Day 3 of The Shred, My Dog thinks I’m nuts…

12 03 2009

Just so you know, I updated my body mind soul sections on my previous post for today!

So here are my photos:
I didn’t want to post a photo of my living room but I really liked this shot. The more I thought about it today, the more I thought yall would appreciate it.

1 BLOG 006

Hee Hee, Jack was staring at me the entire video but occasionally would glance at the screen as if saying to Jillian: “Crazy lady on TV stop possessing my mom” and then stare back at me.

1 BLOG 008

I used some local, purple sweet potato ( I think it was lindsay that asked but I found it at WHOLE FOODS… I had previously cooked it in the mirowave) and threw that on top of cabbage, salad, and grilled chicken and kashi curry pilaf.
1 BLOG 007
Colorful AND delicious 🙂


Look at all those veggies…
1 BLOG 009

I took a piece of the salmon Jeff had cooked yesterday on top of a Trader Joes Whole Wheat Mini Tortilla, added some hot sauce and some goddess dressing. I had a HUGE salad with cabbage, elysse mix, fresh red bell pepper, and some steamed frozen veggies ( broc., onion, snow pea, carrot, cauliflower, green bean, and peas).

Ah… I can just feel the antioxidants floating around my body.

Oh and I had a snack on campus that I did not photo- I had grabbed some almonds and some more NOO Honey Wheat pretzels before I left for campus…

See you in the morning!




6 responses

12 03 2009

Awh, your dog is so cute! Haha!
And love your colorful eats!

12 03 2009

people always talk about antioxidants. what exactly do they do?

12 03 2009

your dogs adorable 🙂
great eats hun!
have a nice night

12 03 2009
Lesley Borger

Hahaha, LOVE that picture and the look on your dog’s face!!

Also, I’m loving the looks of you site … it looks GREAT!! : )

12 03 2009

Aww love your dog!! 😀

12 03 2009

hahaha my dog always gets really excited when i start doing jumping jacks! haha. love the pic of your doggy! i can’t believe you use 8 lb weights, wanna give me some of your strength? 🙂 thanks for the info on the purple potato! i love it 🙂 haha

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