"Moving on Up… "

15 03 2009

Friday was rainy and cold ALL DAY! Blech, my mom and I went shopping all day. I’m excited because some were blog related; I have a thing for bowls in case you were unaware, so I have a couple new ones and placemats.

We had smoothies for breakfast (sorry no photos) and then headed out to shop shop SHOP! Man, we got such great deals! I found a new pair of running shoes ( I had got my last pair in October and have run way too much in them!). I came home with those as well as boots, a springform pan, two new bowls, new placemats and a few other things! We stopped for lunch at Panera ( I would have liked to try somewhere new but I wanted soup and there was really no where else to get a good warm bowl of soup!).  I had half of a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and Chicken Noodle Soup. It was fantastic and hit the spot so that we could keep shopping where we were!
1 BLOG 002 
We threw together very unexciting leftovers for dinner ( sorry no photos).

Shred in the morning, Day 5, Level 2.
Shopping definitely gave me a workout too!

My mom had brought me magazines that she has bought over the past couple weeks so we read and looked through all of them in the morning!

Shopping with my Mom! We went out later with our friends and had a great time as well!


Jeff and I offered to help my brother and girlfriend move to their new apartment today. Of course it was cold and POURING all day again! Probably the worst conditions to move even though we kept our spirits up and wanted to help them as much as we could. It took us about 4 hours total to move their beds, sofa, furniture and boxes and boxes and bags and bags of stuff. And we had to go down two flights of stairs and then up to the fourth floor ( thankfully the new place had an elevator!).

I woke up and knew that I had to take off from Shredding because there is no way my muscles could help lift all their stuff.

I was dying to go for a run though! Jeff and I headed to the gym and I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.


It was so fantastic to see and help my brother and his girlfriend! Moving can be so overwhelming! I have moved over 7 times since my last two years of college, and it was overwhelming to me the amount of stuff one person collects/needs. I tended to have melt downs each time ( just minor kind of “ah!” moments) because there was just too many things to think about or move or unpack or pack. I had fun too because I love exercise and this was well beyond a great workout!

We also got to see our friends who had a baby less than 5 months ago. She was so adorable and I found it incredibly interesting how ” gooogly gaga” you get when you see a cute baby. 

Here are my eats:

Pre Run Bowl of Fruit, Some fresh canteloupe and banana
1 BLOG 011
 1 BLOG 014
WW Tortilla with Egg whites and hot sauce ( Jeff made it for me!) and I had a bowl of blueberries and mango with a trader joes greek blueberry yogurt.

Mid Move  Lunch:
1 BLOG 016

and then a nice reward for moving dressers, tables, dollhouses, 2 mattresses, boxsprings and frames, a sofa, and all kinds of other stuff up and down stairs for 4 hours!

1 BLOG 018

We helped get some things organized afterwards but then came home and immediately fell asleep! I was EXHAUSTED! I am still a little sleepy but I woke up pretty hungry.


1 BLOG 019

1 BLOG 021

Whole wheat pasta with a meat sauce ( I used ground turkey, a can of crushed tomatoes with garlic and a can of hunt’s pasta sauce) and a salad
right after.  ( I love my new bowls and springtime placemat!)

Hope you stayed dry and warm today!




7 responses

15 03 2009

Oh wow, what a tasty time. And love your new bowls and placemat!!

15 03 2009

I did Level 2 – it killed!!!
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

15 03 2009

Wowza, lots of moving!! Glad you refueled deliciously 😀

15 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Nice shopping trip! I covet your springform pan fo sho.

I like how your panera has little rolls.

15 03 2009

The blog layout looks great! Mmmm pizza. And I FINALLY made the pumpkin french toast!!! Pics will go up tomorrow! thank you for inventing this!

15 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

I know what you mean about having a thing for bowls! I just love shopping for kitchenware – especially cute bowls for my mornin’ oats =)

15 03 2009

Fun shoppin with mama. I love bowls too. We have so many dishes though, I think I’m not allowed to buy any for a while. It always seems to rain when we move- makes moving not much fun! Love blue moon

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