Sunny Saturday

9 03 2009

Started out with a bowl of chobani strawberry, cereal, banana, wheat germ and peanut butter.
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Run Outside! I ran around a lake that is about 1 mile from our house- the trail on it is 2.92 miles and has three insane hills! I ran around it once, then went to the first hill and back- so it was total 4.5 miles!

Before that, Jeff and I washed both of our vehicles which was definitely sweat worthy.

I wish I had Jillian’s Shred video already so that I could get started but at least it is building anticipation and motviation for when it arrives.


Study study study.  Here are only a few of the study guide questions along with my answers, I thought blogland would find some of it interesting. Enjoy!

  • Recall a source of gelatin.
    • collagen from hide, connective tissue (animal sources)
  • Identify the three phases of gel formation
    • 1. discontinous phase (dispersed)
    • 2.continuous phase (dispersion)
    • 3. emulsifier/stabilizer
  • Predict the cause(s) of a breaking emulsion.
    • heat
    • enzymes
  • Temporary emulsion: doesn’t hold together for long time periods (italian vinegarete dressings)
  • Semi-permanent emulsion: has intermediate viscosity ( french salad dressing)
  • Permanent emulsions: product does not separate (mayonnaise)
  • Recall the number of fruit/vegetables recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for America
    • 5-9 servings daily
  • Define a fruit and classify by simple, aggregate and multiple.
    • Fruits develop from the flower of a plant
    • simple fruits: only 1 flower is developed
      • drupes ( fruit with seed encased in a pit, examples: peach, plum, cherry)
      • pomes (fruit with seeds in central core, ex.: apples)
    • aggregate fruits: several ovaries in 1 flower
      • ex.: rasbperries, strawberries
    • multiple fruits: cluster of several flowers
      • ex.: pineapple , figs


  • Recall the composition of and function of fruit compounds
    • Tomato was ruled “vegetable” in 1893 by US Supreme Court because taxes were different for vegetables than they were for fruits! Botanically however, a tomato is a fruit.
      • Nuts are also fruits: they are the seed instead of the flesh.
      • Rhubarb is a vegetable, but treated as fruit
    • Organic acids  are volatile and lost during heating, and also nonvolatile which can leach out while cooking. 
    • pectins: are polysaccharides found in fruit that contribute as a thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer and add body or cloudiness.
    • phenolic compounds: aromatic ring structures that contribute to enzymatic browning when fruit is exposed to oxygen.


  • Identify types and properties of potatoes used in potato lab recipes
    • russet potatoes: used for baking, frying and some mashing. “Mealy” texture because they are higher in starch.
    • red potatoes: used for mashing or steaming or salad/soup, often higher in moisture than russets.
    • yukon gold: waxy in texture, very high in moisture, mashing best.


  • Differentiate between true cereals and pseudo cereals and give examples
    • true cereals are the edible seeds of grasses high in carbohydrate ( wheat, corn…)
    • psuedo cereals are not grasses ( broadleaf plant, amaranth and quinoa) and are higher in protein ( and contain the amino acid lysine)


  • Recall difference (origin and nutritive) between table, kosher, and sea salt
    • table: fine granules
    • Sea: larger irregular granules, from sea beds
    • Kosher: directly from sea or rock beds ( has same amount of sodium than others weight by weight, but contains other minerals as well so by volume has less sodium)


  • Identify effects of salt as a flavor enhancer
    • it decreases bitter, sour and metallic tastes
    • enhances sweetness and saltiness.

Okay, hope you enjoyed the studying! Like I said, that is only a few of the questions for our study guide, probably 1/4 of the exam material. So this helped me by having to write (type) it all out!


I didn’t make the drive to the beach… BUT….

Jeff and I ran to the store, got batteries, and got a tail-light for my car ( which broke on friday!) and then washed both of our cars, fixed my taillight, replaced the smoke alarm battery ( which had been beeping at me for two days) and then I decided to go with Jeff and our friends to (Jeff’s ) Nana’s at the lake!

My run outside was PHENOMENAL! I will recap my eats on the next post!




8 responses

9 03 2009

Faaabulous run!!

Good luck studying!!

9 03 2009

Wow, those are some interesting facts. Thanks for posting them!

That run sounds amazing. There’s nothing better than a fantastic workout on a gorgeous day!

9 03 2009

Argh I have so much studying to do too!!!
Glad you had a good run πŸ™‚

9 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

YAY for your run! You would be so proud…I did my 4 miles yesterday! πŸ™‚
Good luck with your exam, seems like you are prepared as always!

9 03 2009

great bfast girlie πŸ™‚ and yay for the awesome run πŸ™‚ it sounded fantastic!
have a wonderful day

9 03 2009

Great run! The weather has been amazing. I am going to run outside tonight and I cannot wait. I may also wash my car (you reminded me how dirty it is ;). Have a good Monday

9 03 2009

Just reading your study guide almost gave me a nosebleed. I’ve been out of school for too long.

I’m glad you had a good run! The weather was fantastic πŸ™‚

9 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

congrats on a great run! thanks so much for all your sweet comments – I am ecstatic to be working…. something is infinitely better than nothing =)

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