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27 03 2009

I am going post crazy today huh? Well, I just had to talk about the latest addition to my blogroll. I have just added several “new to me” blogs that are fantastic reads. One in particular is my friend Amanda’s…   I met Amanda in college, through two other incredible friends Nikki and April. I never knew that I would meet someone so talented, well-spoken, intelligent and hilarious! She has an incredible sense of humor and somehow always seems to make me laugh with everything she says or writes. She has had her own blog since 2005 and had I realized its level of incredulousness, it would have been my first link when I started this blog.  You can check out her blog to learn some french, learn some spanish, read about song reviews in 100 words or less, or just find out what is interesting or impressive. I personally enjoy her amandoocabulary  and I think all of my readers would like this one in particular too:

appl(e)anche– though the spelling is debated, this word is pronounced ‘apple lanche’ and slurred together, thus the meaning. an avalanche of apples- this happened at whole foods the other day and the guy said it. i love that guy.

associatable – things you can feel, you can empathize and you might talk about it in public, or it might linger in your heart, or it could be thrown around at the water cooler.

Check out more funny things from Amandoo at her site  and you can read a rather eloquently written , impressive post about me here:




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28 03 2009

appleanche!! lol that is hilarious!

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