Giveaway! ( not mine)

13 03 2009

Heather of Hangrypants is hosting a giveaway for an insane Juicer! Click here to enter the giveaway ( you have several options like leaving a comment or emailing them)

I am intrigued by all of the blogs on my blogroll but I just added a site that isn’t about food! I actually used to write poetry on a private blog that I have never had the courage to share with anyone…. Well, this author actually had the courage to post his poetry and it is rather amazing so if you are intrigued check out My Life’s Debris





4 responses

13 03 2009
Lesley Borger

SO glad it’s Friday!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

13 03 2009

Love your new blog layout, girl!!


13 03 2009

Oh, cool poetry blog!

Also, your last post has left me craving eggs. Real bad.

WOOHOO FRIDAY! I’m doing a little Friday dance right now! Have a good one!

14 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Thank you for sharing the blog. I will need to check it out when I am not so sleepy. Goodnight. 😀

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