25 03 2009

am cardio: Elliptical and 1 mile run. I felt fantastic during that quick run- I intended to just do 1 mile slow and see how it felt after sunday’s 9 mile run fight. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to get in a run tomorrow!

pm strength: 30 Day Shred, Level 2

Terminology quiz went well! I got both of my questions right on the first try and our group did awesome overall! I am so happy I got to stay with my old group for our terminology quizzes even though I might not cook with them again.

Our lecture was on yeast breads and quick breads! HOW FUN! We started our class by observing the executive chef again- he demonstrated biscuits and scones!! I didn’t expect this so I had not brought my camera on campus with me, what a bummer. Not really though because we are making them on thursday ourselves so the novelty will not wear off! They were delicious!

Metabolism was more Protein ( transanimation), oh and Hi Sara! Although it could be taken as creepy, I feel super cool now that I know you stalk me ( just kidding). 

Exam studying: folate, b12 this morning, zinc, magnesium and iodide in the afternoon- overall reviewing right now.


Jeff had to go on a business trip! Fortunately, I have so much to do right now I don’t mind having the house to myself for a day or two … PLUS.. before he left he told me that he got a raise at work!! I am so very proud of him because he literally works his butt of at that place  ( he’s a mechanical engineer) and if anyone deserves it- it’s him!! love you and miss you !

Tuesday night TV is the BEST! Dancing with the stars, Biggest Loser, 90210 – Such wonderful mindless fufillment. I am going to concentrate on my studying as long as I can and then get to watching !

1 BLOG 002

Smoothie made with Aria Chocolate Protein, Pineapple and Mango and Ground Flaxseed. I didn’t like it that much at all. I think its the amazing Jay Robb protein from sunday- I am picking some up this week asap. I used the smoothie as my “milk” for this bowl of Kashi Go Lean Cereal and a banana.  1 BLOG 001

Morning Snacks are not reasonable on tuesdays and thursdays for me because class starts at lunchtime- and we usually have things to eat specifically for lab/class. So, No am snack today but obviously as I said above- the biscuit and scone in class were delicious!

Salad with hard boiled eggs and some hot sauce and hummus
Some whole wheat linguini with a little parm cheese and veggies
1 BLOG 004 1 BLOG 003 1 BLOG 005
Afternoon Snack ( biscuit and scone from class)


1 BLOG 009
I am totally about quick and easy and chicken when Jeff is gone! I just enjoy it so much and it is always fast and easy and minimal clean up for one. So I cooked a “perfect portion perdue chicken breast” in the skillet, squeezed lemon juice on top and added some capers and lemon pepper seasoning. Delicious! On the side, I made spelt and heated up frozen vegetables in the skillet when the chicken was done  ( asparagus, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, zuchinni, red bell pepper)
1 BLOG 007
I had more vegetables after this because I was still hungry AND they were delicious!

to study I go… Are you going to watch the presidential conference?




10 responses

25 03 2009

GREAT job on the eating today! So yummy! Love that huge apple. I watched like 15 minutes of the debate and now I’m watching Real Housewives….I am a terrible American 😉

25 03 2009

I love your blog and your overall message of nourishing your WHOLE body. Part of me yearns to go back to school to get a nutrition degree or have a career in wellness – what was your major undergrad? Did you ever have another career? If so, what made you change? Sorry – I would have asked you all of this in a FAQ section, but I didnt see one.

Keep up the blogging – Im following!

25 03 2009

So surprised to see my shout out! 🙂

25 03 2009

mmm. im coming over tomorrow morning for breakfast. ;]

25 03 2009

Can I come to class with you? I want to learn about quick breads!

25 03 2009

Congrats to Jeff, that is exciting!

25 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

have i ever told ou how much I love you! jeff better be scared!!! hhahaha – you are seriously the sweetest! thanks so much for lifting my spirits today – you are the best! congrats on doing well on the quiz – you are such a great student =) I am planning on watching the conference too

25 03 2009

Mmm biscuits and scones, that’s a great class you’ve got 😀

25 03 2009

thanks for all the info on the protein powders! you are a dolllface! I love my pasta plain with parm too 🙂 so perfect and simple. hope you are having a wonderful weeeek! ah i wish you lived close so we could hang? how many times have I told you this before haha

25 03 2009

Oooo a new grain to try! 🙂

Yep, I watched the presidential address. I really dig how Obama is really reaching out to the American people and letting us know what’s going on.

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