Hello Jay Robb….

23 03 2009

No it’s not a new man in my life, Jay Robb is a brand of protein powder for those that do not know. I tried it for the first time today. It was DELICIOUS!

This morning I started out with a banana and peanut butter for “breakfast” . I was honestly still full from our late dinner last night and I was shortly heading out for a run so I didn’t have too much of an appetite. Look at the banana reflection, the slices are checking themselves out I think.
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Post Run Fuel:
My new love called Jay Robb.
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I just noticed those bubbles… how cool are those?

I made a smoothie post run and it was by far the best tasting protein I have ever had! Seriously, I wish this Jay Robb protein was not so expensive but I understand why!

My smoothie tasted like a strawberry milkshake- super super super creamy and delicious! Thank you Itzy for opening my eyes to this product. If you hadn’t tried it and reviewed it, I would have never had such a delicious experience! It was far better than the Aria protein I tried yesterday! In today’s was frozen pineapple, cherries and mango and a little organic milk. I really want to purchase some Jay Robb tubs but I also was hoping to try VeggieGirl’s favorite Sunrise Warrior protein as well- Has anyone tried both? Opinions welcome!

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I had a whole pb & j in an Whole Wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin ( this was just one half). I always have it as 2 halves instead of just one entire sandwich. I do not do that for any particular reason other than I just enjoy it that way.
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Salad with veggies, hummus and steamed Sweet Potato Spears and a little Organic Ketchup ( no HCFS) .

Not only is that ketchup TASTIER than normal, it is also from my hometown (Heinz). I stopped consuming ketchup about a year ago and when I tried it recently ( months ago), I could literally taste the fakeness, the syrup, blah! It grossed me out.

I had purchased a big bag of potatoes this past trip and I figured it would be nice to have this on hand. Especially with the warmer weather, I am sure we will have burgers or what not as well. The Heinz Organic was just a tad more expensive than non-organic but certainly worth the extra few cents for the healthier ingredients!

And an apple with some more peanut butter.
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I threw together some chopped onions with quartered white potatoes and added some NOO Olive Oil, Salt, Black Pepper and Rosemary into some aluminum foil sacks. Jeff grilled those with ribeye steaks while I microwaved some yellow and green beans.


I ran 2 loops around our nearby lake trail, and then ran out just over half of a loop and back ( the difference in this last “loop” is huge because I skipped the insane hill sections with four steep inclines/declines) and as a warm up I had walked just over 1 loop. So I ran 9 miles and did 3 miles of walking.

It was actually glorious until about mile 7- I had to fight mentally and physically to keep going and my knees were holding up great until the last mile- so I slowed down until I finished.

I am really happy with the run in general and I am just hoping to keep up with my distance for a few weeks injury free. I haven’t officially entered a race because I am too weary of getting hurt or not being able to make it on a particular date. So it will be a “game-time decision” as soon as I feel ready.

One big hinderance I foresee is that for some reason ever since my snowboarding trip ( the mountain kicked my butt completely- my arm still hurts slightly at the elbow- its a sharp pain still but only when I do a push up…)  my neck has hurt after each run. I thought it was because I was tensing up, but I don’t feel tense while running at all! It was going away the next day so I didn’t pay much attention to it but my neck has been hurting nonstop now. I don’t have any other symptoms so I really don’t know what to make of it yet. I think I will switch pillows on my bed and see if that helps!

I am going to post tomorrow about what I went over in the Vitamin A section I studied ( the exam is on Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin B, Folate, Magnesium, B 12 , Iodide and I think that is it!)

I found out today that a friend of ours got her purse stolen last night and our other friends had some mishap that required a veternarian??? And, I filled out a survey for the Melting Pot voicing my unhappy service experience last night! I felt better after I did that and talking to my brother. He agreed with me about last night. He said it was unfortunate because he had gone there previously and had fantastic service in the past. Oh well, at least I voiced my opinion because I feel so strongly that if you are running a business surrounding customer service, you should do everything you can to accomplish that- great customer service. Jeff swears he will never go there again but I would be interested to see if they improved.

After my run today and then reading up on Abbie’s blog < she ran a marathon today, and ran in such a fantastic time! Congratulations to you! > I feel like very confident that marathoning is in my future. I guess it scares me but at the same time, I feel so accomplished and motivated after a run.


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’m ready for monday! What did you do?




7 responses

23 03 2009

Glad you like the protein powder!! Definitely give Sun Warrior a try too, if you order it online 😀

Eek, so sorry about your friend!!

23 03 2009

Oh wow, love love love your eats. Apples and PB? YUM!!!

23 03 2009

My goodness you are too sweet for mentioning my race! You will be doing a marathon before you know it 🙂

I have been wanting to try the Jay Robb protein powder! After I use up what I have at home, I am trying it next. Thanks for the great review, it made me want to try it even more!

23 03 2009

Hey! I’m glad you liked the Jay Robb! I ordered an entire tub and I cannot wait for it to get here. I tried the Sun Warrior this weekend and well…its a little chalky still. Not as bad as the other rice protein I tried but I still wouldn’t purchase it. Just my thoughts! You may want to try and get a sample.

23 03 2009

Yaaay for a great run! I hope a pillow-swap helped your neck problem…boo for injuries.

Have a great Monday!

23 03 2009

Not a protein powder fan but I do love my PB!

23 03 2009

I want to try this protein powder! do you drink it after you work out just to refuel you? I dont’ know anything about protein powders… at all. lol. I MISSED YOU this weekend! Now i’m going to read the posts Ive missed! love ya girllllllll

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