Stuffed Pumpkin French Toast

11 03 2009

I was totally in the mood for some of my Pumpkin French Toast! You can check out my  pumpkin french toast here or visit the Recipe Page for all the different recipes I have done, some are less descriptive than others but you get the idea of what I did.
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Batter for 2 slices:
1/3 cup egg whites
1/4 cup pumpkin
Splash of Milk
*sweetener if you prefer* I never do because I typically use unsweetened frozen fruit that creates a syrup after heating or I use a filling etc. Ideas if you want sweeter french toast: 1 tsp of brown sugar, splenda, stevia, agave syrup, maple syrup… 

Heat up skillet or pan to medium, I don’t use nonstick spray but you could. Whisk together the batter. Dip bread into the batter and place into heated pan. Flip after about 2 minutes+ on each side.

I filled mine with 2 tablespoons of fat free ricotta cheese I had mixed with 1 tablespoon of low sugar grape jelly. I also sprinkled Wheat Germ on top for some lovely Vitamin E.

As I said above, I heated up unsweetened frozen fruit in the microwave ( some mango, pineapple, and wild organic blueberries) on the side.

The plan for today…


I woke up and did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred LEVEL 2 before breakfast! I can never exercise on a full stomach, but I also cannot exercise on a completely empty stomach. I can’t go that long after waking up, but since Jillian’s Shred is only 20 minutes I can do here at home vs. 1.5 hr trip to the gym- I was pumped up!

I can’t believe how much easier level 2 felt than level 1 for me. It was an even better workout- more difficult moves in general and more of a sweat – however it was way easier on my knee joints than all the jumping jacks etc. in level 1.

Any of you shredders out there that find jumping jacks not your thing, try out level 2 ( the only time you do JJ is in the warm up)- I would think it would be easier for you but still give you a challenge.

Another tip ( in general for other exercisers too): many people seem to struggle with is correct squat positions- in the correct squat position, your weight should be centered in your HEELS- you should literally be able to do the squat AND lift up your toes. If you can lift up your toes, it is nearly impossible for your knee joint to go over your toe. You might not get down as far but that will get better as you develop those muscles in the correct position.

* Updated: Walk/Jog with Jeff after class before dark!

Article due today, I have to write out my synopsis for our group. I also have a list of random “to do’s” since my mom is arriving tomorrow night, I need to get the guest room ready etc.!

The article I found studied the effects of supplementing B vitamins in children with Autism. In their small study, they found that supplementing did in fact restore their samples abnormally low levels of B vitamins. The reason why this is important is because for proper antioxidant regeneration, we require Folate and Vitamin B 12 to help remove homocysteine ( a marker for heart disease). We also regenerate antioxidants through this process so essentially if these kiddos are deficient in B-vitamins, they may have increased oxidative stress or damage to their brain cells which could excacerbate/cause/develop “Autism”.  I tend to think of this effect of Vitamin B deficiency occuring in utero, meaning it affects their brain development from the get go. The effects only start to show up two-three years after being born because the lack of antioxidants weren’t crucial to “living”, however, this doesn’t provide a treatment mechanism because those connections have already been misconstrued during development.


I think the walk with Jeff was just as good as yoga, nice and refreshing. We have a busy few days ahead of us, my mom is coming and I have the honors society initiation ceremony, State basketball plays in the playoffs, and we are helping my brother move over the weekend!





11 responses

11 03 2009

Mmmm good!

11 03 2009

You seriously are the BEST FRENCH TOAST-MAKER!!!

11 03 2009

Wow so level 2 is EASIER ? I definitely agree about the knees – I was trying so hard to do the whole 90 degrees thing but it was HARD!
I will do it again Saturday….its gym time till then!
Have a fabulous day, friend!

11 03 2009

hi hun
great breakfast!
glad the 2nd level was easier! sounds like your enjoying it whch is great 🙂
have a wonderful day girlie

11 03 2009
Lesley Borger

YUM-O!! I just checked out that recipe and I think I’m seriously going to HAVE to try that … it looks SO good!!

11 03 2009

Oh wow, I need to make french toast.

11 03 2009

hi pretty.
that french toast looks better every time!

such a small amount of pumpkin, can ya even taste it??

12 03 2009

Okay okay okay I know i have been saying forever that I will make the pumpkin french toast. And I will. Either this Sunday or next Sat. Guaranteed!

12 03 2009

hahaha! Thanks for thinking of me as the best french toast maker ever! 🙂

yes you can taste the pumpkin ( I usually add in more but that is my personal taste preference)

look forward to it Dori!

12 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

oh I remember making your pumpkin french toast awhile back! it was amazing – with cottage cheese and berries i think =)

the article about B vitamins and autism sounds really interesting – I try to take a B vitamin daily, well to be honest – I only take it on the days I actually remember

12 03 2009

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pumpkiny french toast thingies

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