Creative Mind: Pumpkin French Toast Hammy and Homemade Pizza Triangles

27 03 2009


tbd…..I will update here later though!

I finished up my guest post for Tina at Carrots N Cake! When she posts it, I will post it up on my site as well so that it can be referenced on here for you guys too! It’s all about my history of injuries, physical therapy and strengthening exercises!

Studying for Metabolism exam beginning tomorrow!

I have a mini-project for Inter-faith Food Shuttle. I am working on a PDF flyer version for one of their programs!


It’s the weekend! No plans other than studying and running!

Jay Robb smoothie with pineapples and cherries and flax. On the side, half a whole wheat sandwich thin with peanut butter, apple slices and banana slices.
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I decided midway to eat an “apple sandwich” and it was really tasty!
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If you read my interview questions from the previous post, you know Pumpkin French Toast is one of my favorite recipes, so of course I wanted to make it again!

my un-recipe:
3 egg whites whisked with just a little milk then added 1/2 cup ish of pumpkin puree ( add sweetener if you prefer)- whisking all of that very well. This batter was pretty thick, in a good way.

I dipped two slices in and dropped them into the hot skillet ( on medium). As they became more fragrant, I added more of the filling to the top side that had been drying due to the batter cooking on the bottoms side. Flipped both pieces.

Here is where it got creative: I had some leftover batter and just threw it into the pan – It made a flourless pumpkin pancake ( on the left side of the plate below)! How fun.
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I added a slice of deli ham to the pan to brown. I added slices of banana and the last of the apple from this morning to the pan with, you guessed it, rum! Just a teaspoon to get some flavor- and boy-was it good!
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I made a Pumpkin French Toast Sammy with Ham and Bananas. It was incredible! The browned ham was salty and tender, with the soft sweet bananas and the pumpkin toast it reminded me of how well pineapple, ham and tomato go so well together for Hawaiian Pizza.  It was such a fantastic blend of flavors!

Snack: Homemade Pizza Triangles
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Here is a great, super quick snack that is healthier than those frozen pizza rolls filled with all kinds of artificial ingredients.

I took an Arnold sandwich thin ( Whole Wheat, one half) and spooned on some tomato sauce
1 BLOG 007
added a slice of provolone and some pepperoni
1 BLOG 008
and toasted in the toaster oven , cut up into triangles

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tbd as well but we have leftover pasta, tilapia and chicken galore and who knows what we will be up to! I will update later!




9 responses

27 03 2009

I love little pizzas like that, I used to do the same thing with saltine crackers as a kid with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperonis. I haven’t made those in a long time….I think I might for a snack later πŸ™‚

27 03 2009

I SO need to try the french toast this weekend!

27 03 2009

Oh my gosh, totally love your eats!
And apple sandwich? AWESOME IDEA!!

27 03 2009


28 03 2009
Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

Oh yum! You make me envious that those sandwich thins aren’t in stores ’round these parts. Ah well, that’s what Thomas’ light English muffins are for!

Yummy eats! I LOVE using apples as the fruit in a pb sandwich. Cruuunchy!

And I am SO making pumpkin French toast! It looks delish!

28 03 2009

Yay for the pumpkin french toast, you know I love it! I will also be doing a guest post for Tina but I haven’t written it yet — can’t wait to read yours!

28 03 2009

Love the pumpkin french toast! I made it for dinner tonight πŸ™‚ Thanks! The salty sweet combo with the ham is a great idea too. Mmmm . . . and pizza!


28 03 2009

I had French toast today too:)

28 03 2009
Andrea (Off Her Cork)

I love quick pizzas like that! I usually use a pita. πŸ™‚

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