Chicken Piccatta…. Picattttttaaaaaa

19 03 2009

I just like saying it, Picatta… Picaaatttaaa! I was saying it in my head all day.

So breakfast was all about fruits… lunch was all about Vegetables and Dinner was out of this world!

I did a a little saute mix of tofu, some a few grilled chicken pieces, and lots of frozen veggies ( bell pepper mix, brussels, cauliflower, carrots, zuchinni)
1 BLOG 005
I had the last slice of whole grain bread to go with it.
1 BLOG 004

Then I got prepped for dinner…

Chicken Piccatta!

Oh my goodness oh my goodness, this was delicious!
So here are my pre-prep ingredients ( minus the chicken obviously) with my recipe
1 BLOG 007 

Here is the recipe…

1 BLOG 008
You can click on the picture to get the recipe, but my differences were:
I used 3 pounded and thawed boneless skinless chicken breasts ( huge ones)

  • Whole Grain Flour ( I used about 1 cup for 3 large breasts, recipe calls for AP)
  • Smart Balance instead of Butter
  • Reisling instead of Chicken Stock

NOO Olive Oil and Smart Balance bubbling…
1 BLOG 010

Chicken dredged in flour sizzling in the butter for 6 minutes…

1 BLOG 011

Once chicken is browned, add in the wine, lemon juice, campers ( or Capers haha) and scrape brown bits until bubbling like this:

1 BLOG 013 

When it gets hot and bothered like that, add the chicken back in and simmah (or Simmer) for about 10 more minutes.

On the side I had cooked some wild, whole grain Uncle Bens. I don’t prefer rice really at all but this stuff was pretty tasty and had different grain textures.

 1 BLOG 012

And I broiled brussels and cauliflower..

drumroll please…
1 BLOG 016
This was absolutely by far the best chicken I have ever made.
1 BLOG 017

It was scrumptious. Using whole grain flour really gave the chicken a wonderful texture. I decided to pound out the chicken for a few reasons, for one, the breasts were HUGE and would’ve taken forever to cook thoroughly and another reason is that pounding the meat makes it so tender. The briny capers and sour lemon cut the buttery taste nicely and the wine added a refreshing sweetness. The lemon, caper, butter and wine combination is probably one of my all time favorite.


Run:  5.11 miles in 39 minutes. Same time and distance as Sunday so that pumped me up.

I was so pumped that I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred ( my Day 10 of the challenge) after my run, Level 2, with my 8 lb dumbells. Phew! I’ve lost 1.5 inches in my waist in 10 Days of shredding ( To be fair though- Since starting the 30 Day Shred Challenge, I have run 23 miles and moved huge furniture for about 4 hours) 


Vitamins Exam in ONE WEEK! eek! didn’t I just have one of those! Today’s lecture was on Vitamin B 12, Magnesium and Iodide.We saw all these pictures of goiters ( iodide deficiency condition). Scarred me for life I think.

Studied for our terminology quiz.. about to study more right now..


That chicken picatta… gees.. it was so delicious and satisfying.

I talked with my brother and my mom- We now have my brother’s girlfriends’ birthday dinner this weekend at Melting Pot.

Our other friends are moving too! We might just help them out too.

I am really happy that I do not have a goiter.




19 responses

19 03 2009

I can’t wait to try this….and now I’m saying picccaaattta in my head too:) Good luck on studying for your exam! (goiters freak me out too….)

19 03 2009

Hang in there with the exam!!

19 03 2009

Looks like a delicious meal! Good luck on the exam! I remember having to look at all the pics of diseases in nursing school and trying to keep straight what caused which disease. It is a lot to remember and I hope you do great!

Great run as well. Which marathon are you thinking of doing this year????

I am always on the lookout for good new races!

19 03 2009

That’s really inspiring about the 30 Day Shred…how often do you do it each week? I might just need to break mine out again, it’s been a while…

19 03 2009
Hangry Pants

picata is fun to say!

awesome run lady!

19 03 2009

I like how you were saying picattttaaaa in your head ; )

Both meals looks DELICIOUS!! Thanks for sharing that chicken recipe!

19 03 2009

Haha, thanks for the translations on the recipe…”Simmah,” love it!

19 03 2009

Saw your comment on my blog –

B12 is a bacteria – the only reason why it’s in animal products is because the animals consume the bacteria. I have no nutritional deficiencies to speak of, and regularly get tested on those vitamin levels, so I’m okay.

Hope all is well.

19 03 2009
Sarah W.

brussels go with everything!!!!!!!

you should try Heidi Swansons golden crusted brussls at her blog they are melt in your mouth delish!

19 03 2009

hi girlie

yummy eats 🙂

that run sounded great! you must run super fast 🙂

good luck with the rest of your tests mdear, i hope you get some time to relax soon!

have a great evening!

19 03 2009

Hi-I’m still crusing through my dpd classes, almost done with them but unfortunately I saved a bunch of the food service management for the end. Not my favorites… Luckily for my program, some of the upper division ones also count towards my grad degree. Is that how yours works too?

19 03 2009

ALSO…there is something for you on my blog! Check’r out!

19 03 2009

I love chicken piccatta but have never tried making it myself… I always assumed it was so difficult, but I think I could handle this!

Regarding nutrition coursework, I’m getting my first undergrad in Health/Fitness Management in May, and then going back to school and starting a dietetics degree in the fall. I’ll be in school for awhile, but it’s so worth it!

19 03 2009

I just found your website and will be a continuous reader. Thanks, your food looks so nutritious and yummy!

19 03 2009


19 03 2009

Mmm that DOES look scrumptious! Also congrats on those inches- that’s fantastic! The boot camp style workout of the 30 day shred plus covering lots of miles will do that 🙂

19 03 2009


20 03 2009
Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

Adorable pooch!

Yum, I want to make Tandoori chicken so bad. I’ve recently discovered Indian food, and I can’t get enough of it!

Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll!

17 04 2009
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