30 03 2009

Updates and tidbits and the like…

Moran of The Running Addict is having a giveaway of….. Oikos Coupons! Click on her link to enter the giveaway!

Body Mind Soul is calling all guest posters! Would any of my readers like to write a guest post?  Guest posts are a great way to network with other bloggers as well as give new view points.  Just send me an email : bhealthier@gmail.com  telling me what you would like to post about, i.e a food day in general, baking tips, exercise etc.

Only a few of my saturday eats:
1 BLOG 009 1 BLOG 0021 BLOG 004
Running Update: My March Weekly Mileage:
Monday March 2- Sunday March 8 : 29 Miles!
Monday March 9 – Sunday March 15 : 23 Miles
Monday March 16- Sunday March 22 : 27 miles
Monday March 23 – Sunday March 29 :20 miles

Body Saturday:
Shred, Level 2. I did all the level 2 stuff- no add-ins from the other levels and found that it is still a great sweat. Detox Yoga #1

Mind Saturday:
Fatty Acid Synthesis and Adipose Cell Metabolism

I came up with an idea for a fundraiser for the IF-FS and hopefully, the ideas will go over well!

Soul Saturday:
It was raining all day! Our friend Nate came over and hung out with us. Jeff and I had a much needed night in with just us though. We were considering heading out for some dessert but instead ran to the store and grabbed two bottles of wine (Sirah and Merlot), two movie rentals ( Madagasscar 2, Transporter 3), two kinds of ice cream ( Ben & Jerry’s Fro Yo, Extreme Moose Tracks), and two kinds of toppers ( mint fudge and smores crackle top).
1 BLOG 008
I had a glass of the merlot, and half a scoop of the extreme moose tracks with half a scoop of the ben and Jerry’s fro yo and a spoonful of the mint fudge. Both ice creams had the same amount of calories per serving, but I enjoyed the moose tracks much better than than the frozen yogurt.
moose tracks for 1/2 cup: 180 calories, 2 g fiber, 11g fat, 15 g sugar
frozen yogurt for 1/2 cup: 180 calories, 1 g fiber, 3 g fat, 23 g sugar

The future dietician in me says go with the Moose Tracks ( unless you have a cholesterol problem or a higher fat/saturated fat intake daily) because of the higher fat content, the moose tracks was much more satisfying and creamy. The frozen yogurt was icey, not very satisfying at all and more sugary. It lacked fiber, fat and protein to balance out the sugar.  I just learned today that diets high in sugar increases the release of an enzyme ( fatty acid synthetase) that speeds up the fat making/storing process.

I think the last time I had ice cream was….7 months ago. Wow, that was a long time! We watched Madagasscar 2 but both of us fell asleep half way through!

Sunday Eats:
Ham, Egg n Cheese Sandwich!

I scrambled 1 egg and 1 egg white, browned up a slice of ham, sprinkled a little reduced fat cheese on top and had that between two slices of whole wheat toast.
1 BLOG 009
1 BLOG 011
I also had half of this guy- which was HUGE!
1 BLOG 010

Post -Run Lunch:
Smoothie… I was reading over the information for the package I just received! More on that tomorrow in an official review…
1 BLOG 013
Mid-Study Snack:
1 BLOG 001 
( not the whole thing! I had 1/8th and used TJ whole wheat dough, feta, goat cheese and pepperoni)

Lemon Pepper Caper Tilapia on top of leftover spaghetti squash, feta, steamed veggies and kashi pilaf. This was fabulous! I sprinkled whole wheat flour on the filets before cooking them in the pan with the capers and seasoning.
1 BLOG 014

Do you like to call it supper or dinner?

Sunday Body:
RUN! Jeff and I ran out at the lake semi-together. We brought Jack and Jeff ran around once with him making several stops! I ran around 2 times and met up with him at the end. It was a fantastic 6+ miles.

Sunday Mind: Studied Pyruvate-Malate Cycle , Lipogenesis, and The Carnitine Shuttle. I studied outside on our patio and it was really great because I was super focused! Now I have Ketogenesis, Amino Acid Metabolism / Protein notes to still go through.

Sunday Soul:
Jeff and I are going to watch our second movie from last night, Transporter 3. We had seen the first two awhile ago and really liked it. So I am looking forward to the next!

It was really great to spend a sunny warm day outside as usual.

I really loved Jasmine’s guest post! Her cupcake tips were really great, weren’t they? I am looking forward to more guest posts in the future.




8 responses

30 03 2009

Great running!!

Yeah it rained all day here too 😦

I call it dinner 🙂

Yes, her guest post was fabulous!!

Enjoy the film!!

30 03 2009

Way to run girl! Have a great evening!

30 03 2009

Awesome run!
And I’m drooling over your eats – pizza!!

30 03 2009

can’t wait to hear about what was in the package!

30 03 2009

All your eats looks delicious! : ) Especially that pizza. Gotta love some good ice cream and movies! : )

30 03 2009

Great food and run!! Looks like the movie night was a lot of fun too! I would have gone for the Moose Tracks also…looks yummy! I have been without ice cream for about 7 months before…and that’s no way to live 😉 Have a good week!

30 03 2009

You are the sweetest and nicest blogger I know! Seriously!!
I am SO SO glad I have gotten to know you!

30 03 2009

moose tracks are amazing!! 29 miles in a week is impressive! how do you stay motivated? i am at about 16 miles per week right now and can really feel the wear and tear on my body.

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