path on the trail. I can’t believe how inconsiderate they are when people try to pass them, they do not even move! Argh! I want to yell at them “Learn some Courtesy!”

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous so my run was fantastic despite all that! 


Studied for the exam at home on the couch, at home outside, on campus at the student center and in the library. I think the library is my least fav. place for studying… no noise to tune out so I always lose focus.


Out to dinner with our newly engaged friends ( I suspected they got engaged awhile ago and sure enough, our friend came over and said they had!) . We went out with them and it was great to catch up!

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Appetizer: Michelob Ultra with a couple onion rings and a little cheese fries..
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Entree: Grilled Chicken Salad. I almost always get this when we go to this restaurant because it has tons of veggies ( carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, green pepper, onion, cucumber, romaine) and their chicken always tastes great. I had oil and vinegar dressing but didn’t use much.




10 responses

31 03 2009

Oh wow, pancakes! Lovely eats!

31 03 2009

Great job on the run! People can be so ignorant out on the trails! I hate it when they are coming towards you and can clearly see you coming, yet still choose to walk 4-5 people wide. Drives me insane!!

31 03 2009

Your pancakes and french toast always look so good I cannot believe I have not made them yet! Once I am on holiday I shall certainly spend some time trying to make them! I will need to ask you for adaptations, though! you know my European market does not have half of the amazing things ya’ll have in the states!

31 03 2009

There’s no such thing as too much pumpkin in my book…perhaps that’s why my hands turn orange occasionally;)

31 03 2009

That pumpkin overload sounds fabulous! : )

31 03 2009


So glad that the study session helped!!

31 03 2009

Grrrrr…walkers! Now the baby stroller brigade is out in full force with the nice weather…I totally feel your pain 😉

31 03 2009

ahh pumpkin heaven 🙂 i love it!!
and ah i totaly know what you mean about those people! when i run around my neighborhood people will be walking towards me , 2 of them and take up the whole path and have me run around them. couldnt they just get on one side for 2 secs! haha one time it happened to me 4 times during my 1 run and i almost yelled! lol

31 03 2009

hi girlie
great job on the run 🙂 glad you used some time to chill out!
breakfast looks great. im glad the study session helps.
have a great night,
much love

31 03 2009

You are so good in the kitchen experimenting and making lovely treats and goodies! Plus they are healthy, can’t go wrong with that.

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