Good Morning Monday!

16 03 2009

Good Morning!

I did a post for For the Love of Oats and it was my dinner and dessert from last night! So you guys will have to wait and check out her site to see!  I tried to give examples of healthier substitutions because I think there are great ingredients out there that can give you a better nutrition profile but still give the same great taste!


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Protein Oats.
I added a half scoop of pure protein to 1/4 cup uncooked Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats, mixed with water and microwaved for 3-4 minutes ( stopping to mix a few times).. I added a Newmans Own Organic Dried Apricot ( which are incredible! I haven’t formulated my review yet), a small banana and a few pieces of mango, and some wheat germ.

Does anyone else enjoy watching wedding TV shows ?

I did watch bridezillas for a little while when I was my sister’s maid of honor a few years ago. Now it seems absolutely absurd because those women were flipping out over everything. Isn’t it the best time in your life and wouldn’t it be fun to plan all of that? Now I’ve moved on to recording shows like “amazing wedding cakes”  and “platinum weddings” because I think everything they do is just so extraordinary and fun to watch whenever I have the time to zone out a little!




8 responses

16 03 2009

Mmm, protein-packed goodness!!

16 03 2009
Lesley Borger

Can’t wait to see your guest post : )

Breakfast looks delicious!

16 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I can totally get into wedding TV! The UK has a bunch of fun shows that I got addicted to before my wedding last year. They can totally suck you in!
Can’t wait to read that post 🙂

16 03 2009

that breakfast looks so yummy!
have a great day girlie 🙂

16 03 2009

Can’t wait for the guest post! When I was planning my wedding, I watched those shows all the time. I got so sick of them that I can’t even imagine turning them on now!

16 03 2009

“Say Yes to the Dress” is my favorite! There are some bridezilla moments on there for sure, but I mostly like to drool over the designer gowns (almost a year after my wedding and I still watch…sad!).

16 03 2009

Oh my gosh, super yum!

16 03 2009
Marian eats. The italian way

I LOVE wedding shows! I actually like almost anything reality:)

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